How to Decorate a Cake : Making Rose Designs With Icing For Decorating Cakes

How to Decorate a Cake : Making Rose Designs With Icing For Decorating Cakes

Hi, I’m Linda Leon with Expert,
and today we are going to be talking about cake decorating. Our theme is going to be
how to make roses, so come on over to my table, and I will show you how. Now we are going
to make the rose. I have a rose nail in my hand, and I want you to watch as I turn that
carefully to make the rose. One of the things that you want to do when you are making a
rose is have a place to build up on your petals so that the rose kind of stands up. You do
that with a pumping action. Going up and down, and what you are going to try to do is just
make your rose a little bit higher than the other flowers that you have. In order to make
a rose, it is real simple. You pump frosting onto your nail, which is called a rose nail,
and once you get the icing pumped then you begin to make little petals by doing a circular
motion like that. Just back and forth. So watch what I do. You start with the wide tip
facing down and push the icing over and come down. You go back; you come over and come
down. You go back, over and come down. Back, over and come down. And basically there is
your rose. Now you need to take this rose off and so if you have a spatula, you just
slide it under the rose very gently and just put it on the little mound that you made for
it and that is how you do that. So let’s take a look and do one more. Remember, we
are going to pump, get the icing built up and then we are going to go back and forth.
Start back, pull it over and go around. You are spinning the wheel as you are turning
the rose. You are spinning the wheel as you turn the rose, and you are go back and forth.
And your last one is mostly a little wrap around. There you have it. A rose. We are
going to put a little pump on the plate, and we will slide our rose off the rose nail and
put it right there, and I think we should embellish it just a little bit. We learned
about the leaves on another segment but we are going to put a few leaves around there
just to make it look a little better. Let’s put another one right there. And there you
have it. I hope you got the opportunity to learn something new today, and I would encourage
you to continue on with some of our other segments and learn some other new things about
cake decorating.

89 thoughts on “How to Decorate a Cake : Making Rose Designs With Icing For Decorating Cakes

  1. Her roses look like shit. I make better roses than she does and I just started back up decorating after being away from it for 11 years.

  2. You know, one of the things that always surprises me, is that almost all the cook's and food specialists I see, are wearing rings. Now, why is that wrong? Well, when you're cooking, food and dirt gets in between the ring and finger, and passes on to other foods.

    Please, be hygienic.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to help. I tried making a rose after the video and voila, I had made a rose. Yes, we need more people willing to take the time to be on camera and share what they know.

  4. It was really helpful, I bought a set of tips and could not think what the rose nail was for since the box came with no instructions, I almost got rid of it! XD

  5. I think your roses would turn out better if you pipe the petals away from you rather than towards you and the flower nail turning clockwise. And the most important is the center petal around the base of oscing. I don't see you doing that.

  6. i seriously doubt that is an expert doing it, i'm sure this would be a confidence booster if you are not crafty, but i don't see why they call it expert village

  7. well if you can do a better job then yeah you can talk all the junk you want but if you cant….its best to keep your mouth shut and your opnion to yourself your opnion means nothing if you cant do a better job yourself

  8. Uh, actually I was more concerned about WHY this bitch had to wear her ring sideways on her index finger to show that she has a little bling…just like a nigga. always showing off.
    and her roses are sloppy, amateurish and not the way you release it from the have to put them in the freezer first to ensure a clean release.

  9. I just finished course 1 of the wilton classes. We learned roses last night, this technique is definitely different than what was taught last night. Looks easier though, i will try it, Thank you:)

  10. I got mine at Michael's – I would guess that most craft stores, or maybe cooking supply places, would have them. It wasn't expensive.

  11. awesome tip thx
    but it kinda looks sloppy
    not that i can do it half as good as that
    but still
    idk i just doesnt look right to me

  12. couldnt you just wait for the royal icing to dry then scoop it of so it doesnt mess up when it comes off the nail

  13. I have never seen a buttercream rose made this way, kinda messy. I think that the wilton method produces a much prettier rose.

  14. Man, I used to think that this was a great tutorial until I took the wilton classes. So much easier. This way is a bit too messy.

  15. Hey, cut the lady a break, I thought her rose was cute. So what if it wasn't the huge ol' honkin' rose we're used to seeing? Doesn't mean you have to bash on it so much.

  16. im in no way RACIST ( and yes u spell it with a T)
    her flowers r just hideous… i would pay her no to pt those things on a cake 4 me!

  17. duhhhhh im sayin they r so ugly i would pay her not to put those on a cake if she was makin 1 4m and im not racist

  18. Wow that rose looks really good!
    Especially if its done with buttercream iceing. I applaud you for your efforts on this video and on the roses. Everyone should stop being harsh & over critical & cut the poor lady some slack! She did an amasing job.

  19. ok… i think i missed something here.. if youre going to SHOW how to do it, show it? I know how to listen.. all this writing is annoying…

  20. ok… i think i missed something here.. if youre going to SHOW how to do it, show it? I know how to listen.. all this writing is annoying…

  21. Thats a horrible way to ice a rose.Bad teacher ! You need a good spanking ;no wonder people dont make roses with lovely petals which resemble the real thing.

  22. @Lylia141 I'd like to see you do a better job than her at that resembles the real thing more than hers, someone should give YOU a good spanking!

  23. when you can make amazing flowers out of icing like that, then give a horrible comment, but you clearly have no idea how to do these things like she can, so why dont you just stfu.

  24. i can make better flowers. my main point was that if you can't do them well you shouldn't be making a video teaching people how to make them. you're teaching people how to make ugly flowers

  25. @horsesrox2 they arent ugly. I'd like to see you make better ones. Go on, make a vid if you are so certain of yourself.

  26. Its fairly easy. You take a slanted tip ( or any tip) upside down and wiggle it slightly and it'll become a bud! Message me if you need a more intriquate explanation. lolol (:

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