Pretty much everyone in the world loves a
good pancake now this is a healthy twist on pancakes you can have any time of day using
greek yoghurt and egg whites. Drizzled with honey and topped with blueberry and banana
they taste amazing, for the batter you need the following ingredients low fat greek yoghurt
this is bicarbonate of soda aka baking soda plain flour and some eggs. Now the full ingredients
and method are on my website so go check it out if you are not there already,
and before we get started it is looking very likely off the back of the last video that
we will be heading to japan, thanks to all of your suggestions including veloflex but
it is not fully confirmed so keep them coming and will let you know very soon.
First thing we are doing is separating our egg whites, I have already done the first
egg so pass in between and make sure you get no yolk in there, you can use the yolk but
that is optional to leave it is a little healthier, here is the low fat greek yoghurt and we are
just going to push that into the bowl with the egg white, give a mix together that is
mixed together amazing so it is a little lumpy but do not worry it is all good . So now we
grab a large bowl and over here I have the plain flour and bicarbonate of soda so put
the dry ingredients in first of all so in goes the dry flour and bicarbonate of soda,
you can mix that together but I find it does not make much difference we then pour the
yoghurt on top make sure you get it all in there, so mix it all through it should firm
up make sure to get the bits of flour at the bottom now I am not sure if these pancakes
are pug friendly but ham is so there you go mate, so we want the flame medium on the hob
we have a pan this is my trusty pan, it never fails I love it, we could get some spray oil
but I have some kitchen towel with a little bit of oil rubbed on there just want to lubricate
it a teeny bit and once it gets to a medium heat we add in the batter, so get it in there
try and get nice and even it is entirely up to you do a triangle shape if you like looking
good and remember we will be adding on more oil just to stop from sticking, alright flipping
time, amazing so we will repeat that it needs a little less on that side then we stack them,
ok that was only on there for 45 seconds, stack it down on some kitchen towel then repeat
those steps over and over. The stack is growing I am going to put that on snapchat, it is
decorating time, I have some blueberries here, I want to stick them on the side, some on
top remember you can flavour that batter too you can put cinnamon in make them vegan by
adding oats in there and some banana slices but it really is up to you on there own like
most pancakes they may be a little bland but by adding this fruit and drizzle of honey
on top here we go, oh yes, that is looking good it should be super satisfying I think
it is fair to say I am quite looking forward to this, here we go, those pancakes are so
light and fluffy I did not get any fruit then but that honey for a sweet edge that is it
then folks check out for over 900 more video recipes and remember if
I can make this anyone can I am self taught so have a go, send me a picture and let me
know how you get on, bye


  1. Dear lord i'll send you a cast iron pan, please don't use that old tefal with the teflon flaking off, it's legit bad for your health

  2. Wow, loving the recipe! Looks super simple and with an amazing outcome. I'll definitely add this to my ''To Try'' list ^_^

  3. It's so weird to see that "My Virgin Kitchen" replying to comments instead of Barry even though it is still Barry!

  4. seeing this is greek and you did world cookies and you get to travel make a series where ever you go
    e.g = italy make spaghetti and meatballs
    france = frog legs or something
    you get the idea
    dislike/reply = disagree
    like/reply = agree

  5. What the– When did this become a professional cooking show? An intro? Pointing out each ingredient individually? Music?! You've changed, man.
    … this is all because of those advert videos you've been doing, isn't it?

    (Not really though.)

  6. Not sure if this has been asked already; but how does the taste compare to "regular" pancakes? Do you notice the sourness of the yoghurt at all?

  7. can someone tell me how this is more healthy than normal pancakes?
    I might use a different as the base but I don't see much difference. Is it meant to lower the carbs by using less flour?

  8. So we know the ingredients but not the quantities….right then. This recipe is out the window (no I am not going on the website just to find them out, I'll just make pancakes my way)

  9. I love your videos however, taking away the ingredients and what is needed in the recipe written on screen seems like a downfall…please bring that back, it was unique of your channel to do so..

  10. Looks yummy. I will try! I've been watching your videos for a while now and never commented! Hello. I live in London! I love your videos. Thanks for great content ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Barry, is it okay to use regular Yoghurt instead?
    I am not sure if you sure Greek yoghurt because it's healthier or it gives a better taste and texture.

    And, I am from Hong Kong but have lived in Japan for almost 3 months and been enjoying it so far!
    I just visited Osaka in Christmas. I prefer it to Tokyo (and most of my friends do too). Osaka is known as Japan's kitchen, There is lots of good food everywhere! I would love to see My Virgin Kitchen in Japan's Kitchen haha ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. you know bicarbonate of soda and baking powder are different things
    1 reacts to acid and the other to water that's what I learned in GCSE food tech

  13. are you from weston. im not creepy or anything but I live there and have recognised some of the shops youve been to in your videos

  14. You had me at pancakes ๐Ÿ˜€ Just recreated them, and they are sooooo delicious nyomm (but also really filling, so one half pancake is left)

  15. I experimented with greek yoghurt in my pancakes once. It was awful. I'm sure yours are better, but mine were just terrible. I make pancakes on Sundays and I usually flavor them with blueberries (in the batter) and vanilla. They are delightfully fluffy and delicious.

  16. I do not like the new look of these videos.
    Not only is the editing "not you" but you don't seem like you?!
    It's like you are putting on a show and the personality of it all is just gone.
    Plus that pan (??!!!) NO just no, go buy a new one roght away!

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