How to add Gold Leaf to a Cake

How to add Gold Leaf to a Cake

Hi, I’m Ashlee Marie and today I’m doing a tutorial for this gold leafing effect on cakes. Let’s get started. First thing you want to do is start out with a fondant covered cake. Now I always go with white, so the color doesn’t seep through. Now this was actually a silver leaf cake. I had a kind of an orangey white fondant underneath and you can see that has seeped through and has colored it. It won’t do it right away, but it will do it eventually, so I would stick with white fondant. You want to have your gold leafing path kit. You want to make sure that all the air in the house is turned off. If there’s a breeze at all, you’re going to have a problem. And then you want to get a steamer. Now if you don’t have a steamer, you can brush your cake lightly with some water but the steam is going to give it this beautiful coat of moisture that the gold leaf is going to stick to really nicely, really evenly. It’s by far my favorite way to go. I have a link down below to my travel steamer which I love. So to start out with, take your steamer and just go up and down the fondant on your cake and I have my cake on a turntable, so I can just keep turning as I go and you’ll know you’re at the end when you get back to where it is glossy and then just to go across the top. Now be careful, these can drip and you don’t want any drops on here, because that will actually eat away more fondant than just the steam will, so you want to be careful. Now your cake should have this beautiful shine to it. In fact, when I want a shiny cake this is what I do. It doesn’t last forever though. It’s not a permanent shine. There’s other ways to get a permanent shine, but that’s a whole other video. Now you want a very soft, soft, soft brush. You can buy them in the cake aisle at a lot of stores, like a specialty cake one, but honestly, as long as it’s one that you don’t cross contaminate you can use any brush you find anywhere craft store, cake decorating store, even a makeup aisle. So I like to get really cheap soft brushes. Just don’t accidentally use them for makeup. Anyway, this is going to be our nice, soft touch so really, really soft, not bristly in any way. So now open up your gold leafing. Now in order to be edible, it needs to be 24 karat gold, so it does get expensive. So hold your booklet nice and taut. We’re going to come over here and match up the edge of our gold leafing with the edge of our cake and peel away. And now we’re going to line it up with the bottom of the cake and with the previous one we just did. And peel away. Now, I accidentally put mine a little bit too far apart right there and so to make up for it, I’m taking my packet and I’m folding over just a corner so I’m only showing and an itty itty bitty bit of the goal of this leaf and I’m going to match it up with this line, press it down, and then holding my booklet I’m going to peel it away and that left the rest of that square that I can use another time, and that’s a great way to do patching. I usually use one square that I kind of keep just for patching. You can see I have just a small space left over here. I’m going to go back to that piece I was using for my patch job. For the top, lay it down on top of the last, brush it over, then lay down those corners. Flip over and do the top center and then you just keep patching away until you’re happy with it. Now I will warn you, at some point it’s going to just not stick anymore. There’s going to be spots that are just always going to be white, whether they weren’t tacky enough to begin with, or maybe your finger touch them and got it unsticky, or you maybe you scratched something on accident, or maybe this brush ended up getting something hard on it. I don’t know what the reasons is but some there’s just sometimes little spots that just don’t stick and you’ve just got to stop, because if you keep trying to patch, you’re going to hit the point that it’s going to end up causing more damage scraping more off rather than fill the hole, so it’s finding that happy medium. One last word of warning. Your hands have natural oils on them that will just destroy this leafing. So once it’s done, try to keep any touching, whether it’s stacking it on the rest of the cake, or adding decorations, to a minimum. Make sure your hands are clean and dry every time that you touch it. And it’s finished. I’ve adorned it with a single gum paste peony. I did that video tutorial for that last week you can either click over here to get to that video or click down below in the description box. I’ll have a link to that. Gold leafing and silver leafing both work with the exact same techniques. You can either cover the entire cake as I showed you how to do today, or you can just cover bits and pieces and chunks of the cakes. In the description box I’ll also have links to the cakes where I have used this technique in the past. It is a really fun one and I love how beautiful it always looks. Don’t forget to subscribe and in the comment box down below, don’t forget to leave me a message and let me know if there’s a cake technique, a gumpaste flower, a carved cake or themed cake that you want to see a tutorial on, because I want to make the videos that you are interested in seeing. I love hearing your suggestions. Thank you so much thanks for watching.

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  1. hello, i was wondering if i could apply the gold leaf sheets to swiss meringue buttercream covered cakes?

  2. Hi Ashley, loved your video !!!! I'm making my friends wedding cake and one layer is going to be covered in silver leaf…… I'm a hobby baker and will be attempting it….. what can I use to attach some pearls to make a border ?

  3. This turned out stunning! I've bought small packets for accents but I think i need to stop being cheap and get enough to cover a cake 😉 Ha!

  4. I absolutely loved this video! With all the issues of using non toxic ,yet not really to be eaten glitter, luster dust etc….this gives you a great option for that gold tier on a cake. And as far as cost…just include it on your price!

  5. Love it! Love your channel. Where do you live? I'm in Los Angeles, if you're ever out this way and would be interested in doing a collaboration, let me know!

  6. hey there, I loved your video thank you. I did aantiqued silver leaf effect on a cake yesterday and it was the first time I have used leaf, but my gosh it was soooooo difficult, it didn't not come off like yours! mine was on transfer papers and it just wouldn't come off the transfer paper in one go!! it was sugarflair brand and took me hours!!! was yours loose leaf? what brand do you use? Thank you so much Ashlee . 😍😍😍

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  11. Outstanding…I've been very skeptical about purchasing/trying the gold leaf….at the price I wanted to get an idea of the best way to apply it to a cake. This was VERY helpful!!! Thank you!


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  13. Could you grind up the gold sheets to make a pure gold luster dust? I’m having trouble finding a gold luster dust that doesn’t have additives

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