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hey guys I am Anastasia and welcome to
Happy Bellyfish Channel today we are cooking the fastest the easiest one of
the paces and the most healthiest breakfast ever
buckwheat pancakes when I was recording with recipe I specifically note at the
time how long it took me to make this pancakes
really from start to finish from the moment that I started mixing the
ingredients to the moment that I could eat it it was really just ten minutes
okay ten mill 66 seconds if you want to be precise so almost eleven minutes I
hope it’s okay that I rounded this number what I want to say that it’s
extremely fast and it’s one of the favourite breakfast options in our house
if you’ve been following us for a while then you know that we especially love
traditional recipes this recipe is not as traditional as such it’s kind of a
fusion recipe however I do use a very special ingredient the one that I grew
up with buckwheat flour you know I’m from Russia and buckwheat is our staple
so all the centuries we’ve really perfected the art of cooking with
backward and buckwheat flour I really believe that it’s a very underrated
superfoods nowadays because it’s extremely nutritious it’s also gluten
free to make it even more nutritious you can also add different nuts and seeds
and dry fruits to the batter of these pancakes so really there is no limits
for your imagination okay let me show you the ingredients all the delicious
pancakes our very basic ingredients are a cup of buckwheat flour also a cup of
milk you can use any pun based milk but I found that coconut milk and almond
milk work the best then we will also have one teaspoon of soda try to find
natural soda it’s very important what the quality of the product you use and I
will add about half a spoon cinnamon powder while keep in mind that
cinnamon powder can be very strong can be very mild mine is freshly ground so
it has a very strong cinnamon flavor but you could increase or reduce the amount
of spice depending on the quality of your cinnamon then we will also add a
tablespoon of coconut oil it should be melted but it should be cooked oil and a
banana instead of banana you can also use apple sauce or any other poppy fruit
sauce if you wish if you guys ever made any pancakes in your life then you
probably already guessed the recipe you just mix all the ingredients together
you will first start with the dry ingredients so we’ll take flour we’ll
add to it baking soda and then we will also add cinnamon powder and just mix it
simply with a spoon and then we will move to the wet ingredients we will add
our milk you actually don’t even need a whisker
for this recipe you can just do it with a spoon believe me there will be no
lumps the butter flour dissolves perfectly with its own then coconut oil and the bananas and now we just have to
mix it all see here is your batter is a little bit
kind of sticky and stretchy and this is exactly how we wanted now we have to fry our pancakes you can
take any favorite pan yours you can use nonstick or you can simply
crease your pan with a little bit of coconut oil actually if you do that it
will add a little bit of extra flavor coconut flavor and this is really nice
if you like that coconut oil flavor of course and now we just add the pancakes
with a spoon let’s not make them too thick because we want them to cook very
fast and please accept my apologies I’m not perfect with shapes if you want to
have perfectly shaped pancakes you’re going to use some special equipment for
that I have no patience for equipment in the mornings so my breakfast is really
simple whatever shape works it works okay it takes maybe a minute or two for
them to get ready you can just check sleep and check if it’s cooked on one
side and then when you think that it’s brown enough you flip it
so we’ve flipped it now and it will take another couple of minutes for it to be
ready trust me it cooks and sent perfectly and I’ll show you at the end
of the video how perfectly fluffy and nice they are cook it on a low to medium
flame don’t put the flame to high because then they can be a little bit
sticky inside and this is definitely not what we want I hope guys are enjoying
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the amount of the ingredient that I showed you was enough for nine beautiful
pancakes now they are ready and it’s time to serve them these pancakes are
perfectly fluffy and you don’t need a single egg for this look at this it’s
amazing it’s so soft and so tasty so delicious you don’t necessarily need an
extra sweetener but if you like it extra sweet
you can add some coconut sugar or some maple syrup in your batter or you can
simply result some weight hirotaka new servant enjoy your pancakes
and don’t forget to check Happy Valley fish calm happy belly fish is an online
healthy cooking school where we have instructors from all around the world
bringing your traditional knowledge about healthy cuisine

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