what is up guys welcome back to my
channel if you’re new here I’m Lizzy and today I have a super fun challenge for
you guys okay so today we are doing the first person to bake a cake wins $10,000
so you guys have one hour to bake a cake which means you have 30 minutes and mix
your ingredients and 30 minutes to bake the cake in the oven timer starts now
wait what in Greece we have this Wow ok so $10,000 cook the best cake I really
don’t think that’s a hard challenge and that’s probably like the best and
easiest challenge that we’ve done yet okay so we got some bowls I guess it’s
all the same but there butter cheese I’m expert in sugar and sweets I want to get
a lot of sugar and know this this right now I know basically taking everything I
don’t I don’t know how to make a cake so I’ve never cooked a cake in my life I
had no idea about the ingredients I was gonna look it up but she said I couldn’t
so it’s really gonna be an oddball like what comes out of that oven that’s a cup
I don’t need measuring cups okay so I think the main ingredient for cakes is
flour and spoiler I’ve made cakes before way back when but never never from
scratch just when you mix this in that’s so unfair wait so have you ever made a
cake no I’m never made a cake Carter just said use me in cake
looks like they are off to a good start everyone is mixed up Oh Team Blue Carter
is team green and we have stove with team pink comment down below which team
you guys think is gonna win okay actually turning out pretty good
I’m really confident this time they’re a big the cake though but I’m very
confident that I’m gonna win this like this is a easy peasy lemon squeezy going
for the microwave got a melted butter this isn’t turning out well maybe I need
more egg I mean that’s literally a stick of butter I’ll just throw it in there
so I looked over to Carter and hunters and it doesn’t really look like they
know what they’re doing they’re supposed to do some dance you might as well give
me $10,000 now I’ll try to remember what makes it so liquidy oh my god it was the
egg no I don’t think so my throwing out really well right now
look at that all right I’ll take that it’s better than it looked this whole
time mine is actually has a pretty good consistency like I’m starting to feel a
little confident I didn’t think this was gonna go well know what yeah what I’m
gonna do actually what are you doing oh all right where’s a starter rock and
roll baby I’m so hyped on this oh my gosh pretty
bad stuff look at it it’s like really weird the where’s the what are you
looking for you’re like frantically like running around right now is that what we
have yet oh my taste of my tactic was and I don’t
know what ingredients to put in or how much of them I’m just kind of mixing a
little bit and then tasting a little bit tasty and keep mixing it taste thinks I
know it cake better tastes like we have vanilla extract no I don’t think
so that’s the only thing I knew about vanilla extract I probably look at the
recipe for this you know what stove I wish I had if I was very tempted to but
I didn’t so right now my cake batter is looking a little dry thick or we’re
making cake or we’re making bread I don’t know what we’re doing is I’m gonna
be putting so much sugar in here okay oh my I’m seeing Carter right now dumping
sugar and his is so dry I’m seeing stove and he’s basically just taking candy and
putting it at his cake and I can like you know it’s gonna make something
fantastic mmm it’s so good time to pour you don’t actually think it’s good yeah
it’s delicious really well cause it’s all sugar
yes all sugar that’s what a cake is that cool see I don’t even know if I have
enough for one cake maybe I just barely did comment below if you guys like
confetti cake cuz my favorite types that’s why I try to make comment down
below if you guys like a Reese’s cakes what
so stove stoves cake is 90 percent Reese’s and like 10 percent whatever
other he literally look how many rappers he is to go over there all he did was
use Reese’s everyone else forgot to preheat the oven so I get first dibs on
it let’s come over here one layer I think I’m gonna spray too much of this
okay the guys are hard at work well I do see a few things that concern me but I
really do you I thought we were doing I’m going for cake number two okay doing
your way today your first one I don’t know what went wrong
honestly oh my if I don’t know about my cake what you’re putting coffee creamer
in there I looked over at stove a few times and he was putting like candy in
there coffee creamer off secret secret grease I don’t even know what he
was doing it’s an absolute mess special chef this is a treat for maybe I
should have broken those up every time I look over at Hunter he’s mixing mixing
mixing so they are hard at work they’re almost done with their batter they
definitely had a lot of obstacles to overcome a lot of ups and downs and I’m
excited to see their final product so which is better this one on top of that
one this one’s on that one it looks like a big chocolate chip cookie doesn’t it
weight wheat I don’t know how long to bake it though
she’ll tell us that right I got my two cakes I know Liz’s favorite colors are
pink and blue and since she’s the judge of this competition I made one cake pink
and I made one cake blue sweetener natural sweetener you put honey and
cakes right yeah I think so this is wrong this is absent here is the seventh
egg that’s not even say something that’s wrong what you doing out there Carter
and Hunter are putting their cakes in the oven stove for some reason is still
mixing his batter all right guys so I need to make sure that these are mine so
no one else confuses it but there’s so what I’m gonna do is sign it Wow all
right guys so the oven is ready my my stove cakes in there you’re not
going in my oven oh he’s going in my oven now we wait let’s do this I think
we’re looking pretty good here so little trick you poke it well I think both the
men are probably done okay that one’s done
oh how is this one done first I mean they look like real cakes in there the
colors are popping it’s getting a little bit crispy on top you’re looking at the
