Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another
Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today I have a very special guest, it’s
Markiplier! Mark: Hello, I’m Markiplier, also known
as Mark, because that’s my name! Ro: Mark and I just played the Urban Dictionary
Challenge on his channel… Mark: Yes. Ro: So I’ll put a link down below
to that, and I’m a huge fan, Ro: so I’m gonna put all of his links, so
go check him out, he’s really cool! Ro: I got so many requests from you guys to
make something Ro: Five Nights at Freddy’s themed, and,
with Mark. Mark: Yes, because I play Five Nights at Freddy’s
way too much! And I need Mark: to do something else with my life, so
I came here to do cooking, Mark: and it still followed me…. So, good! Ro: A-ha, sorry! Ro: So today, we are gonna be making Chica’s
Cupcake, but with a twist…. Mark: It’s huge! Ro: It’s big! Mark: It’s
this big! Mark: Actually it’s more like this big because…
Ro: Yeah it’s that big. Mark: Like that big… Both: Let’s get started! Mark: Was that good? Ro: Yeah that was really
good! Ro: Yeahhhhh! Mark: Perfect timing… Woo-woo-woo! Ro: Ready to get it started! Ro: To make our giant cupcake cake, we are….
Mark: Oh I thought we were… Mark: I was still ready to go! Mark: Continue please! Ro: I like this attitude! Mark: I’m just gonna keep doing this. Ro: To make our giant cupcake, we are gonna
be making a chocolate cake recipe, Ro: The recipe that I am making right
here is a double batch, so just Ro: note that all of these ingredients have
been doubled because Ro: this is a very large cake pan. Ro: The things you’re gonna need, will be:
3 cups of sugar, 4 eggs, Ro: 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon of baking
powder, 2 teaspoons of salt, Ro: 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 1 teaspoon
of vanilla extract, 3-3/4 cup of flour, Ro: 1 cup of oil, and 2 cups of cocoa powder,
you will also need… Mark: 2 cups of water and 2 cups of milk.
And this pan, that’s big. Ro: Now… Both: Let’s put it all together! Ro: Dee-na-nee-nee na-na—nee-nee-nee! Mark: I don’t know what I’m doing! Mark: Help! Mark: I can’t stop! Ro: The first thing that we’re gonna do is
mix together all of our dry ingredients Ro: into a large mixing bowl. And Mark is
gonna be mixing up, will you do Ro: that for me? Mark: Absolutely yes. Ro: OK, you get that whisk ready and first
I’m gonna add the flour. Ro: Then your sugar. Ooooh…. Mark: The key
to an even whisk…. Ro: This is my favorite! Mark: Oh. Ro: Chocolate. Mark: Don’t worry I didn’t have any advice
to give anyway. Ro: Oh sorry! What’s the key? What’s the
key… Oh I’m sorry! Mark: Good god! Mark: The key to a good whisk… Ro: Mmmhmmm. Mark: Is putting your whole body into the
mixing. In case you didn’t know. Mark: No not like that! Not at all like that!
Ro: How!? Mark: Just, kind of a little shimmy. Ro: Baking powder, salt, baking soda! Ro: Now in this smaller bowl, we are gonna
combine all of our wet ingredients. Ro: So, I’m going to pour in first our water,
Mark, will you mix again? Mark: Absolutely yes! Ro: You’re super good
at it! Mark: And the most important thing is don’t
get any of the dry stuff in Mark: your wet stuff! Mark: You gotta make sure it’s clean! Ro: Do you want to do a quad egg crack with
me? Mark: I could try… Mark: 3… Both: 2, 1… Ro: Crack, and a
twist! Mark: Oh no! Oh no! Ro: Uh-oh! Mark: Oh no!
Ro: Uh-oh! Mark: We gotta whisk it! Ro: Yep! Then you’re
gonna whisk together until Ro: everything is well combined. Mark: Alright, now that they’re both mixed…
Real good! Mark: I’m gonna pour the wet stuff into the
dry mix and then we’re gonna Mark: mix it some more. Ro: Mmmhmm. Mark: And try not to destroy this entire kitchen!
