Hi guys welcome back to my channel this week
I am going to show you how to make a human fondant figure whenever I started making cake
toppers I used to dread it when people asked me to make a figure of their mum or dad or
brother or their child because its so hard to get right you can easily get it wrong so
in this tutorial I am going to show you a simple easy way of how to make a human fondant
figure it was my nephews 21st Birthday and I created this cake for him and he absolutely
loved it Aw how cute is my little man? It was his idea for me to share what I do
on you tube can you tell he is excited? So cute. We are going to start out by creating the
face roll some flesh coloured fondant into a tear drop shape and pinch roughly where
you are going to place the eyes mould a nose mark where you want the mouth to go and carve
out some eye sockets insert a bbq skewer dust some skin tone edible dust on to give some
colour fill in the eye sockets with white fondant and smooth out using black edible
paint draw an outline on the top part of the eyes using brown edible paint draw along the
bottom this helps the eyes to to stand out at this point it can look as though its going
to look like make up but it works out fine it just gives the eyes a bot of contrast some
black fondant for the eye balls or eye bulbs as my children call them! Smooth those out and paint some catch lights
on with some white edible paint stick on a small strip of white fondant to create teeth
and two more strips of fondant to create lips Im just dusting on some peach lustre dust
here to give a bot of contrast to the lips now for the eye brows create the eyebrows
by rolling out two equal strips of fondant which are narrow at each end my nephew is
a self confessed poser so I wanted the eyebrows to reflect a kind of posy pose! This what I have done so it looks as though
he is showing off now I am going to show you a great tip for creating fondant denim jeans!
roll out two equal pieces of white fondant use your finger to create a dent half way
down use a ball tool to create some holes at the bottom and create some creases in your
jeans now is the best bit! Use some edible dust to create the colour
of denim that you want and you might want to put some grease proof paper down here as
this can get really messy! I love using this technique it looks so realistic
far better than just colouring blue fondant position the legs and stick them on to your
cake and create some trainers by using two small balls of white fondant create soles
using a knife tool and stick on now we are going to create his shirt and his signature
black leather biker jacket! Roll some fondant into a tear drop shape so
its wider at the top and narrow at the bottom create a hole with a ball tool at the bottom
and pinch using your fingers around the bottom roll some flesh fondant to create a neck use
your fingers to fan out the bottom and stick on a white strip of fondant makes a trim around
the top of the tee shirt and insert a bbq skewer once your happy with that stick on
two small ball of flesh coloured fondant flattened out with your fingers to create hands use
a knife to create fingers and a thumb and position these on to your cake topper roll
out a rectangle of fondant as thin as you possibly can so you can lift it without it
breaking hod it against your figure and trim as needed
create some stitching with this little tool and stick on now create a
collar and stick that on as well create some buttons
here for the leather jacket and creating the arms is basically the same as creating the
legs only smaller obviously! two small sausages of fondant create a crease in the middle of
the elbow using your fingers a ball tool at the bottom to create a small hole and we are
going to do the stitching effect again position your hands and then stick the arms on paint
your buttons silver two small balls of fondant will create the ears use your tool to create
some indentation to give them a realistic effect and now for my favourite part well
apart from the face creating fondant hair! I love creating fondant hair it transforms
your topper and brings it to life roll out a flat round piece of fondant create some
hair indentations using a knife or cake tool whatever you have handy and stick this on
then using a long tear drop piece of fondant create some indentations with your knife tool
to create hair effect and stick these on as well just keep sticking them on until you
get the desired hairstyle that you are after Dylan has just came in so Im going to wrap
up this voiceover now do you want to say some thing? Say bye guys say see you next time please
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  1. Thanks for this video I subscribed to your channel I will watch your other videos you make it look so easy I love your accent where are you from

  2. I think you are doing marvellous so I will keep watching you videos I am watching from Mexico where I am here for 5 months but I live on Vancouver island British Columbia

  3. muchas gracias por este tutoríal , muy hermoso lo puse en practica pero con porcelana fría y me quedo muy lindo

  4. Great video I think I have subscribed ! – I want to have a go at this for my sons 21st- please could you tell me where can I get the paint powder and fondant? I am on the Ards peninsula!

  5. Thanks Amanda, gosh it's a small world! I will order the bits and give it a go! I will let you know how I get on!!!!!

  6. Hi again – I just wondered what you use to make the figures dry out and become hard. The initial ones I made with Tesco fondant and are still a bit soft and squishy. I have now bought the list you sent me and when it all arrives I shall have another go. But is there anything I should add? And how long do you leave between adding things like the arms and head? Are you on FB?

  7. Love the teenage girl topper. How do you work with the head without it going too soft and losing shape? I'm using renshaws fondant and it just goes too soft. Any tips please? Ty

  8. You work is so flawless and looks so effortless! It’s beautiful! I’m struggling with figures. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t model it without it sleeping into itself. Even with tylose. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong! I’ve tried standing models and they just become awful. They don’t hold shape. I’ve tried making them in pieces and then putting them together with picks and they break. It’s sad! I wonder if my expectations for what I can do are too much. I’m not sure. 🙁 Yours always help re-motivate me. I get online and watch when I feel like giving up and try again. Thank you!

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