High heel cake | Shoe cake tutorial | Shoe cake idea

High heel cake | Shoe cake tutorial | Shoe cake idea

In this weeks video I am going to show you
how to make a Christian Louboutin High heel cake I hope I said that right? Well its a shoe cake tutorial! And thats coming right up Hey guys thanks
for coming back and watching another video of mine if your new here Im Amanda and I create
loads of videos just like this one sharing with you how I create my cakes and cake toppers
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of mine so you dont miss next weeks video so lets get into this So we are going to start
this high heel cake by making the shoe cake topper using this ultimate sugar shoe kit
it has everything that you need to make your own shoe cake topper as you can see you have
your cutters and your high heel mould and you also have a ramp to dry your shoe cake
on so its perfect quite expensive I might add I have wanted a high heel cake kit for
a while now and im so glad i bought it it is well worth the money I have filled the
heel mould neatly with gumpaste ive inserted the skewer and now I am going to pop this
into the freezer for 20 minutes I am also going to make some gumpaste brooches using
this brooch mould and pop this into the freezer as well anything i am using in this video
you will find links in the description below now we are going to make our gumpaste bow
roll out some gumpaste nice and thin use an embossing rolling pin and go over the gumpaste
in pink lustre dust create a straigh line top and bottom fold over one side mark the
centre with a ruler then measure the side that you have already created with the fold
this is a lazy easy way to make a bow paint some water onto the centre and fold over both
sides so you have a nice equal bow without any fuss use your fingers to pinch down and
create a nice ruffled effect in the centre of the bow create some tails on your leftover
gumpaste make sure they are equal in size cut in some inverted v shapes on the bottom
cut t size and pinch the top as we had pinched the centre of the bow check how that is going
to look by now our stuff should be ready to come out of the freezer tae your brooches
and high heel out of the mould and leave them to dry and once they are completley dry we
are going to get on to creating the signature christian louboutin sole a little bit of water
on the back of the heel and as you can see I used it as a template to cue out that red
gumpaste place it against your ramp and make sure the top part of the heel is in line with
the top of the shoe ramp use some clear food wrap and
some pins to hold the heel in place this is where the high heel cake kit really comes
into its own! so you have your cutters for different styles of shoe so I am going to
cut out some red for the sole of the shoe cake some pink for the colour of the shoe
and some beige for the insole place those on top with a little water out of all the
designer shoes I think I love christian louboutin shoes the most theres just something about
those red sole shoes! But for now I will just have to make so with
my sugar shoe! The very first pair of shoes that christian
louboutin ever designed were inspired by princess diana there is a photo of her sitting in front
of the taj mahal looking very sad and she was looking down at her feet and christian
louboutin saw this photo and thought she looked really sad and thought it would be nice to
have something to make her smile when she looks down at her feet I dont know about you
but if I had a pair of christian louboutins and I looked at my feet I would be so happy! So you can see I am putting together the pieces
of the shoe cake and we are going to set it to the size and allow it to dry for at least
a day or two this shoe cake idea doesnt come together overnight it takes a few days now
to create the shoe box cake take threee layers of sponge cake fill each layer and carve your
cake into a shoe box shape crumb coat your cake with buttercream and out in the fridge
to chill while thats chilling I have coloured some fondant in a light beige colour i have
rolled it out about half a cm thick and I am going to chill these in the fridge apply
your findal coat of buttercream try and get those edges as sharp and neat as you can measure
your cake take your fondant ut of the fridge and trim to size place all four sides of your
shoe box cake on starting with the outsides dont worry if your sides come out over the
edge you can trim this easily once you have all your sides and top on the cake we are
going to put another cake board on top of the cake and flip it over cut four strips
of thick fondant we dont want any wonky lines in this shoe
cake no no no! I dont think a wonky louboutin shoe box will
work! leave your louboutin shoe box cake
to the side for now create a wooden effect cake board by rolling out our fondant using
a wooden rolling pin use a ruler to create some lines use the same lustre dust that you
used for the bow dust on around the lines this will give your cake board a two tone
effect for the christian louboutin logo I got a local bakery
to print it out onto edible paper trima round the logo and use edible glue to stick onto
your cake i just want to say a big thank you
to you guys for watching my videos and supporting this channel it means so much to me put some
dowels into the shoe box cake to support the designer shoe use some more of the lustre
dust to create dimension on the shoe stick the gumpaste bow on how pretty does this bow
look? use some silver lustre dust on your brooch
and stick the brooch on to the centre of the bow dust some peral white dust on to the bigger
broach and paint on some silver details with edible paint place some sugar flowers around
your high heel cake for details this cake was for brody and hollys head teachers retirement
and theres no better way to say thank you than with a christian louboutin shoe cake!
well guys thats it from me for this week I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give
it a thumbs up and hit the face circle and become a subscriber see you next week!

35 thoughts on “High heel cake | Shoe cake tutorial | Shoe cake idea

  1. I must say…BRAVO! You did a wonderful job with that shoe kit! I bet your kids teacher was speechless!

    I'm so jealous..,your shoe kit is what mine should have been. 😄 I have to use a paper template to cut out my soles, toe and heel straps. My particular kit sells the shoe cutters separately. What a sneaky way for them to make money.

  2. Hi, Amanda. Zoe's Fancy Cakes brought me here. I hope you make a Belle (1991) cake topper. What do you love about cake toppers? Have a good day, Amanda.

  3. Hi Amanda I love your videos they are amazing and give me hope that I one day can turn my passion for cakes into my own business, you have such a lovely personality and a true talent, you have amazing style also every time you do a video I get excited about the cake but also what dress you wear haha would be great if you could post in your videos about were they are from, would love to know were your dress is from it's truly beautiful xxxx

  4. Amazing!!! I love watching these tutorials. I always find myself in awe with each one. Thank you so much for sharing with us. You truly have became a favorite ❤️😊👏🏻💕

  5. Here is the link to the Shoe kit I used in this video https://amzn.to/2VRxXIg happy caking!! Amanda x

  6. I’m going to attempt the shoe and cakebox this wk iv tried doing the shoe as a practice but not with the colours just to see if I can make it

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