Fondant Review Part 1 which fondant is best? how to cook that ann reardon

Fondant Review Part 1 which fondant is best? how to cook that ann reardon

Welcome to, I’m Ann Reardon.
For a full copy of the results of Fondant Review, go to There’s a
link in the description below the video. For this first test, each of the fondants
was weighed to 450 grams and then rolled out on non-stick paper to set circle size, then
it was hung over a rolling pin for a one minute 30 to check whether it would crack or break.
The reason it was hung over the rolling pin is because that is often a method people use
to transfer your icing to the cake and you don’t want it to rip before you’ve got it
onto your cake and you don’t want it to pull out of shape. So, then it was put back on
the bench and compared to the original circle. As you can see this homemade fondant here
went a little bit out of shape and the homemade fondant was quite hard to roll out. Next, we got the marshmallow fondant. The
recipe for this is on the website That one again performed okay, was quite difficult
to roll out. The Satin Ice White Vanilla stuck a little
bit to the rolling, add a little bit of icing sugar to stop it sticking but that rolled
out nicely. It hung over the rolling pin no problems for the minute and a half and once
it was put backed in it was hardly out of shape at all. Next, we’ll look at the Bakels Pettinice White
Icing. Some of the other tests that we’ll do with these fondants as checking if it sags
at all, checking once it’s over a cake, which one looks the smoothest and looking at the
color, which one looks the whitest. The Bakels Pettinice hung fine for the minute
and a half and once it was put back in it was very slightly out of shape. Next, we get the Duff fondant. When you get
that one out of the packet, the first thing you notice is it’s very hard compare to the
other fondants but once you break it and start kneading it, it quickly softens up and doesn’t
require anymore kneading than the other fondants did. It rolled out beautifully. It didn’t
need any icing sugar at all to stop it sticking to the roller. Same as the other fondants
so far, it hung without any tears, no breaks, no problem there and once it was puts back
in, so with the circle over the top that it holds right.
Next, we got the FondX fondant in the white, rolled out nicely and hung well. So, don’t forget to watch the other parts
to this review. Some of the fondants performed a lot better than others in different areas.
So, depending what you wanted to use your fondant for that would be important to you. This is the Orchard White Icing which is available
in supermarkets here in Australia that again looked hard when you first took it out of
the packet but kneaded up and become soft very quickly. Rolled out nicely and there
was no problem with hanging it. So, that brings us to the final one in our
test which Cake Art Icing. The Cake Art also rolled out without a problem and managed to
last the minute and a half. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel,
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45 thoughts on “Fondant Review Part 1 which fondant is best? how to cook that ann reardon

  1. From reading fondant recipes i found them very high in sugar, is that a concern for you when you use it? From reading the ingredients, i wouldn't even go near it. Also I'd like to say I like your videos and hope you make more videos more frequently

  2. Every review that had already been done rated wilton as the worst tasting of them all so I left it out.

  3. orchard is the only one I can get where I live and find it quite hard. I want to try my hand at figurines, do you think it would be alright for that?

  4. Hi Clarissa Neil, Yes I use it often for that purpose. It will be harder the colder it is so you can try microwaving it – I just do 5 sec burst, give a squeeze to see how it is, repeat. It also softens as you knead in colouring – partly because of the colour and partly because of the heat of your hands.

  5. This is a great video. Though my biggest concern (aside from the fondant keeping its shape) is the taste of it. I was wanting to try Duff's fondant but I'm not sure. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which fondant tastes the best? I tried Wilton awhile ago and it tasted terrible to me and reminded me to much of play doe. YUCK! lol.

  6. I only use homemade because of the taste.. Most store bought would loose at the taste test I think. Did you do a taste test too? Is there a video on that? Thanks

  7. i have used wilton fondant and duffs fondant. wilton lacked in taste and it cracked easily. i love duffs fondant, for fondant I really like the taste and i like the texture. i would like to try satin ice, what do you think in comparison to Duff's?

  8. I also love the duff for modeling and covering cakes. But if I want the fondant to set hard, which is the case for some decorations that I make ahead, then I would use a different brand for that. Bakels, satin ice and fondx were all good but often I use orchard because it is the easiest to get hold of.

  9. Hi!
    I was just wondering what the differece is between the orchard white icing and almond icing?
    I'm trying to decide if i should make my own fonadnt using your recipe or if i should buy store bought.
    I was also wondering if you can colour store bought icing?
    Thanks 🙂

  10. Hi Laura Allott, yes you can colour store bought icing, click on howtocookthat to go to the channel and watch the fondant basics video for more info on that. The almond icing is flavoured with almond essence, so it tastes like marzipan which some love and some hate. Store bought is more convenient but some people can not get hold of it or would rather make their own.

  11. Hi I'm from melbourne and was wondering if you have seen that queens have brought out a rolled fondant, I have seen it at wollies it would be good to know what you think of it

  12. I'm trying to figure out which fondant to start experimenting with for my cakes and I've heard that some fondants have a funky taste to them or don't taste good at all. Which one is the sweetest and best for kids that can't take almond?

  13. Hi K Lo only marzipan has the almond taste. But some fondants do have a more 'plastic' taste others just taste sweet, you can add clear essence flavors to it. I did do a taste test with a group of people too but there were no clear winners or losers so it comes down to personal preference.

  14. Ann after I cover a cake with marshmallow fondant, the cake can be refrigerated with no fondant sweating, it will whole fine ?????

  15. I wish Wilton fondant was included in this tutorial. Any idea on which one in the video it would be most comparable to?

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