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  1. hi,, ur sessions were really useful… i have a question,,,, my firend birthday is on next week,,, wanna prepare a cake with fondant before night only,, should i keep in freezer the whole night or leave it outside

  2. actually if its slightly thin, it will crack when you can wrap it around the cake (even if the fondant is not dry).

  3. this might be late but depends on the cake but the fondant might absorbed your fridge's smell so if you can, wrap it with plastic foil. You can let it outside (the fondant does act as a moisture barrier) or in air tight container or around water since fondant attract ants.

  4. i made fondant from marshmallow but its to sweet, and do you really have to cover the cake w/ icing first before the fondant?

  5. Thank you sooooo much for this video. I was wondering why my fondant kept tearing and learned that #1 I need to make it thicker, and #2 I need to make it longer:) Who knew? LOL! Tks!

  6. No. Her recipe is made with marshmallows, water, powdered sugar, and gum tragacanth powder(optional). She has a video on how to make her fondant.

  7. Hey whats the recipe for that foundant?. Im doing a hat for my practical and i want it to be just like what you have there before you shape it.

  8. I just made a fondant cake.. it was ok at first then when I was about to box it, I noticed its sweating and my butter cream is starting to melt and its oozing from the sides. Im not sure why but im thinking maybe its bec of the weather we're having.. right now its very warm here. Can you help me out pls

  9. I am having so many problems with ridges around the cake its not even funny…I have tried everything but it just has nt worked out for me yet…hmmm

  10. I have a question. if you make a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, Will it have Any affect on the colour of a White fondant?

  11. Do you need buttercream if your covering your cake with fondant as my cake is already perfectly level without butter cream x?

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