How to: Brush embroidery cake decorating How To Tutorial Zoes Fancy Cakes

How to: Brush embroidery cake decorating How To Tutorial Zoes Fancy Cakes

In this video, I am going to show you how to do some brush embroidery So what i’ve done is, on my polystyrene cake I’ve iced it round the edge now, you can do brush embroidery free hand or you can use a stencil So what i’ve done here is, after I’ve iced it I have literally just pressed in with a cutter some little shapes that I am going to be able to draw around like i say, you can do it free hand, using whatever shape you want But for this particular cake, this is what I am going to do Now, this has set hard because I did this yesterday I’ll ice the top and show you how we imprint the pattern I’m just going to take a bit of fondant and some sugar paste and I’m just going to roll this out, if I can get my board to stay still I’ve rolled out some sugar paste, there’s probably a bit more then I need so we’re going to cut it down so it’s a little bit smaller so it’s just going to go on the top of my polystyrene dummy cake Just make sure it’s reasonably even What I am going to do, is turn it over and just wet it a little bit at the back with a pastry brush so that it sticks to my dummy we’re going to bring the dummy and place the icing on the top like that we are just going to use a smoother to smooth it off at the top to make sure it is nice and flat then with my knife I’m going to trim around the edge And you don’t have to do this on a cake, you could do it on cookies or something that’s flat for your brush embroidery so, that’s neat enough for what I need and I’m going to put a little trim around the edge afterwards so you’ve got a plain surface, and then you literally push in with your cutter just lightly You can use different size and shapes if you want you could add one like that in there and another little one there and then that’s ready for us to do our brush embroidery on What you are going to need is a piping bag, I’ve put a number two nozzle in this bag but you can use different size nozzles I would say, the bigger the pattern you are piping, use a bigger nozzle if you’re doing really small things, go slightly finer just to make it a little bit easier You will also need your paint brush, royal icing and a little bit of water I have filled my piping bag, only about one thirds full you don’t want more then that otherwise it will come out the top of the bag and we don’t need loads for what it is we are going to be doing if you are not sure how to make your own piping bag you can buy them or you could watch my other video on Youtube, it only takes five minutes to make one so it is handy and cheaper then buying one and you could just throw them away afterwards so what you are going to do.. I would only do this in small sections at a time otherwise your royal icing will dry out is just pipe, around one of the leaves I am going to try and make it a little bit wavy on the top then, taking a brush, just dampen it slightly it’s easier to use a square shaped brush but you can use a finder one, just have a practice before you do anything on a real cake, and just see what looks best and what you are going to do is just put your brush through and pull it trying not to go too far out, because you still need a bit of a fat line near the edge make sure your brush isn’t too wet and you just keep dragging it in like that I’m going to turn it round again and on this side, do the same again trying to wave it a little bit although you don’t have to wave it it is important to keep doing it in small sections at a time and again, make sure your brush isn’t too wet if you want more icing, just use a thicker nozzle as well to give you thicker lines sorry if you cannot see what I am doing due to the brush getting in the way and i will just speed this up a little bit now so you can see what I am doing with the rest of it with it being a little bit quicker You can leave your flowers like that if you want or you could put some more petals inside so, if you were going to do some more.. Where ever you want it to go, just pipe it in when you have done your flower all the way round, pipe one in the middle You could have one round middle, or several little dots for the middle whichever you think is going to be best, like i say have a little play around on some scrap icing first and see what you think is going to be best we are going to try a thinner brush for the smaller ones like so.. and again adding a middle in like that. Now, I will do the rest, but I will speed it up so you can see what it looks like when it’s finished So, that’s the top bit done I’m just going to repeat all the same again now for round the sides of my cake and then I will let it dry before I stick it on my display cake that it’s going to go on. So now I have done around the edges and all of the top I’ve gone around everywhere, although it’s still a little bit wet so I do have to be careful whilst showing you The same technique, I’ve drawn on some little leaves and put them on as well So that’s ready to go on top of this cake now Again this is just a polystyrene dummy ready for the wedding fayre to be neatened up and then that’s done so now you know how to do brush embroidery if you did like this video and would like to watch any more please subscribe to my channel – Zoesfancycakes there are some videos on there now and I will be making more each week please let me know if there is anything specific you want to see Thank you for watching 🙂

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  1. Hi, can you please give me a recipe for royal icing, so i know what consistency i need to create brush embroidery?

  2. Sorry I know someone asked but I'm in the uk and the boxed icing sugar you mention is it the same as the powdered sugar I think it's by Tate and Lyle I just add water to it

  3. Oops sorry not Tate and lyle I meant silver spoon and realised u r in England so u know what I mean lol am I talking about the right product

  4. Sorry for the constant questions but wanted to confirm it's the purple packet that says all in one royal icing sugar?

  5. Great video!  Your cake is just beautiful!  Thank you so much for sharing your talents with all of us! Looking forward to viewing more videos! 

  6.  Hi zoe, can you please make a detailed tutorial on how to make the cake (with the embroidery) that looks like a box with a lid? For a round cake… From start to finish… I'm not sure how to do the lid… Please help!

  7. Fantastic! =) 
    I will definitely try this method sometime!=)
    Just a tip, you may already know it, stick a damp cloth or paper towel between the board and countertop and the board wont try to escape as easy 😉

  8. You're my absolute youtube favourite! I don't bake but I just can't stop watching your videos. You have amazing taste and it's a joy to watch the things you make.

  9. Hi Zoe please can you tell me what patern that is on the bottom tier and if you have a tutorial for that one ?
    Thanks Bev Murray x

  10. Love your tutorials!  Very helpful and I love your accent!!!  Thank you for taking the time to educate us!

  11. Thank you for your tutorials! you are so talented! Random question, what kind of knife do you use on your fondant?

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  13. beautiful cake, thank you for sharing this video
    you ask me to exterior decoration fondant cake can to be long no, we have not been flying colors

  14. Hi Zoe, I absolutely love your videos, since I discovered you a few months back I watch your videos regularly, often repeatedly as you make it so easy & enjoyable to watch! I would love if you would do a video on how to make Irish dancing shoes, even better if they were with the socks attached, I don't expect you to have time to do this but if you are ever looking to do something like this I would be so grateful to see. Many thanks for sharing your talent & knowledge, I've learned so much & you are more often than not my 'go to' tutorial for anything I have to make! most sincerely, Jennifer (huge Irish fan!)

  15. Thank you Zoe, your reply was more than generous & I totally understand & look forward to watching all of your upcoming videos, most sincerely, Jenny Kelly

  16. I really love this effect. Your display cake is beautiful. Can you tell me did you just use powdered Royal Icing and make it up with water? Thanks

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