Have YOU tried it this way? Life Hack for Pancake day

Have YOU tried it this way? Life Hack for Pancake day

Today I’m going to show you a really quick and easy way to make Pancakes!! And we are going to be making them in a plastic bottle If you can try to find one with a nice big opening We are going to start by filling up a cup with self raising flour And we need to use a funnel to put it inside the bottle If you haven’t got a funnel, you can cut the top on another bottle to use Or you can take a clean sheet of paper Roll it into a funnel shape like this And use that instead Slowly pour in the flour And filter it down in the bottle Next we need to add 1 teaspoon of Baking Powder Two tablespoons of granulated sugar And a pinch of salt Then I’m going to break in one large egg And finally we need a cup of milk The same size of the flour I’m going to pour this into a jug So it’s easy to pour into the bottle When you’re done screw the top back on And give it a good shake Make sure it’s all nicely mixed And it’s ready to use I melted some butter in a pan first Then poured in some mixture If your mixture is too runny add some more flour Or if you prefer thinner pancakes like crepes Add a touch more milk And don’t add the baking powder Let your pancakes cook until they’re nice and golden Then they’re ready to serve I like mine with maple syrup To make another one, Just just give the bottle a shake again And it’s ready to go And when you’ve had enough you can just put the top back on the bottle And store the mixture in the fridge To use another time Pretty cool, huh I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, If you want to see more videos about pancakes you can click on the links, or take a look at my YouTube channel page Stay safe, Have fun, And as always thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “Have YOU tried it this way? Life Hack for Pancake day

  1. I tried doing it with the paper funnel, and because im so lazy i just like shove the flour in aaaand flours all over the kitchen. Great. To any one who is doing it with a paper funnel SLOWLY pour flour, you dont want to end up like dumb ol me

  2. Can i ask you a favour

    Can you please get a recepy of pancakes that doesent have any milk or eggs im alergic to them 😢😊❤❤

  3. My recipe that I always use
    Mash a banana
    Add 2tbsp of flour
    1 egg
    Mix then fry them. Done. Easy. Actually not my recipe but from some guy on some video

  4. Ur video helped me so much and mostly the part where he says if they are too runny, add a bit flour…The mixture looked even the exact same as his.Thank you so much!

  5. Cook one side of the pancake, flip, cook other side of the pancake, serve. Absolutely no need to shake it about in the pan.

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  7. I love how 21% of the people who took the poll said they weren’t going to eat pancakes soon.
    What are you even doing on this video…?

  8. 1:02 that’s a teaspoon but 1:08 is a tablespoon spoon. Last time I checked there’s like 3 teaspoons in a table spoon. That teaspoon was like three times the amount of that tablespoon

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