How To Choose Your Bakeware | Everything You Need To Know From Rosanna Pansino

How To Choose Your Bakeware | Everything You Need To Know From Rosanna Pansino

Hey guys, it’s a Ro. I wanted to make a video because I got so many questions from you guys about what kinda bakeware do I use for the
different treats I make on the show Nerdy Nummies so I wanted to share some information about the different options out there. The first type of bakeware that we’re gonna talk about is non-stick bakeware, like the name it
is non stick because of the coating on top of the pan and you don’t need
grease them so when I’m baking cookies or biscuits I just put them right on here and these are really good for when you’re baking something at a
high temperature for a short amount of time because these pans heat up quick and they cool off quick they’re also non-stick cheesecake
pans, which I really like because I don’t like when the crust of the cheesecake
stick to the sides so makes it’ll be easier for me, that’s my
preference. Also non-stick pans come in darker and
lighter colors and it’s just good to remember that the darker pans will brown your
treats faster so keep your on them they are also super easy to clean you
can pop non-stick in the dishwasher. The second type of
bakeware that I like to use is aluminum. Here is a little science for you guys aluminum is a really good conductor and heat and it will bake your cakes evenly and is my absolute favorite these plans are lightweight they’re durable, they also can be hat. But unlike the non-stick it doesn’t have a rough finish Listen to this So you’ll have to grease your pan
and you can use shortening, a baking spray or some butter. But just be sure to grease your pan before you use it and if you want to keep your pan looking nice and shiny you’re gonna want to hand wash it. I know it’s a little bit of extra
work, but it’s worth it. these things bake cakes really well my
favorite cake bakers aluminum. The last but certainly not the least type of bakeware that I use is glass I love to use glass bakeware for pies, I bake a lot a pies. One my favorite things
about glass bakeware is that it’s see-through, so you can keep your eye on it. You can see when your crust is turning brown it’s kinda of like having x-ray vision.
Something to be aware of when you’re using glass bakeware is it takes longer to heat up and once it’s hot it takes longer to cool down glass is very sensitive to heat change this is science if you take a hot piece
glass and put it in the sink with cool water it may crack or shatter, so you want to allow the
glass bakeware to completely cool to room temperature
before you toss it into the sink, so just be aware of that when you’re baking with glassware you do you wanna grease it. so that nothing will stick to the sides and it’s dishwasher safe you can throw these puppies into the dishwasher to clean them or wash by hand. I personally like to wash mine by hand because there a little bit heavier and I get a workout. Alright, that’s it for bakeware
thanks for watching I hope you found this video helpful let me know in the comments below what
your favorite bakeware is and why thanks again bye bye

98 thoughts on “How To Choose Your Bakeware | Everything You Need To Know From Rosanna Pansino

  1. Ro is my favourite youtuber and Wilton is my go to baking supply brand and seeing the two put together is magical

  2. You are so funny, Ro! I love how you make it seem like we got 'x-ray vision' when we use glassware. 😉

  3. I have an original Bundt cake pan that's cast aluminum. It's at least 50 years old. I love the history of it, and thinking how many cakes have been made in it. It also is simply a wonderful pan!

  4. wilton I have a question in which countries can we find wilton branch or what ever I love love your things I am eager to get the things I want

  5. wilton I have a question in which countries can we find wilton branch or what ever I love love you things I am eager to get the things I want

  6. What's the difference between pound cake, sponge cake, and crumb cake and all those cakes and what are they each used for??

  7. Hi Wilton! i really love your products so much! Also the Candy Melts are so good! Of course i cant forget to say Hi to Ro! <3

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    And im one of the baker/chef
    Thanks +Wilton

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    You can get them at Lakeland or online

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  15. Hi ro , thanks for the video, please tell me are these glass ware only to be used in microwave or can I use them for oven as well ?

  16. Well, this explains why my cakes are never done in a timely manner! I've always been using glass! Fortunately, I just got a couple of metal ones!

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