How To Bake Cheese Cake Recipe With Gordon Ramsay | Almost Anything

How To Bake Cheese Cake Recipe With Gordon Ramsay | Almost Anything

Welcome back to my ultimate cookery course Next a my guide to better Bacon’s I’ll be teaching you how to make a stylish Li simple and sumptuous cheesecake peaceful but first Be it bacon or any type of cooking always pays off to use the best ingredients you can find And you’re never too old to learn from the experts Next my shopping guide to getting the best milk and cream When it comes to name what makes great quality milk dairy farmer charlie ray is your man He’s been producing milk from his herd of hand read specialist breed jersey cattleman for over thirty years Yeah that part of the family almost so he’s up these well easing the stuff Jersey milk is very high butter fat Which therefore means it is very creamy very creamy to drink, and it’s the best quality milk. You’ll get anywhere Jersey cows have very docile very friendly very easy to manage and this is my favorite She’s about 17 years old She’s called misty if you think of the large Arctic milk tank as you see going up and down the motorways She’s filled one and a half of those on her own I Reckon these are happy cows they’ve got a draw roof over their heads They’ve got a dry bed, and they’ve got as much food as they want The happier they are and the better kept they are the better the quality of the milk that comes out the other end This is what’s called an a breast milking parlor? Gordon found the other way And it suits us in as much as we’ve got contact with the cows we can treat each cow Individually the milk goes up through a mate up into that line throw a big filter and into the tank There you are without this product you wouldn’t have chocolate cheese Yogurts it’s the base ingredient in so many things that you buy and totally take for granted And where there’s milk there’s also glorious cream essential for brilliant bacon and lots of savory dishes, too Single cream is around 18 percent fat, so is the liner option for topping desserts or stirring in to save resources Whereas double cream at nearly? 50% fat is lovely and rich in Panna cottas or in a carbonara sauce as well as being able to withstand boiling whipping and freezing Sour cream salad with a similar culture to that used in yogurt is a really tasty topping for chilies or baked potatoes clotted cream rich thick and a delicious indulgence served with puddings and scones or in ice cream to make it extra rich and Mascarpone actually a creamy soft Italian cheese famously used in the Italian dessert tiramisu it’s also fantastic in cheesecakes There is countable life In great bacon as with all cooking sometimes less is more The easiest issues look and taste spectacular when they’re done well Wonderful baked cheesecake for me food always has to be impressive, but when it comes to desserts Often you see spun sugar or wall decorations Remember simple is always the most impressive this cheesecake is so straightforward yet, so delicious Mouth cream cheese leave it at the fridge for five or ten minutes. They’re nice and soft trust me your arms will be thanking you Sugar in this cheesecake is the New York cheesecake because of bait says no base start creaming the cheese and the sugar Spending the amount of time I do in the States if there’s one thing. They know how to do out There is the most amazing impressive cheesecake, rich delicious, but so simple work the vault Lick the bowl to your advantage Really whisk whisk whisk whisk Lovely nice and creamy now your eggs Add the extra mixture bit by bit do it this way it’s more efficient hey Incorporating a lot of air B. The mixture doesn’t separate Last though your egg Lovely of course you can use electric mixer, but why go to the gym waving a smelly cheese cake add a cheese cake add a Keep the bingo wings away now couple of tablespoons of flour Give it a whisk stop some your lumpy Now I want to send a cheesecake Over the freshness zest for the lemon in there I want to sort of tart it up Even more fold in some fresh raspberries so just mix them through be careful to crush them Then grease the cake tin with butter this will ensure your cheesecake slides out beautifully Get your mix Let that fall in Now take your cake tin and just Tap it mixture hits the bottom of the Katyn The raspberries rise and you’ve got raspberries at the top the middle in the bottom It also stops all those little pockets of air trapping underneath the mixture from the cake tin There’s no holes in the cheesecake now into the oven 180 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes He’s slightly souffle DUP Pull off That’s the color I wanted on top and look at it It’s one of the simplest yet the most stylish cheesecakes anyway peaceful Next my tricks of the trade and kitchen tips Kicking off with how to handle pastry lightly flour the surface pastry on top Rolling pin now the secret now is don’t Overwork the pastry firm push turn the pastry around and this Helps to even the pastry turn And roll now as it starts to crack. Don’t worry. Just by pushing it back together It’s sort of unites the pastry immediately apply pressure Turn the pastry now the average thickness is down to a one pound coin Back on to the rolling pin and look beautiful For the neatest edge on tarts and quiches My tip is to let the pastry hang over the side of the tin when you bake it Trim around the edge once the pastry is cooked it will give you a cleaner edge and prevent it from shrinking My tip for even rising is the place take some tasks in the center of the oven so the air can circulate All the way around them Test your cake to make sure it’s done insert a knife Skewer or even a piece of spaghetti in the center if there’s mixture stuck to it It’s not done yet if it comes out clean your cakes ready If you don’t have any baking beans to hand for blind baking you can use any rice grain or pulse You won’t be able to cook with them afterwards, but do keep them to reuse them next time When you’re folding egg whites on whipped cream into cake mixtures you want to retain as much air in the mixture as you can My tip use a metal spoon as the sharp thin edge will keep more of the air in Follow my ultimate cookery course crammed with key lessons Top tips and a hundred recipes to stake your life on and you’ll literally be cooking yourself into a better chef Go on get cooking Next time My guide to abdomen slow cooking plays them individually they deserve that respect loads of brilliant cooking tips It’s like a perfect sponge lay there on top it Just absorbs all that Fat a more exquisite recipes to stake your life on that is an amazing way of slow roasting fruit And taking figs to a completely new level You

