How Fuwa Fuwa London Makes Fluffy Souffle Pancakes

So I know that you want a London walking tour and it is totally on the way, it’s in fact being currently edited but in the
meantime I’ve been invited here to the guys at Great Eastern Kitchen and for
Fuwa Fuwa. Fuwa Fuwa London make these amazing wibbly-wobbly pancakes and they’re all the rage in Japan and now they’ve come here to Westfield Stratford and I’m gonna try some Upon first arriving at Fuwa Fuwa
take a gander at the menu list and choose your treat. I chose the s’mores in
case you are wondering. Then the magic begins, the ingredients are whisked
together to become a light and fluffy mixture. It’s then folded with additional ingredients carefully to make sure to
keep as much of the air in as possible Then the mixture is scooped onto a
griddle of dreams and double stacked to make sure the pancakes keep their
impressive height as it will spread out during the cooking process. It’s all
about precision so the griddle is checked for its
optimum temperature before a lid is placed over them to make sure they cook
through evenly. Halfway through they are very gingerly tipped over to cook on the
other side Two pancakes are then stacked one on top of the other and your chosen toppings are loaded on Now I’m gonna try these super fluffy fluffy fluffy pancakes Bit of that…. bit of marshmallow This is a revelation
oh my god Oh my god it’s so fluffy I’m not kidding, that’s so good Seriously tip-top pancakes wouldn’t you say? Yeah, no, they were so great, ugh I’ve actually never tasted pancakes like that at all and pancakes can be quite
thick and sickly and you only get through one but obviously because they’re so light and fluffy they’re really really really nice and definitely doable to eat one
all by yourself but we noticed that we were the only people doing that, absolutely everybody else had one to share. But anyway do come down to Fuwa, it’s in Westfield
Stratford and as I said another walking tour will be coming away very very very soon indeed
thanks so much, bye!

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