How to Cover a Round Cake with Fondant

How to Cover a Round Cake with Fondant

hi I’m Beth Somers from the Wilton
Test Kitchen and I want to show you how easy it is to cover a round cake with
rolled fondant I have my round cake all set up here
ready to go it’s on a 10 inch cake board and I have an
8-inch round cake so you want to put it on a base that’s at least 2 inches larger than your
cake and as you can see it’s very level all the way around that’s
the first thing that you need to know because then we can ice it very nice and
level so I have buttercream icing here at a thin consistency which is the perfect consistency for icing a cake and you’re
going to spread it onto the cake just like you would if you were just icing it normally
leaving it as a buttercream iced cake you want to make sure that you
get it as even as you can it doesn’t have to be perfect
at this point but as even as you can because the more even it is the more even
your fondant will be over it so I’m using my angled spatula here and making sure my
top is nice and flat and I have a normal coating of icing here a normal amount so if you prefer a
quarter inch a half an inch that’s what you should do: okay so that
looks good because it’s nice and flat now I’m just going to move to
my sides once you have your cake iced the next thing to do is measure the
top and the sides because that’s how you’re gonna figure out how large of a piece of fondant you need to roll measure the height of the cake
multiply that by two and then at the diameter my cake is just
about four and a half inches tall and eight-inches’ across so that’s how I
know how big I need to get now you’re going to take your fondant out and begin to knead it you need to knead until its pliable before
you start rolling and the new decorator preferred fondant
as much softer so it actually goes very quickly that’s
really all I need to do. my 20-inch roller and I’m going to simply roll it out most projects will
tell you to roll to about an 1/8 of an inch thickness and I’m using my Roll-N-Cut mat here as you can see if
you’re just doing this straight on the countertop you might want to put some
corn starch or confectioners sugar underneath the fondant to prevent it
from sticking you can also if you like pick it up and move it like I’m doing once in a while so
that it doesn’t stick kind of like pie-dough like that you want to
make sure that you’re always rolling from the center outwards and never fully over the edge of the fondant so that it remains consistent all the
way across and again we’re going for an 1/8 of an inch thickness it’s better to start with a circle because it’s easier to finish with a
circle if you start with something that’s really misshapen it’s harder
to get it there now I’m just going to cut the fondant to the size that I need eight inches by four
and a half inches I’m going to need about a 17 inch circle
after you get your fondant cut to the size that you need rolled out and
cut going to want to make sure that your cake is ready before that because the
fondant will go on right away you can’t let it sit out too too long or it starts to dry out so
what I’ve done I’ve just loosely folded the fondant over my rolling pin once just like that
and what I’m going to do is start at about an inch away from me so that the fondant in the back is touching the base and gently roll my
rolling pin out like that so that the fondant will drape
all the way over the cake now you can see it’s draping nicely and
it’s covering completely and from here we’re going to use a
combination of our hands and the fondant smoother tool to gently adhere the fondant to the
icing underneath and then start pulling the fondant away from the cake as you use your hand to slide down it to get rid of any creases so always pulling down away
and down from the cake as I go so that the
creases actually come past the edge of the cake so that
they’re on the cake board itself as opposed to on the side of the cake
that’s the trick just to continue pulling and smoothing down and this fondant is really stretchy
decorator preferred fondant works really nicely it also drapes really
nicely over the cake so it’s very very easy to do this cover rotate the cake as
you go so that you’re always able to see the part
that you’re working on and just going all the way around
pulling it out and smoothing it down don’t worry if you have a a few little
lumps we’re going to go back with the smoother at the and after everything is adhered so I’ve gotten almost all the way around
and here a lot of people have problems this is the tricky bit it’s adhered on both sides and then
there’s this flap it’s okay just pull it out one more time you’re going to loosen
it a little bit on either side there from where it was
attached and just pull it again a little bit more so that all of that
draping comes to the bottom of the cake and then over onto the cake board itself see there’s
a pleat here but there’s nothing here so now what we
want to do is take our smoother and go all along the top and the sides to
get a nice clean finish and you’re going to go all
the way to the cake board here to create a nice tight adhered fondant if you get the bubbles in your fondant
you can use a pin to insert a pin at an angle very
gently to release the air and then just smooth
back over it that’ll happen once in a while and then
I’m going to use my fondant trimmer here to very carefully go around the cake I have one little seam there so I’m
just going to go back and resmooth it out get rid of it I’m a little bit of a perfectionist and cutaway the excess fondant as close as you can to
where the cake meets the board again making sure to turn the cake as
you do this so that you can always see where you’re cutting and I like to do it in smaller portions
rather than go all the way around in one big strip because sometimes the fondant might stretch you don’t want that to happen so tiny little strips is my
preference and there we go all the extra fondant is off of the cake and just one more time we’re going to go around if you have any buttercream on your board I have a
little bit wipe it up before you do your final smooth so that you don’t
get anything on the side of your fondant so one final smooth just like that and there you go that is how you cover
a round cake with fondant

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