GIANT lol surprise doll cake | Kids cakes | lol doll DIY

GIANT lol surprise doll cake | Kids cakes | lol doll DIY

Hey guys this week I am going to show you
how to make an giant lol surprise doll cake perfect for any little girls birthday its
a perfect cake to make for december which is your favourite lol doll character? put
it in the coments below! Also subscribe to the channel! So to
start out your going to print out a picture of your favourite lol surprise doll character
onto a page Ive gone for Snow angel then use greaseproof paper to trace around that image
so that you can use it as a template make sure your cake is slightly larger than your
image place on top and trim around the outside ive also baked a 5 inch dome cake and i am
going to carve out the centre so it looks like a realistic lol surprise doll ice your
cakes with buttercream and cover with flesh coloured fondant
using your lol surprise doll image as a guide mark the position of the eyes and then go
in with a ball tool and create some eye sockets place some white fondant inside the eye sockets
and use some peach coloured edible dust to gice her some nice bill lol doll rosy cheeks
go in with a circle cutter and some renshaw fondant in the shade powder blue to create
snow angels eyes you can finda links in the description below for everything im using
to create this kids birthday cake so that you can create this at home speaking of which
if you know any lol surprise doll fans dont forget to share this cake with them my daughters
friends went nuts when they saw this at her party its the most amazing girls birthday
cake create a trim around the outside of her eye using black fondant leave a little gap
in the bottom corner cut out a large triangle shape followed by some smaller ones to create
some eye lashes and go in with edible paint to create some tiny dots on the cntre of her
eye cut out a small square of black fondant and use some light pink fondant to create
some lips roll it out thin at either side to create lips use a tiny piece of fondant
and gently bend it down so that it creates a nose place it just above where her lips
are roll out two strips of fondant and cover those bumps at the top of her head and use
a knife to create some hair now take two equal sized fondant balls and place on top of those
bumps to create her space buns place another piece of fondant in the centre to create her
bangs and create some hairlines there as well roll out some white fondant into a sausage
shape and create a gap in the middle going to show you how to create a quick easy bow
for snow angel using some renshaw lilac fondant using some more of that powder blue fondant
create a hairband and place your bows on top now we are going to use the rest of that blue
to create earmuffs shes called snow angel so I wanted her to glisten like snow so ive
used some snowflake edible dust on her hair and ive used some shimmer pink on her lips
use some embroidery scissors on the ear muffs to make them cosy and fluffy carve out the
shape of her body use a snowflake cutter to stamp out two snowflakes use silver edible
dust and leave to the side to dry now we are going to create a neck for our lol surprise
doll cake roll out fondant into a cylinder shape use a ball tool to pull that bottom
part down to create a chest area if you love kids cake decorating then you can learn how
to make more amazing kids cakes by clicking on that link above now we are going to make
her skirt i have rolled out some blue fondant thin and use a cocktail stick to create some
creases make her skirt in three sections stick that on and repeat three times use a cocktail
stick to support the skirt while it dries use some thick white fondant to create her
bodywarmer and use a cake decorating tool to create some details and indentations now all snow angel needs is some arms and
legs im using my fingers here to create an indentation half way down pinch the bottom
of her leg roll out a strip of fondant this will be the top part of her boot and create
that fluffy effect onto her boots as well a large oval piece of fondant ill create the
bottom part of her boot and use some brown fondant to create a sole create some indentations
and some more details on to her boots put two tiny dots just above her knee and some
tiny little bows onto her snow boots use the same technique for creating her arms only
this time we are going to put a hole in the bottom so that her hands can fit inside as
you heard I made this cake for my little girls birthday and it had to be a special cake because
shes a special little girl if I could describe holly in one word it would be kind shes so
kind that this year for christmas she decided to chop off all her beautiful blonde hair
to donate it to a childrens cancer charity that makes wigs happy birthday wee holly enjoy your lol doll cake

13 thoughts on “GIANT lol surprise doll cake | Kids cakes | lol doll DIY

  1. You can check out my LOL surprise pets video here… let me know which LOL doll character/cake you want me to create next! xx

  2. Your cakes our amazing your very lucky to be so talented! It's my daughter's 4th birthday in a few weeks so I will be attempting this hopefully it turns out ok. Thankyou for your cake idea ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. Absolutely fantastic thank you so much Happy Bee and Holly.
    Iโ€™m about to start making a gravity defying lol doll about the same size, maybe a little bit bigger to accommodate the internal armature before building two tiers of cake beneath her and your tutorial is amazing in helping me to create her.
    Thank you so much and well done Holly, that was such an amazing kind and wonderful gift to give to another child. Youโ€™re amazing xx

  4. Thanks for sharing sheโ€™s super cute and your tutorial helped me recreate this for my goddaughters birthday tomorrow!

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