But… No promises here! Ro: You’re just gonna whisk together until
everything is well combined and smooth. Mark: Oh god no! Ro: Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep
going!! Mark: I’m going as fast as I can! Mark: I’m really mixing it! Ro: Oh shoot! Ro: Oh my gosh! Mark: harmpgherdsd! Mark: I’m doing… This is for rotational
energy! Mark: Counter balance, it makes sense scientifically! Mark: Hagh-hagh-hagh…. Hremppphh! Ro: I’m gonna make a mixing award, because
you just won it! Mark: Thank you… Is it that star over there?
Ro: Yeah! Mark: Cool! I will take that. Ro: Yeah, that’s
it, that’s it! Ro: Here you go Mark. Mark: Thank you. Ro:
This is being for the best mixer. Ro: I’ll take over. Mark: Thank you…. NO! BACK OFF! Ro: OK, OK…. Mark: I got it, take your spoon! Mark: Hermppph! Ro: Now that Mark has mixed up our batter,
it smells delicious… Best cake mixer! Mark: Thank you, I was trying to beat the
machine. Mark: So we need to heavily grease, that introduces
some non-stuff, Mark: to grease it up. Ro: Yep, yeah! Mark: Because you want it to… Oh man! Ro:
Yep! Mark: You want it to slide out pretty easily…
I was told heavy! Ro: Yeah heavy! Mark: They didn’t say how heavy… Ro: That’s
pretty heavy! Mark: But as with anything taht Markiplier does.
Ro: Yeah. Mark: I don’t go halfway. Mark: I feel a little light headed! Ro: So in the first part, the base of the
cupcake, we’re gonna fill it Ro: about 80% full. Ro: Just eyeball it, that’s what I like
to do. Mark: That’s a lot of grease! Ro: That was… Too much grease! Mark: Why did you let me do anything!?!?!
Ro: Oopsies! Ro: Then into the top of our cupcake cake,
I’m gonna fill it about to here, Ro: which I think is about 75% full. Mark: Yeahhhh. Ro: Yeahhsshhhh! Mark: So now that it’s in the molds. Ro:
Mmmmhmmm. Mark: You’re gonna preheat your oven to
325 degrees, and this is gonna be Mark: a slow bake. Ro: Yeah! Mark: For about
an hour and fifteen minutes Mark: to an hour and a half. Ro: Our cake is in the oven baking, and now
we are gonna make some decorations Ro: using fondant. We’re gonna be making
the cupcake’s eyes, and Ro: the little candle! We’re gonna be making
the cupcake that looks Ro: like the cupcake from Five Nights at Freddy’s
2. Ro: So if you haven’t worked with fondant
before, it’s very easy, Ro: it reminds me of edible Play-Doh, very
condensed sugar. Ro: We take a little bit of cornstarch or
powdered sugar, whatever you like. Ro: I just sprinkle a little bit down on the
surface, make little circles. Mark: This is so it doesn’t stick right?
Ro: Yeah! Ro: And then with each of these, we’re gonna
flatten, first using your hands, Ro: I like to do this first. Mark: Ow! Ro: Oh that’s pretty good, here.
Mark: Ow! Ro: And then once you’ve got. Mark: I’m
already flat. Ro: Wow! I’m like, really impressed! Mark: I did it! Ro: You can use a rolling pin, or if you have
a Mark at home you can have Ro: him just punch the thing flat. Mark: Or if you’re
stupid, you can just Mark: punch it into submission! Ro: Now we are gonna assemble the little eyeballs. Ro: Here I have different cookie cutters,
we have, the largest circle, Ro: a medium and a small. And then, I didn’t
have a cookie cutter Ro: this small, so I’m just using the end
of a tip, a little frosting tip. Ro: And we’re gonna cut the circles just
like this, we’re gonna need 2 Ro: sets, 2 blue, 2 black, 2 white. Then we’re
gonna take the end of the tip, Ro: cut out 2 very small circles. Ro Now we’re gonna assemble our eyeballs,
we have a little baking paintbrush, Ro: little bit of water, and the water will
act as an adhesive. Mark: Can we make the eyes go in different
directions? Mark: Really derpy style? Ro: Yeah you can do
that! Mark: Now that we made our really good, pristinely,
well crafted, amazing Mark: eyeballs… Ro: Mmmhmm. Mark: We’re
gonna make the candle on top. Mark: And it’s gonna be fully functional! Ro: In Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, the candle
is blue and white, and I couldn’t Ro: find one online, so what I did is I just
got a little white candle, Ro: and then we’re gonna roll it in fondant
so that it will be the exact Ro: color from the video game. Mark: It’s
not rolling! Ro: Uh-oh! Mark! What are you doing to your
snake!?!? Mark: I’m trying to… It’s won’t roll! Ro: OK, take your little fondant and you’re
gonna roll it into a snake. Mark: Why do I have so much more than you!?