champion right here I think we’re good to go
it’s done Hunter’s cakes are out first and I’ve got to say the first one looks
not even like a cake at all and doesn’t even look like something I don’t even
want to like try tasting it looks disgusting
okay I’m back at the baking station looks like hunter actually finished his
cake first let’s take a look whoa that one looks like it’s like chickenpox or
something so first impressions looking at my cake it looks pretty good both of
them they kind of smell bland though I don’t think I put enough sugar oh okay I
think they’re probably done actually I’ll test it real quick that one’s done
well why is one done yeah there’s not once cooking faster you can see how
that’s not done this is a $10,000 cake you looking at smells interesting that’s what sweat it’s not done okay
get put it back in it’s not actually done I think the oven was set too hot
for hundreds of us below 350 stove turned out enough because this cake is
so thick he turned it up so stove turned the temperature the oven up from 350 to
400 you’re supposed to Kate bake a cake at 350 but since this was so thick he
made it hotter well that’s why it’s Burt he’s sabotaging my cake you sent the
foreigner my case burnt now he burns it time to check alright so they’re both
very wet I don’t think we’re gonna make it in time wasn’t that like 450 since
Carter put down the temperature I’m gonna light the does I’m gonna put it
back up for five I’m gonna be 25 start were you serious are you kidding me my
cakes are burning black right now I just found out that stove sabotage me again
that is not okay well I’m actually helping you because you’re ruthless now
hey it’s already done I’m taking my cakes out out take your case that this
check isn’t mine that $10,000 is going to be mine and so if I don’t care that
you tried to cheat on this one I’m gonna get you back I don’t know if
they’re dumb but I can’t have them in there as stoves thick tanks guys aren’t
gonna cook so we have hunter and Carter getting on to the icing stage they’re
almost done with their cake I don’t know where stove is his cakes are nowhere to
be found it’s good it’s cooked all the way through he put this one right here
there can’t even get it done and so this can get out that’s a plus one ready all right that’s actually a really good
second layer yeah it smells actually really good Wow that’s access you know
the bottom with a little confetti because I put it back in there
I guess thunder calls that done I’m almost done and stove is still cooking
in the oven honestly who cares about $10,000 this is this is the stupidest
finishing touches okay you know I got one word of these stove karva times up
and the cakes are done I think my son and I’ll be tasting each and every one
of these cakes and figuring out which one is the tastiest because whoever has
the yummiest cake walks away with $10,000 so that’s what the plant
football and let’s get you trying this case all right let’s do this
I’m it down below hashtag Carter if you think I’m gonna win hashtag Kalandar I
think he’s gonna win or yeah either hashtag Carter 100 who think we’re gonna
win not a combat have sex though because you see this KitKat you see that melty
goodness right there just give her a bite in the kitchen so we have to pick
him or who’s gonna go first comment down below who we should go with first we
made our choice of whose cake is going first but we can’t see it out loud
because liz is sitting over there blindfolded so she has no idea there it
is are you kidding me mine Oh
really you know I can I hope this is actually whoa hang on hang on there’s a
little something in there oh my gosh so my things burnt and there’s pudding
inside so so what is that you’re gonna judge to see his cake is the best we are
going to mix up the or these cakes in a random order and we are gonna see who
you’re gonna start with here comes cake number one and here it goes
cake number one and what do you laugh is it good or is it bad it’s probably comes
bad right it’s really thick like I can’t even eat it because so thick what does
it taste good or not off the bat one to ten what’s the score I’m gonna have to
give this a three oh three okay I’m on to the next cake you need to clean your
palate first there water yep I said that loud what should be the
next cake cake number two open your mouth don’t like the holy wasn’t so far this
one’s a little more flowery like it feels like I just ate or it just tastes
like squished bread not really like pink let’s try the top layer 3 layer is a
little different maybe the redeeming quality here a little higher weight
better way tangle and it’s better mm-hmm fluffier it’s lighter it’s not as
dense and the icing gives a little bit of sweetness but it could definitely use
a little more sugar okay so on a scale of one to ten what is cake number two
okay so the bottom part is probably like a two but the top part I would give that
like a five or a six all right like a five Wow okay so cake 2
is in first place and Kate one is in the last place that we have one more cake to
try okay it’s kind of a larger piece but I
think it’ll be much enjoyable so be it so far you’re not spitting oh wait any
more of the bread part because I only got I’m stuffing lighter and tweet sweet
it’s sweeter than the other two oh yeah that’s probably my favorite cake so I
think cake number three I would give about five because it was definitely
lighter but was very similar to the top half of cake number two okay so you can
take your plant foot off and see if you know which one is which oh well I know
for sure one or two Plagueis note number one with stoves because there was no
icing and the third one was your because there was a lot of my singing
yeah and cake number two was hunters okay so it looks like the winner is cake
number three that’s me I mean look how good this cake is of
course this thing wins look at that is absolutely amazing that is a $10,000
cake users’s stove tried to sabotage me toys still pull up ahead thanks so much
for watching my video and I’ll see you guys

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