How to Decorate a Cake – Prep your Cake for Decoration | Parents

-Hi, I??m Jenna Helwig, personal chef and
Parents contributor. I??m going to show you how to make a cake that
looks as good as it tastes. The secret is all
in the prep. The first thing you wanna do is
make your cake layer level. You??ll notice when you bake
the cake, it domes. So, I??m going to use a
serrated knife and just slice through the cake to make
it as flat as I can. Now, do not throw away these cake tops because they are delicious.
Freeze them. Save them for later. You can use them for
trifle or put them over ice cream. Everyone will
love them. So now, I??m going to put this on to my
cake plate and I??m going to level the second one.
The first thing we??re going to do to start frosting
our cake is to use some regular frosting and make
our filling. Just get a nice layer where you can
always add more. So now, I??m going to put this
layer on top of this cake. Now, here??s a little
trick. Very carefully flip it over and put what was
the bottom of the cake on top. That will make your cake perfectly flat. And so what yu wanna
do is take a pastry brush, or a paper towel,
or your fingers and just brush off any crumbs.
And then if you have time, pop it in the freezer for
about 15 minutes. So, this next step is the most
important. It is called the crumb coat, and the crumb
coat is not meant to look pretty, but what it
does is it will trap any wayward crumbs so they
don??t get into your beautiful layer of frosting that you??ll
put on later. I??ve got some frosting here that I
thinned out with a little bit of water. I??m just
gonna pour some on and make a thin layer over the entire cake. Great. There you have a messy
yet crumb coated cake. So now, you??re ready to
put the cake into the fridge or freezer for about
15 minutes. It will firm up some more and you can put
on your regular frosting.

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