How to Decorate a Cake With Chopped Nuts

I’m soo at Better Homes and Gardens Test
Kitchen chopped nuts are a terrific and simple way to decorate a cake now
you could just sprinkle them on top but with our secrets to success I’ll
show you how easy it is to put them on the sides let’s take a look first if you have a
plate with a raised edge use it for this cake it’ll help keep the
nuts from spilling onto the counter as you decorate in the Test Kitchen we like to use an
offset spatula for frosting especially when we wants mood sides if
you don’t have one use a table knife that has a straight
edge versus one that curves after spreading frosting between layers
and on top spread it on the side to the cake
smoothing it with the edge blade you want a fairly thick layer on the
side so the Nats have something to stick to next carefully press handfuls of chopped
toasted nuts onto the sides you can also use this technique with
shredded coconut or sprinkles as you make your way around the cake
scooper any nuts but don’t stick and reuse them and be sure the frosting
is moist for the Nets won’t be able to stick if
it’s gotten dry dip the spatula into a glass of water
and ran it over the frosting to my sanity and continue applying the Nets once the
sides are covered use a piece of wax paper to press the
Nats into the frosting to help even them out show the cake for 20 minutes then
press again chilling makes it easier to even out the
Nets Better Homes and Gardens has the secrets you need to make all your homemade cakes delicious and

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