Ahh! what is that? It has no shape! Polynesians, remember that in the previous video I had lost, thanks to his comments, that they decided that I lost (Lesslie) And you lost, I’m sorry … And I had to make a challenge in social networks. Well, this is the challenge we made. (Lesslie) A little bit is appearing here … That was in instastories, who does not follow us in instagram, go and follow us because there Sometimes we do other things super crazy … our day to day. And we continue with this challenge. Wuu! Hello Polinesios, how are you? we’re Super super happy after so much celebration that we had, the Polynesian International Day That we were seeing all his comments. And today is going to be a super father challenge What is … hot cake challenge! It consists of making figures of hot cakes and the one who does it best will be the one who will win hey are ready? Yes! Well, now my brothers and I have one that is very easy, it is super simple of do. It’s this … (Lesslie) Oh, how’s that poposite? I hate that icon, I hate it, I can not stand it. I do not know why it exists. Karen) She’s super happy. Okay. We already have these colors here, we have Let’s start, this is coffee, right? (Lesslie) It still feels hot Karen) Start, now! Rafa already takes, like the whole bank of the Body, margin and … and Lesslie, that looks like the ghost. (Lesslie) Oh, is not it? There, I’m almost done. Lesslie’s looks very deformed. Looks like the lumpy princess … It’s super ugly Lesslie is almost done. I’m going to listen, but what if I made it prettier? Lesslie) but I won Ay, not that not. Karen) It is the one that makes it more beautiful and in the shortest time. 10, 9, 8, 7,6,5,4,3,2,1…¡zero! There is. Ah, what is that? !! It has no shape. I’m going to turn it. Not yet, I say wait. (Lesslie) Let me upload the … Yeah, that’s it, look Oh no, no !! No se alv. Polinesios holi It is not ugly. what is that? A ghost (Lesslie) ay, leave it. Lesslie’s is better done, Rafa’s looked a bit more, but the truth is that Is very shattered then, sorry Rafa, the winner is Lesslie !! (Lesslie) Yes !!!, Next! (Rafa) Nooo This shape needs two colors… lesslie made us prepare them a few moments ago, we dont know what are we making, but we are preparing black and (Karen) two colors (Lesslie) look at this! (Karen) im sure it´s going to be easy (Lesslie)the, Ying Yang (Karen)aaaah OK. Is easier than the last one. Lets begin, now! It looks amazing ur doing it so good… wait I think I made a mistake. Did i make the black point? No. I didn´t right? Hahaayy no way Hey, I need a tool to make the hole here, I made a mistake. With a spoon am going to correct my mistake. Go faster Karen is almost done Go, Go! The cute things need some time.
(Karen) there we go
…10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… Done! ok, Time to flip it upside down Am nervous, am nervous! There we go :D… Hey what… ur an abuser D; Look, i got to say, I really liked yours Rafa but Karen´s is better I´m sorry, brother. U lose. Nooo. I don´t want anything. (Karen) ohhh, wait for it to warm up, i´m gonna eat it for breakfast. For the next drawing the only thing we are gonna need, besides white and this red color that is super intense, so each of you grab your own, ready? Imma show you what you have to draw and… is… this (lesslie) it looks amazing (karen) Wooow, home. Ready? yes, Begins, NOW! Lesslie always starts with weird things i mean when she made the poop with me, she started with the eyes with the center part. They are almost done. Is super easy. One of the easiest. Suuuper easy. STOP are you done ,lesslie? Now I am, Lets judge who did the best and obviously who did it the best was… No one. Lets see lets turn this upside down. here we have the youtube logo which one seems the same? Do they have the same space? Oh, no Lesslie. u lose. Karen won this time Next! ok, Lets make the next one and this one is going to be the most difficult one, I mean, Now its harder I mean, im so busy beccause there are a lot of colors here, I mean we have… white, yellow, i dont know. I want to ask. Which character do you think this colors will make? I think it will Jake, the dog what about you lesslie? I think the same Do you guys think it would be jake the dog? Well, Admire HOMERO SIMPSON! No, no way!. dont pass is super difficult. Start!! im ready And we start.. NOW! oh no, im having so much fun with this I am not Ahhh, Rafa What is this? it has like 3 baldness points. (lesslie) Mine looks like a monkey what is this? Lesslie´s looks like old simpsons…. the 80´s yes, the ugly ones 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, don´t pass! 2, 1 Cero! no, don´t pass cero! happy new year, im done! Ahhh, lesslie´s looks like the old ones is so ugly. is time to turn the upside down lets see how it looks… Omg! It is burning there we go 1, 2 and ah WOW! they look so different, lesslie´s looks like he´s mad. Ok, Rafa won. Right now we are Rafa 1, Lesslie 1 , Karen 2. If rafa WIns this one, he would have to die If Karen wins ok and what is this all about because we have already done a bunch of colors there are 6 colors. which character do you think it is? I wanna know (lesslie) Which one do you think it is? (Karen) a person (lesslie) you think? No way!! We are ready! well, Begin! im nervous because I dont know how this will end like mine looks better, I mean, I have to make it without contour because Karen has the black color. The eye, the eye, the eye is wrong. The eye is wrong. This is so difficult, it looks like Goku´s hair. hey, im missing something, My rafa is burning. His rafa is burning, hashtag
#RafaIsLit Karen is almost done. Wait, wait. This is not art im done. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, …. noooo and she is counting really fast for me not to do it… 2, 1 It´s over! is time to turn it upside down to see who the winner is so nervous! and …there! oohhh, what a hard desision. We dont know who is winning this time. Ok, let me see, i will value I decide I decide? you are not deciding! This is super hard And the winner is Rafaa!
(Karen) as Miss Universe I will fight and she said “oh it is a girl”… NEXT!!! Ready?
Sonic is! It’s very difficult.
It’s very difficult? It is very big. Noo, it is super hard.
Because it is a sudden death, Karen. they are ready?
They start now! Good thing I’m not in sudden death,
this is amazing. It is incredible. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … time !!
I was wrong. There is. Already.
Not what, I do ended. I ended Yes!
It is super hard this off, ie, not pass, they will break.
Yes, it has many details is like the bra … AHHH
The little hand! And he broke his arm …
There is. There’s my Sonic what turned First.
That’s a Mickey Mouse … and uh! And I have the choice, but I’ll tell you why
this happened. Already, who won ?!
The Karen are as open, what wave?
He’s back, it is back. Where you are back?
Ok, ya, ya, the winner is Aria! Not now. Lesslie already!
It is Rafa (Karen) What?
what? : DD No, it’s not true, you know what that means?
You’re the first to get the crown here in our challenges …
No, that can not happen. I’m Yoo !! You do not know lose, you’re a bad loser.
Oh, he scratched me with her long fingernails. (Karen) I have no long fingernails.
(Rafa) I won. (Lesslie) I hope you liked it a lot
lot this video, if so give her like and Let us know when it was his favorite picture … ay
her figure … Give many likes this video.
And see you in the next. Goodbye, Polynesians, Hello, how are Polynesians? we’re Oh no! noo

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