Ro: I… You have a lot! Mark: You set me up to fail from the get-go!
Ro: No! Mark: Now it’s all broken apart, it’s
in tatters, just like my life! Mark: It’s reminding me of everything else
I’ve failed at! Mark: There we go, I just had a, I had a moment
of weakness, I’m sorry! Mark: I’m better now! Ro: Now you’re gonna take your candle, and
your 2 pieces of fondant, and Ro: we’re just gonna wrap it, starting at
the top, going all the way down. Mark: There we go! Is this what success feels
like? Ro: Yeah! Mark: Oh wow! This feels great! Mark: Oh man! Ro: That’s it you guys! Mark:
I’m so happy! Ro: Da-dew! Mark: OK, so the cakes are out of the oven.
Ro: Mmmhmmm. Mark: They look great, I have no idea what
to do from here! Ro: They’ve baked, we’ve given them plenty
of time to cool, you don’t Ro: want to burn yourself. Now we are going
to level them. Ro: If you’ve added a lot of cake batter
and your cake is, say, about this tall, Ro: that’s OK! Because we’re gonna level
it in the pan. Ro: You’re gonna take a sharp cutting knife.
So you just doo-doo-doo-doo! Ro: Give it a little level. And, it can be a little snack.
This is so good! Mark: May, may I? Ro: Yeah! Mmm! Mmmm! Mmmmm! Ro: Hmmm-hmmm-mmmmm! Ha-hmmm-mmm-mmm-mmm! Ro: Just a second! Ro: Put your little hands there, ready? Ready? Catch
‘em, catch ‘em! Mark: Both of them? I didn’t know I was
supposed to do both! Ro: Catch ‘em! Ro: I’m gonna have you level it. Mark: Oh
no! Ro: Straight down, be careful, don’t get
your fingers. Ro: And just go back and forth, like a saw. Mark: I cut off too much! Ro: That’s
OK! Mark: Aw! Ro: We’ll just frost it! Mark: Like most things in your life, replace
your mistakes with frosting! Mark: There we go! Ro: Ta-da! Ro: Now we’re gonna do a little bit of cake
carving, just a little bit! Ro: Just cut off the top, because the cupcake
on Five Nights at Freddy’s Ro: is a little bit more round. Ro: So we’re just gonna cut off the dome. Ro: That’s a snack! Mark: Can I have this! Ro: Oooh, yeah! Ro: Mmmm! Mark: Mmmmm! Mark: This is a mistake! Mark: ….. OK! Mark: OK, now we got the cake on this weird
table thingy! Ro: Mmmhmmm. Mark: And we’re gonna do the thing with
the frosting thing. Ro: So here, I’ve got some buttercream frosting,
we’ve dyed brown with a Ro: little bit of chocolate brown food coloring
dye. Mark: Mmmhmmm. Ro: And now we’re just gonna cover the whole
base. Mark: There we go, nice! Ro: And then this, you bring all of the excess,
down to the sides. Mark: Oh, that would be smart. Ro: On the sides you can take your little
spatula, gently push up, and Ro: it will make lines, just like the cupcake. Ro: Now we’re gonna put on the top of the
cake, I just put a little bit of Ro: pink frosting so that they will stick
together easily. Ro: Now we’re gonna frost the top of the
cake, we’re gonna frost it all pink. Ro: I like to start at the base, like this,
and just work your way around. Ro: And, you know what I was thinking, you
can also use these to do face art. Ro: Wait, can you give me a pink mustache?
