Golden Snitch Cake & Butterbeer

Golden Snitch Cake & Butterbeer

100 thoughts on “Golden Snitch Cake & Butterbeer

  1. You're a wizard Barry! Here's the full recipe if you fancy giving this a try…..

  2. Would love to see some more movie food 🙂 especially from animated ones. Could do a disney feast

  3. needed the metal rod to go into the solid base, through the cake, and then go all through an edge of the wing to keep it strong. other than that the gold part turned out perfect.

  4. Phoebe always comes across as so chilled out and down to earth… I hope she had a good birthday. The cake looked stonkin'.

  5. Harry Potter has been a part of pop culture for 20 years. You might want to at least watch the movies Barry. It comes off as pretty sad when my parents in their 50s and 60s know more about Harry Potter then you do in this video.

    Also, the wings would have worked better if you would have cut the wires to run the entire length of the top and not just little nibs.

  6. I miss real choc mint flavours. Every mint thing these days is spear mint or peppermint. Mint used to have a gentle but refreshing taste. Now you may as well just eat toothpaste. It's a shame 🙁

  7. That cake really looks amazing!
    I wish I would have had something like that on my 11th birthday. xD
    Maybe I will try it this year and just don't care that 18 years have passed since then ^^"

  8. Happy Birthday Phoebe's 🙂 hope your cake and butterbeer was everything you wanted it to be. You have awesome parents and one great dad 🙂

  9. Eco cooler if you can maker butterbeer I bet you could make something like the eci cooler punch from hi c

  10. hey girls, just to let you know i love you and my virgin kitchen is my love of my life, i wish barry wasnt married 🙂 <3

  11. Excellent cake!
    Tip: mix food colour (gel or powder) with vodka or lemon juice before you paint your cake. If you have icing sugar all over your icing rub with more fondant icing to get it off rather trying to wash it off with water.

  12. One of my best childhood memories are the pancakes my dad made us every Saturday morning and the Birthday cakes he decorated for us. My dad loved birthdays and we always got whatever we wanted for dinner and for our cake, flavor and dedoration. My mom baked them and my dad decorated them. I'm almost 60 and I still treasure those memories. Also my dad would pour the pancakes he made into any animal shape we asked for. He was amazing.
    I bet your daughters remember this too when they have kids of their own.

  13. Happy (belated) Birthday Phoebe!! 🎉🎈

    What a cool cake your dad made for you!!🎂

    Another great video Barry, please keep on doing what you're doing!! 👍🏻👍🏻

  14. I love you Barry but next time use floral wire it is food safe and won't cause possible harm to your darling Phoebe.

  15. Boy, get your ass to audible and download the Harry Potter books! We get to hear Stephen Fry's dulcet tones in our UK editions and it is wooooorth it!

  16. If my parents had given me a letter to Hogwarts on my 11th birthday I wouldn't have realised it was fake. Genuinely waited by the door all day the day before I went back to school after summer, just waiting for my letter… Still waiting :'(

  17. would've loved to see her reaction to tasting it! how'd she like it?? also, happy bday phoebe! 🎈

  18. Since I found your channel I am totally addicted. Now I only watch your channel. You are really inspiring, fun and I love all of you family and the pugs. Keep on doing a great work!

  19. Phoebe's face when you called her a little baby, I remember when I turned 11 4 years ago and I'm still called a baby.

  20. 1…. Happy belated birthday Phoebe!! 2…. Do a Flux Capacitor cake!!! and 3… How's Mr's B's wrist after you dropped that huge hunk of cake on the plate?? 🤣😂 Brilliant vid as ever!!

  21. Those pins to fasten the wings, really look way too short to hold anything! Great video as usual, Barry! 😊👏👍👋

  22. I love how when you went to London the very first clip of it, in the mirror he was just shaking his butt 😂😂😂 I’m still laughing now!!! 😂😂 ohhhh I love Barry’s videos 😂❤️❤️

  23. So I do a charity bingo every month and all the money goes to a different charity every month we have a vote on which one and Dian comes to my charity bingo if you don’t know who Dian is it’s the actor of dobby the house elf and no I do not mean the voice actor 🙂

  24. You know butterbeer is supposed to be slightly alcoholic in the books, right Barry😜
    Great video, you seem like such a great dad! Keep it up!

  25. Aww love Chloe's enthusiasm and Phoebe's little look when you said "you take straight after me, don't you?" 😀

  26. I know I'm late commenting on this but good lord, I can't believe Phoebe is 11!! The first video of yours I ever saw was your Banana Boats vid when I was 14 and making my mum a birthday dinner (or trying to!) and wanted something fun and simple for dessert. She's becoming such a wonderful young lady, and honestly, it's been an absolute privilege to learn and grow with you and your beautiful family. Here's to you, Barry, and to many more years of youtube videos from you!!

  27. You're actually meant to use cornflour to help icing not stick as icing sugar becomes sticky with heat and moisture

  28. My little sister is 11 almost 12 n the face she gave you at the end reminded me of my sister! You did an awesome job! Made it very special for her!

  29. I challenge you barry to read or audiobook the harry potter books and make 4 inspired recipes from the books

  30. You should go to the studio tour in Watford if you haven’t been.. The girls would love it 😊

  31. Barry dunno if you knew this but your daughter is cooler than you. xD at least in this one… heh also this prob would have been easier as a giant cake ball lol

  32. Happy belated 11th birthday!
    The cake looked fabulous!!! So glad to see you made it home for the party as well!

  33. How has he not read or watched Harry Potter??? They came out when we were in elementary/jr High!!! I mean, he’s British, isn’t that part of criteria in school?? Lol jk ❤️ me some Harry Potter and I wish I could taste that cake!

  34. Guess your have to take a trip to Universal Studios .(Hollywood or Orlando) to see how close your butter beer is to the real thing.

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