Giant Cookie Dough Bites, Pancake Jelly Beans, Stupid Science | A.T. #132

Giant Cookie Dough Bites, Pancake Jelly Beans, Stupid Science | A.T. #132

Hello, welcome to awesome time This is the show where I tell you about all of the new stuff happening at that 19 and stick around. We’re doing stupid science Welcome to episode 132 of awesome time you know the drill Email newsletter sign up hit the card that’s how you get coupons off your next order, and that’s why we’re here you know the products and the sponsorships and outstanding reviews and recommendations Yeah we got a sponsor this episode has been sponsored by You fee genie it is an Alexa device. So it’s kind of like an Amazon Echo dot It’s got all the same kind of features, but it’s got some Advantages some differences the ufe genius got 360-degree Far-field voice recognition and all-around answering that was just like blah blah blah Tech words, I think what they mean you can be far away from this thing and shout commands at it. Let’s try that In St.. Louis, Missouri. It’s 84 degrees with cloudy skies today. You can look for rainy weather, all right Let’s have a little bit more fun with this I wanted to have the yuffie genie play a little music for us, but we’ll get like flagged for copyright This is Eric’s idea. Let’s see what happens. Hey Alexa play some royalty-free music Sweet oh, yeah, let’s turn that up Alexxa please set an appointment for November 2nd okay for what time? 2:00 p.m.. And what’s the name of the event that 19 movie I’ll schedule that 19 movie on Thursday November 2nd at 2:00 p.m.. Okay? Perfect, okay, I’ve added it you all should be adding that to your calendars as well. Let’s just randomly Uh make a shopping list a shooting shopping list for a movie. Maybe what should I add? Cigars and Rope and tight black pants and black playing cards I’ve added cigars rope tight black pants black playing cards to your shopping list maybe Alexa can do something for me that Eric Can’t Alexa tell me a joke What did the DJ say to the vegetable farmer let us turn up the beat? Eric you know you can play Simon says with Alexa Alexa Simon says eric. You’re fired Eric you were fired So the euphy genie can do a lot more than just Tell jokes and play music. You know as demonstrated you can set your alarm and calendar with it You could order food and ubers weather you can control smart home devices And appliances and lights and stuff like that to steal a line from John and Joey You know we peep this you could maybe keep this these folks are running a huge Giveaway you could win a $1,500 cash prize, I think that’s like the grand prize you could be one of a thousand winners That’s a pretty darn big contest the links in the description Are there if you want to buy one of these or if you want to enter the giveaway or do both? So just links in the description get on with the dame products already, okay, okay? Oh, man after all that sponsor, and I’m hungry senator Oh, this is cookie dough bites in a giant box. It’s like a movie theater box, but it’s been Super-sized doesn’t have to be refrigerated show you what we’re dealing with Don’t worry. I’ll eat all of you. Oh my gosh You want some eric? Oh, I got to point out these are made in the Usa, so it’s that us of a dough I know what you might be thinking why go through all this trouble I mean
I could just get myself a big log a cookie dough and and some hershey’s syrup And I got the same thing I anticipated that one got myself a log of cookie dough And some hershey’s syrup No, I’m not gonna need a fork oh. I’m just gonna make my own cookie dough bites right you think it’s that easy? That’s not easier. Is it I think eating this much raw cookie dough might be bad for you Is that right Kara’s nodding her head like this isn’t a good idea for me to be doing where’s these guys perfectly safe I suggest you buy the giant box of cookie dough bites from VAt19 then I’ll have eggs in them That’s why they’re safe. Okay. So just in case you were wondering I’m gonna hose myself off, and we’ll get going to the next product here. Oh after all that sugar I need a boost carrot boost me all right these are the extreme sports beans from Jelly Belly They’re loaded with 50 milligrams of caffeine so that’s how you get that jolt of energy you want and they got a bunch of vitamins in there It’s got carbs and electrolytes in there. There’s just a fun way to get a nice boost gentle They’re made in the good old us of a those are your three different flavors of beans in here? You got cherry watermelon and pomegranate and just to give you guys an idea how extreme these beans are that’s a Normal-sized Jelly Belly bean so they are pretty big I binge on these things just because they taste so good I’m gonna give me well little pick-me-up extreme sports beans available now at You’re getting high on my own supply here, Kara. Okay, cool me off This is the snowball battle pack create your own snow for all year-round snowball fights. This is really fun stuff It’s a powder that you add to water and it makes Snowballs that you can have snowball fights with year-round all it takes is water. So we’re gonna um We’re gonna make some snowballs right now. Let’s