Please!?!? Mark: Oh because it’s my thing I do, yeah
I can do that! Ro: Yes! Ro: Pretend I am a cake, and decorate me with
little…. Mark: You saw what I did with the last cake! Mark: How am I gonna do it with your face?
Ro: OK, don’t pretend I’m a cake! Ro: Can you do a little curly at the end too?
Mark: Yeah, I’ll do my best. Mark: It’s coming out OK. There we go! I
did it! Ro: Is it good!?!?! Mark: Yeah! Ro: Oh my gosh, yes! Mark: It’s surprisingly acceptable! Ro: Can I give you one? Mark: You can try! Ro: Oh my gosh! Mark: You can like, douse
it in my actual mustache hairs. Ro: I’m so excited! Oh my gosh, this looks
amazing! Mark: Does it!? Ro: Yes! Mark: I believe you! Ro: Oh my gosh you guys! Look at us! Mark: This is adorable! Ro: For a little bit of design detail, I’m
gonna be making a wave, wooooo! Ro: All along the bottom, so that it looks
like the cupcake from the game. Ro: This part is totally optional, you don’t have
to do it, but I want it to Ro: look so cute! Mark: Do it!!! Ro: Fill it in with frosting and then use
your spatulas to smooth it out! Mark: One of my biggest regrets in my life,
just because we’re getting Mark: it all out here. Ro: Yeah. Mark: What are you guys laughing at back
there? Ro: What’s so funny? Mark: Is it me?!?! Ro: What’s so funny!?!?
Mark: Is it my mustache? Ro: Where? Where? Ro: Oh, OH! Mark: Hey don’t make fun! I’m telling
a very personal story and you’re Mark: laughing at me, it’s not OK! Anyway… Mark: Now it’s all frosted, now it’s all
smooth! Mark: Now we just need the last step which
is to put on the decorations Mark: which we’ve got right here. Ro: Mmmhmmm,
that’s right. Mark: We made them! Ro: We’re gonna stick on the 2 little eyeballs
on the cake, wherever you’d like. Mark: Eyeballs, they look good, as the last
step, to finalize this incredible Mark: creation that we have created here,
today, the candle on top! Ro: Yep! Mark: This is the only thing that they would
trust me with because I Mark: screwed up everything else…. Boink! Both: Ta-da! Ro: Here’s the Five Nights at Freddy’s
Giant Cupcake that we made today! Ro: A big thank you to Mark for helping me
bake today! Mark: You’re welcome! I did an amazing job! Mark: As everyone can see and everyone saw
in the video I didn’t make Mark: a single mistake and didn’t reveal…
Reveal a single flaw about Mark: my own personality! Ro: Look at this you guys! Mark: Look at me! Ro: Baking Bombshell! I love it! Ro: To see more of this handsome face, click
down below, I’ve got his Ro: links down there, and… Mark: Just one! Ro: I’ll be posting lots of pictures of
this little cake on Facebook, Ro: Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr! And if
you guys make this cake, Ro: please take a picture and send it to me,
I love seeing your baking creations. Ro: I get a big kick out of it, it makes my
day! Ro: And, if you have any other ideas for any
other Nerdy Nummies… Ro: Please let me know, leave me a comment
down below and I will do my Ro: best to make it happen! Ro: Thanks again you guys, bye-bye! Mark:
Bye! Ro: Mark, it’s so spooky in here… Mark:
Is it? Ro: Let’s light this candle. Mark: Oh OK.
Ro: Oh yeah! Mark: Yay! Ro: Ooooh! Look at that! Mark: Oooooh! Mark: It works, see! Ro: Are you gonna make a birthday wish? Mark: I was gonna eat it. Ro: Oh ok! Mark:
Kids, don’t eat a candle. Ro: OK, I’m gonna make a wish…. Hawwwwppp! Ro: Are you making a wish? Mark: Why would
I make a wish? It’s not my birthday. Ro: You can only make a wish on your birthday? Mark: Well that’s the only time it would
come true, otherwise what’s the point!? Ro: Oh forget it!

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