Fun Science Projects for Children : Ingredients for Ooze in Science Class

Hi I’m Karen for Expert Village let’s make
ooze Viva is going to show us how. We are going to need 1 cup of water, a little bit
of food coloring, a spoon for mixing, a 4/4 cup measuring cup, a plastic bowl, and about
2 cups of corn starch. Are you ready take your water and pour all into the bowl. Great!
Now take the food coloring we are just adding the food coloring to make a little more fun.
Go ahead pour the whole thing in there it is just a few drops of food coloring. Great!
That is good. Okay now take the 2/4 cup measuring cup and scoop in 3/4 cups of corn starch nice
and full nice and full, there that is good. Just tap it when you put it in the bowl, turn
it over, tap one, just tap the edge like this, next one, two, go ahead nice and quick, one
more. Now you are going to stir that up. Okay take the spoon and stir that up you can put
the cup right in the cornstarch. Stir it up until it is nice and smooth. Okay keep stirring. Now add another 2/4 cup,
when it becomes to thick to stir, keep adding it, when it becomes to thick to stir we are
going to stop and our ooze would be done. We are going to stir deep down to the bottom
and stir that up good. Pull it up closer to you, it is still a little hard to stir but
there is still a lot of liquid there. Go ahead and put another scoop in, I help you stir
how about that you can put the scoop in and I will help stir, okay put another scoop in. Okay another scoop,
okay this looks pretty good, I think our ooze is down that is getting really hard. Another
cup? I think I need one more though it even feels funny when you stir it. Okay that is

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