98 thoughts on “How To Bake Cheese Cake Recipe With Gordon Ramsay | Almost Anything

  1. I really love these videos, but it would be helpful if he gave at least approximate amounts of the ingredients. Trying to watch him and guess how many tablespoons or cups of something goes in is absolutely nerve-wracking.

  2. I don't think I'd like raspberries going into the batter. They have those little seeds that make it unpleasant to eat. I'd have to puree the berries and strain out the seeds.

  3. I totally forgot I pressed cheesecake video when I was so interested in the field trip we took in the beginning of the video. when he started saying what cheese go with what I was like dang, you can use mascarpone cheese in cheesecake I want to see him do that and then I realized when he started oh yea he is making cheesecake I forgot. I love it when he go into detail about almost anything and everything and I love when he talks about the shops and where food comes from and how it's made and such. Gordan Ramsey is my top cooking idle and I'm in Culinary school. He is so educated and very entertaining about everything. Awesome just Awesome:)

  4. Lol, I'm laughing cause on Thanksgiving in 2006 I was making my first strawberry swirl cheesecake, it was 2 am I pulled it out of the oven and my son decided he wanted to be born. I never got to try my cheesecake and never tried since then. He's my 11 yr old turkey.

  5. No no no no no no noooo 😣😣😣 always with the chefy nonsense. Cream cheese, egge, sugar, vanilla. Thats it for new york style

  6. He's incredible sensual he use's his hands not heavy kitchen machinery like the other youtube videos, this is more realistic, simplistic

  7. So many people bitching about Gordon's cooking in this comment section…are you a 3 star michelen chef ,have you got at least 40 restaurants around the globe and countless tv shows ,if not then STFU.

  8. The chessecake didn't have the cracker + butter thing at the bottom, he didn't make the cheesecake set or smooth it. I thought the raspberries were the syrup or sumthin??? I don't really know how to make a cheesecake since I'm 11 but I think this was wrong, you don't need expensive ingredients too!

  9. God I love milk…I can drink milk all the time if I could. I especially love to drink it in my wine glasses(although I don't drink, I just love wine glasses).

  10. "For me food always has to be impressive…" Ok, good, but look what chef Ramsay has done to the "simple" cheese cake.
    That's an impressive mess. That cheese cake is overbaked, has no shape, no vanilla extract! Crazy Ramsay! Why would anyone use flour instead of corn starch and destroy fresh berries like he did? You don't need to beat the eggs, unless you're making french omelette.
    But look at him being so proud of the result: "one of the most stylish cheese cakes anywhere …beautiful." Buahahahahahah, I can't stop laughing. Rubbish! Renowned chef Ramsay is beating up the cheese cream like he's lifting weights. The man is almost out of air!

