Hater Cake – Baked With Love

Hello, InnerTubers. I’m so thrilled with all of you for spreading
the love. I did find another batch of people, though, who don’t
100% agree with what I have to say, and I think you call them “haters”? But, you know, I’m all about the love. So, what I decided to do is make them a cake
– a hater cake. This is just gonna be the tits. It says, “vigorously.” Let’s turn this fucker up! [mixer sound] There we go. Ahhhh. You can see that I spread it out very carefully
so that everyone gets an equal bit of hater cake. [ding] Oh, there’s the timer. It’s time to pull out. This is just for you . . . my haters. I cut out my lovely shape. One final little bit of icing around the corner. Granny’s secret ingredient for haters? Chili powder! Why the fuck . . . would I put chili powder
on a cake? Well. I want that shit to burn, fuckers. Burn. Burn, fuckers, burn.

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