Heart Cake Decorating a Valentines Day Cake

In this video I’m sharing a heart-shaped
cake idea, The flowers are made with bean paste and
are naturally colored with beet powder. So stay tuned. I experimented with an
alternative to buttercream because I’m very curious about the beautiful Korean
style of cake decorating. Here’s a batch of bean paste which I made and also I
colored it with beet powder to make these beautiful Dogwood flowers. This is
the Strawberry cake recipe which you will find on my channel. The filling is
English lemon curd blended with Italian meringue buttercream, also on my channel.
I will place the links to all the recipes I used in this video in the
description box below. I split two cakes to make four layers.
Fill them generously and then crumb coat the cakes. At this point you can wrap your cake in
plastic and refrigerate to chill. Once the cakes are chilled, frost your cakes
with a generous amount of icing. You can smooth the sides or do as I did which is
a rustic style. This is chocolate ganache which will be branches or a wreath. I’m
using a round tip. you can use any size round tip you want. the bean paste does take a little getting
used to. It’s thicker and heavier, but it has a
beautiful sheer look to it that I really love. This first flower I ended up
actually removing because I didn’t like the way it looked. I decided to pipe
directly on the cake and make Dogwood flowers, which are basically four
heart-shaped petals. I do have a video on piping Dogwood flowers, so I will add
that to their links below as well. When you’re piping with the bean paste, it’s
basically the same thing as piping with buttercream. I’m going to turn up the
music and let you enjoy the rest of the decorating, and I will most likely be
doing some in-depth tutorials about bean paste flowers, if that is something that
you would like to see. Enjoy the rest of the video. you you

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