FIXING ELIZA PANCAKES // The Sims 4: Townie Makeovers

FIXING ELIZA PANCAKES // The Sims 4: Townie Makeovers

Hi everybody its Kayla and welcome back to another townie makeover in The Sims 4 today We are helping out our poor sad dear friend Eliza Pancakes. I’ve actually renovated. Oh my god Renovated her no no, I’ve actually done a makeover of her. God, that’s so embarrassing Once before. I just said renovated a sim, I keep doing that it’s like it just comes out like a force of habit kind of deal with fixer-upper and I Fixer-upper townies, renovating my townies, haha right guys? Yes, so I did one before of Eliza and Bob, But I wanted to come back and do a Eliza again, because one she just needs the help you know what they say you can Never fix a Eliza it too many times. But also there’s like a recent meme on my streams that Eliza Pancakes looks a lot like me, um And so I just figured it was time to come in and just embrace it and renovate her God make her over That was on purpose actually Yeah, so I came back and I gave her another makeover and stuff I had fun doing this. I love townie makeovers I was getting these weird kicks where I like do a bunch of them And I’ll stop for a long time then come back and do a bunch more and I’m back in that phase I wanna make them constantly. I just have fun doing them for some reason I don’t know. I only ever makes him CC free, or do Townie makeovers never just make sims with CC anymore I don’t I don’t.It’s weird. I keep talking about some head it’s weird like CC phase where I either want no CC or Like all the CC, but I’m kind of leaning towards no CC, and I I don’t know But this was fun because I just I hate making sims with CC I think it’s fun to have CC and download it and stuff, but I prefer to make CC free Sims I say as I make this like CC covered Townie makeover, but you get what I’m saying right it makes sense, right? But yeah, I fixed Eliza today the poor girl. I’m gonna link my past one down below I don’t know when I did that makeover last I think I did that makeover of her like a year ago, so it’s a little bit outdated, and he didn’t update and stuff But yeah, I probably should stop doing the same ones twice and start doing the rest of the Townies But Elizas the legend. Why did I say it that way Eliza is a legend? She just needs the help okay? It’s not my fault. It’s her fault really and also EA’s, but I mean that in the best most loving way possible I love you EA, I love you the sims 4 I love you sometimes Eliza Pancakes, but you’re just kind of creepy And you just needed a makeover so I did that today she looks younger in this, too Also in the household that I’m using is for my simsie save and so she’s got bob and also their son Iggy if you missed it on the sims anniversary last year I think it was they put on the Gallery version of this family with their son. They have this toddler named Iggy Oh was it when toddlers came out when did they do that? either way, they like put an updated version with them on the gallery and they have this son Iggy and This is that version so they’ve got Iggy in here. I did not make over that sim though I just made over Eliza not Bob either cuz I couldn’t bring myself to what I was before I did a makeover on what? Tuesday, and I talked about how I just can’t make Male Sims I don’t know how I don’t know how to dress them. I don’t have fun dressing them I need to get some more CC and I need to Be better at fashion But I just I just don’t know how to do it so all my sims wear the same thing so they always wear these Random shirts with like these same skinny jeans and converse like I’m not good at making Sims I’m okay all the same Who am I kidding? Same makeup same pants same shoes same everything and I can’t do that for male Sims And so they just they all look bad, and I’m really sorry I feel like I’ve let you down It’s it’s literally my job to make sims and I just I still can’t do it. I can build things,so at least I’ve got that going on I Can build blue Suburbans? So I have that going for me guys also unrelated, but I’m going to see Rick Astley in concert tomorrow and today I’m doing a meet-up at 4 p.m. in Boston at the Copley Place Mall if you missed that There’s info my Twitter about that come check out if you’re around there you want to come say hi Please do that’s today again 4 p.m. Copley Place Mall check me out on Twitter @lilsimsie for updates on that also just for good memes I’m so funny on Twitter But I’m gonna go ahead and cut off right here on that note Guys make sure leave a like and comment and subscribe and do all those fun YouTube things and in case you guys didn’t know I post Videos every single day and so I will see you all tomorrow Bye everybody You see I will take any Possible chance to plug my Twitter. I’m not kidding. I am so funny. I deserve this anyway. I’m going to go But @lilsimsie, please follow me, thanks do do do do dodo

100 thoughts on “FIXING ELIZA PANCAKES // The Sims 4: Townie Makeovers

  1. Hi guys! I have a question, i downloaded the sims 4 with all the dlc's but i can do challenges, do you know how can i do challenges?

  2. I know how to dress male sims (sometimes better than female) but i can never make their face look good… they always look strange lol

  3. Kelly, you are a great Sim renovator.
    On a separate note, I went to Mexican place AND SPECIFICALLY ORDERED A VEGGIE TAMALE (I'm a vegetarian), and that gave me a meat one. And I didn't find out until I can home and ate it. Rant over.

  4. Okay but seriously THANK YOU for not making Eliza super hot like some other townie makeovers do! It's really a pet peeve of mine.

  5. Why not make my name?? Hmmm any ideas.. Mama Blue Subruban and Papa Blue Suburban say one day you will make me and i will actually exist.

  6. Kayla you do not look like Eliza, she would never have cool purple tips. 😂 Eliza is only a YA but ea dressed her like 30 years older than she was. PS they have a tot named Iggy? Lol where and when did I miss this. She looks nice good job.

  7. Hello Kayla💕
    I love Fixer Upper and you’re new Let’s Play
    #Homeless Teen

    Can you look into the Zombies Mod
    And if you would like to make a series about it😊😊😇

  8. For a new fixer upper, on your gallery your first build that you uploaded there was one for the four immortal sisters challenge, maybe you could fixer upper that lot? 🌈

  9. The only times I make over townies are when I play exclusively with them (I have a save dedicated to premades) or when my sims (non premades) interact with the same townies frequently then I'll change their look probably because I'm tired of them looking the samr

  10. I still hate Eliza because she has a middle part in her hair and for some reason I dislike middle parts so I keep trying to to like her but she has a dang middle part but no hate to lilsimsie I love her she has better dressing skills it the Sims them I will ever have but that dang middle part!!!

  11. Kayla, you know you talk fast. I love you for it. But.. I decided to watch a video of yours on FULL SPEED, and well my ears broke! You should do a recorded reaction to ur vids on full speed!! You can only hear umm… gibberish!

  12. ALSO.. IF PEOPLE THINK KAYLA TALKS TO FAST… WATCH HER VIDS ON SLO MO. SIMPLE!!! Best setting for her vids, slow downed, is 0.75! Its nearly the same, but a little slower!

  13. i renovated Eliza and Bob a few weeks ago (before i watched this, i also didnt know about the meme) but i was like "holy shit Eliza looks like Kayla"

  14. I like that you kept glasses on her, so many other's take away glasses from sims who have glasses when trying to make them look " better" as if to say that having glasses makes you look less attractive.

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