Home Made Carnival FUNnel Cake | FOOD HACKS FOR KIDS

Home Made Carnival FUNnel Cake | FOOD HACKS FOR KIDS

– Greetings. Allow me to introduce myself. Whitley is my name and welcome to the carnival. Lovely ladies and good fellas, have you always loved the
taste of carnival food but hate that the
carnival is only in town once a year? If so, you’ll love my
In-Tents Carnival Food Hacks. So, step right up, this show’s for free. Here’s how to hack carnival food for you and me. When I go to the carnival, the first thing I do is find something
deep fried on a stick. Here’s how to hack my
Fry on the Fly Twinkies. To make this, you’ll
need a Twinkies, oil for frying, powdered sugar, one cup of milk, two
tablespoons of vinegar one tablespoon of
oil, one cup of flour, one teaspoon of baking powder and 1/2 a teaspoon of salt. First, put your
Twinkies in the freezer for two hours. Mix together the milk,
vinegar, and oil. (light circus music) In another bowl, mix the
flour, baking powder and salt. Now, mix your two
bowls together. Whisk until it’s smooth. Cover the Twinkies with flour, then dip it into the batter. Now use tongs to
put it in the oil. Make sure you get
a grown up to help. Fry it till it’s golden
brown on all sides. Remove the Twinkies and put it on a
paper towel to dry. Then sprinkle
icing sugar on top. And put in a stick. (light circus music) Mm mm. Now that I’ve
deep fried a Twinkies, I wonder what else I can fry? (popping) Now, what would you say if I told you there was a way to have the sweet taste
of carnival kettle corn all year round? Would you say I was foolin’ ya? Would you say it
couldn’t be done? Well, I’ll let you be
the judge for yourself. Here’s how to hack my
Don’t Settle Kettle Corn. For this hack you’ll need, vegetable oil, 1/2 cup
of popcorn kernels, a 1/3 cup of sugar, and 3/4 of teaspoon of salt. Pour your oil and
sugar into a pot. Add popcorn kernels then
stir it up with a spatula. Mix it till all the
kernels are coated. Now, put the cover on the pot and heat it up. Once the kernels start popping, shake up the pot. Use oven mitts to
hold onto the pot. (light circus music) Mm mm. Now who’s
ready for popcorn? (light circus music) This is a treat you
definitely need to eat. Mmmmm. Did you hear the one about
the human cannonball? He got fired! (rim shot) This next hack is going
to bring your taste buds to a new level. Here’s how to hack my
Funnel of Love Cake. To make this you’ll need, two eggs, a cup of
milk, a cup of water, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla,
three cups of flour, 1/4 cup of sugar, three
teaspoons of baking powder, and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. In a large bowl, combine eggs,
milk, water, and vanilla. In another bowl, combine
flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Pour your wet ingredients into your dry ingredients. Mix it together to make
your funnel cake batter. Now, put the funnel
in funnel cake. Use your finger
to block the hole and put a scoop
of batter inside. Then let it drizzle
out into the oil. (light jazz music) Make sure it goes
all over the place. Use your tongs to
flip the funnel cake. Once it’s golden
brown on both sides, put it on a paper towel to dry. Put it on a plate and sprinkle it
with powdered sugar. Now this, puts the
fun in funnel cake. Mm mm. Hmm? Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls, these carnival food hacks will truly astound
and amaze you. Make these recipes
for your friends and they’ll be shocked I say. So don’t just sit there, make them today.

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  2. This was a very good video. I think you are good youtube host. I would like to fry some stuff. My dad said that he was a fry cook when he was young. He said it is not as fun as it look. Spongebob is a fry cook. The funnel of love cake looks very good. Cool video

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