Green Onion Pancakes | Vegan Recipe by Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hi guys, Chewy, flaky savory green onion pancakes can
be found at many Chinese restaurants but they are also very easy to make at home. I make mine a bit less salty and less greasy
than the ones I’ve had at restaurants but they are still absolutely delicious. Start with a cup of all-purpose flour. If
you choose whole wheat flour, only use 3 quarters of a cup. If you like, add garlic and onion powder and
salt for extra seasoning. But that’s completely optional. Stir everything together, then add a half
cup of hot, just boiled water. Use chopsticks to stir the flour together
and quickly it will clump up into dough. Go in with clean hands and gather the dough
bits so you can make a cohesive dough ball. Knead it for about a minute. It may be easier
to do this on a floured surface but you can also just knead in the bowl. Just go ahead
and do it how you want. Kneading is a simple action; just press down
with the heel of your hand, fold the dough over on itself, press down again and repeat. The dough may not get completely smooth after
a minute but that’s ok. Put it back in the bowl and cover it with
a plate while we prepare the green onions. This large green onion stalk will be plenty
for our pancakes. Most of you will know that green onions, scallions and spring onions
are all different names for the same thing. I usually say scallions but for some reason,
for these cakes, I always say green onion cakes. Let me know what you call them in the
comments below. Maybe add where you’re from too so we can see if its a regional thing. Once that’s done, set the onions aside for
now. This dough has rested a few minutes which
will make rolling out easier. Divide up the dough into 8 even pieces. Dust the dough and your work surface with
flour as needed and simply roll out each piece into a circle shape. Don’t worry about making them perfect. Now with a pastry brush, I’m adding just the
tiniest amount of oil on to the discs. This part is important to make the pancakes flaky.
If you don’t have a pastry brush you can dab a little oil on to the tips of your fingers
and pat the oil onto the surface of the dough. After you’ve done all the discs sprinkle on
some green onion. How much is up to you. Now we roll them up. Try to roll them tightly
but again, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Pinch the ends. Once those are done, we’re going to coil up
these log shapes and turn them into cute little snail shapes. Pinch the end in to keep the
shape, then flatten with your palm. Repeat with the rest. Finally, we’re rolling these flat for the
last time. You want these pretty thin. Sprinkle on a
little flour if you need to. The dough is soft so this is easy and quick
to do. Finally once these are all done, get a non-stick
pan on the stove and heat it up over medium high heat. Brush the topside of one pancake with a teeny
bit of oil, then put it on the hot pan, oiled side down. As it cooks, you will see it change color.
It’s a bit hard to see on camera but it will turn white. You will also see some bubbles
developing under the surface. After about a minute, flip it over. That’s the golden colouring we’re looking
for. If yours isn’t this color when you flip it,
that’s ok. Just cook this other side for a while, then flip it back over to finish it. There’s one done! For a variation, you can add a little sea
salt to the pan before you place the oiled pancake in. Just a little salt will bring
out the flavour of the scallions and any other seasonings that you’ve used. Keep going with the rest of the pancakes.
Each pancake will take between a minute and a half to two minutes to cook depending on
the heat of your stove. You may need to adjust the heat as you go a little to allow the pancakes
to cook through without burning. Just pay attention and try to notice how the color
of the pancake changes as it cooks. Also you don’t need to use a lot of oil. In
this entire recipe, I used a total of one teaspoon of oil. Using a silicone pastry brush
really helps with using just enough. Before long, you’ll have a stack of beautiful,
delicious green onion pancakes. Notice there are only seven there because
I already ate one while the rest were cooking…for quality control purposes of course. As you can see, they are nice and flaky and
just perfect. Use them to wrap up some savory fillings or just dip them in spicy peanut
sauce. Click here for my spicy peanut sauce recipe. Or use hoisin sauce, soy sauce, or any kind
you like. How did you like this recipe? Let me know
in the comments below and give this video a thumbs up if you liked it. Thank you for watching. Bye for now!

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