How to Decorate a Cake – Ganache Coating and Sugar Stencils | Parents

-Decorating a cake can be intimidating, but
today, I??m going to show you a few simple techniques that are
sure to wow your family. We??re starting with just
a plain chocolate layer cake and we??re going to make
it fabulous with some chocolate ganache and some powered
sugar. That??s it. To start this, you wanna put your layer cake
on to a cooling rack and a baking pan. This is
very important. Otherwise, if you don??t, you??re going to have
chocolate ganache all over your counter and the bottom of
your cake will get soggy. So, starting with my ganache
a little warm because ganache hardens as it cools and
I wanna make sure that it??s pourable. So, as you
pour the ganache, you can tilt the pan a little bit. Beautiful. So, you can tilt the pan just
to make sure it??s covered on all the sides,
but don??t be afraid to have some of these little drips
here. It looks really pretty. So now, once you??re
done with this, you wanna put it into the fridge or
the freezer to harden. And once it??s hard, then
you can do your powder sugar stencil. So, these stencils
are a great way to add a little sass to your cakes.
You can buy them online or at cooking stores of
if you don??t have a stencil, you can just use
parchment paper and scissors to make your own. So, I
think today I??m going to use the heart stencil. And
I??m going to place it just very gently on the
cake. Okay. So, the best tool to use for this is a fine mesh sieve. So, I??m going to put
my powdered sugar into the sieve and just gently tap.
I even like it when some of the powdered sugar gets along the cake plate here. Alright. And
so now, you want to lift the stencil directly up so
you don??t mess up your design. Just lift it up
gently and you??ll see your great powdered sugar
design right on top of the cake. Sure to impress your family
and friends.

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