do it alright, so I pour this pack in here alright You just add the water in and we just mix with the hand oh Looks like a slushy almost so those of you who are curious about cleaning this up? I mean eventually this will dry out and just vacuum it right up. So very easy for cleanup I got to admit the snowballs best for outdoor use they can make a little bit of a mess if you Hit inside this stuff is also fully biodegradable, and they’re staying free. So if you have a nice fight out there It’s not gonna mess up your clothes and so how much fun would it be to go outside and have a snowball fight in like The middle of August or you know in the spring or whatever so tons of fun And the snowball battle pack is also this episodes stupid science stupid science Alright come on in here, Eric. Let’s do this Somebody grease these wheels what we’re gonna be trying out is we’re gonna compare these two real snowballs We’re not gonna compare like you know, how cold is or anything to sciency? We’re gonna compare how mad Jamie will get when a real snowball hits him And then one of these snowballs hits him my hypothesis is he will get matter at a real snowball hitting him in the face I’m happy that you used the word hypothesis correctly, thanks But I’m not happy about anything else. Okay. Thank you, Kara Makes a good snow pile, Kara everybody get care around applause but that’s no mommy Wait, let’s show these it was almost hard to tell ya how similar the snowball battle path looks to okay, Jamie I hate to interrupt you But this is melting and I gotta hit you in the face real fast wait aren’t you gonna? Go way over there? but why are the sign for science science Jamie Who they are right, how do you feel? um Not happy Daddy is cold is the battle Pack snow bomb all right you ready all right Just cold. I’m just cold okay way Way up there? Yeah, went over like you’re supposed to go over like right here. Oh my God Yeah, oliver my following everything over there. Well. I was how long king I was wrong. I wanna make Totally wrong everything you like it. I guess a battle pack a Way more rage here. I do like the snowball battle pack though, and it is lots of fun and buy yours now at Evacuate at home. Oh another great throw from carrot. This is Apple pie Moonshine Jellies, so it is jelly made out of whiskey moonshine. I know you’re wondering does this have alcohol in it Yes, but no, so they use whiskey moonshine to make this but during the baking process all of the alcohol Kind of goes away, but the whiskey kind of the whiskey Flavor stays behind Kara made me some toast It’s got a little bit of that sort of distinctive whiskey scent in there. It’s not overpowering It was just like a hint of that whiskey flavor. I can’t overstate. What a great gift this would be especially for someone that might enjoy sipping whiskey on a porch for instance I Took the Liberty of sending some of this to somebody I know Who would love it the Southern Gentlemen we got him on the phone let’s um let’s talk to him and see what he thought about my gift jamie is that you it is. It’s so nice to hear from you jamie i just got your care package What do you think of the Moonshine Jelly? I’ll tell you it spreads faster than a pile of ants. That’s been kicked by a ten-Year-old It spreads more than a viral cat meme you certainly like how it spreads did you ever taste it? Oh, I did. It was tasty it was tasty but talking about the spread jamie il tell you it spreads easier than the legs Oh dear. Well clearly the southern gentleman love this and If you have a southern gentleman in your life, it’s maybe a little inappropriate They’re gonna love this get your apple pie. Moonshine. Jelly now at Oh more candy more treats. Thanks, kara Jelly beans that tastes like Pancakes and maple syrup. It’s like a pancake and syrup breakfast in a little pill form I really can’t think of any way to make these tastes better. Oh wait this wasn’t planned those have you seen some of our videos no that I’ve I’ve been want to dip gummy bears into syrup so I just thought pancake in syrup Jelly beans in to syrup Can you see that? baked beans. ya Anybody want a bite .want a bite That’s like the greatest thing I’ve ever had in my entire life. It’s like a chewie pancake thats crazy homework assignment buy some of this Smother in syrup and go to Town That’s the pancake and syrup jellybeans buy them now and you can have that I’m keeping this Hmm . hmm thats good time for fan art Love the fan art thank you so much for sending it I would love to get some of your fan art here is our address. Okay. This is where you need to send it so you can see it on a future episode of Awesome time , so it’s time to wrap this one up as always check out the videos around me, okay? we make tons of great videos every week, so make sure you watch them and subscribe Turn on those bell notifications follow us on social Media and we’ll see you next time subscribe ok thanks. Bye subscribe. Bye subscribe subscribe bye

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    Welll FUN FACT!!!
    Raw eggs are perfectly safe to eat. People eat just eggs for breakfast. :/ MEH

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