  11. Wow this was so simple. I will be baking this on the weekend for my family. My first ever cheesecake. Thank you for this.

  12. Thank you my cheesecake souffléd up as well and I didn’t know what I did wrong but I guess that happens sometimes

  13. It turn out the same if you follow the step exactly, it tasted great. I bake for my husband 51st birthday, he loves it. Thanks Gordon Ramsay!👏😍

  14. What a disgusting looking cheesecake. I can make a better cheesecake all day long and I'm not even a trained chef or ever worked as a cook.

  15. nope mass products , never buy that shit , theres way better farms then that one, and the cow are not happy lock in with bars you idiots

  16. love ramsy but this video is sloppy, really bad mass product farming and lemon zest in cheese cake is worst then an hawaiien pizza

  17. I’ve made this and it came out awesome. Tasted amazing. As far as a lot of the comments here…I’m sure Gordon is really upset. He’s probably wiping away his tears with $100 bills. LOL

  18. I've been a desert / pastry chef my entire life and have looked up to Ramsay for years even through his piss poor condescending style of teaching. But with this dessert attempt I wonder "Were you cooking this for human consumption? I often milk my dairy cattle i my boxers and a wife beater, get stoned and put together a cheesecake by 7 am that doesn't look like it came from the wrong end of the cow…

  19. Change the title to : How To Bake a MESS !.

    Don't even try to sell this to me as a "cheesecake" just because Gordon made it. Absolutely Messy and doesn't look enticing at ALL.

  20. YOU BURNT THE DAMND THING. I recommend wrapping the outside of your cheese csle with tin foil and cooking on a water bath it's much more general of a cook that way it also keeps the cake min more moist and helps to prevent cracking and burning

  21. Terrible cake, despite all the top notch ingredients. Heavy cream in a carbonara!?? And that from a renowned 3 Michelin stared chef? Fuckin shame on you.

  22. i not being a basher what so ever but i do my new york cheesecake… and i love watching ramsey but i guess he sucks in this one 😊 … many people who didnt know how to make real cheesecake will probably waste their money if they follow what ramsay did in this video 😊🤔 no crust really ….🤔😊… and stylish ???? ….which one he is talking about 😂….

  23. Please tell me this isn't the guy that throws tantrums in the kitchen for minor infractions…

    Sir, you don't ever (EVER!) want to whisk air into your cheesecakes once the eggs are in play.

    Also, lard instead of butter to grease tins.

    I love you Ramsey but this right here is a no no.

  24. Guys, it looks not that good but remember its how he made it, it may be different from what your use to..

  25. Love reading everyone comments. Their just Complaining about that cheesecake Just shut the hell up and watch No one cares what you think about the Cake.

  26. Y’all do know he said make it stylish? It looks pretty stylish to me. It’s his own way of doing it. Y’all seriously going to question 1 of the best chefs in the world? He isn’t 1 of the best for no damn reason.

  27. I'm shocked by how badly this came out! If he'd seen it in a restaurant he'd be screaming, "MY God, It's BURNT!!! It's a mess…you can't serve that to customers. You've GIVEN UP!!!"

  28. #notmycheesecake 😂 seriously though I'm usually pretty impressed with Gordon but even after only watching about 20 minutes worth of videos on how to make cheesecake I can already see so many things he did wrong. It's kinda sad because I look up to him a lot and it's just strange to see him fail like that. He should have waited on the eggs and baked it in a water bath or at least with a bowl of water on the rack below it. There are just so many things wrong 😣

  29. I’m I the only one that takes pleasure in see Gordon Ramsay fail at something? Hot mess! However, this does prove he’s human.

  30. July 20th 2018 timeline 4:35 p.m. I looked at a few YouTube videos somebody who would make a cheesecake from scratch and there was one chef she had a million hits. Or subscribers most these so-called amateurs and chefs I don't think they were real pastry chefs. They already started with a graham cracker crust I'm at self with start with a shortbread crust bottom and sides. I like your presentation it looks really great and I like those Jersey cows.. For the A2 milk. Those cows have make a great investment. One could come over to the farm or they have money invested and time and get a few gallons each week from large glass mason jars.

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