First PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE! | Mei Yu – Fun2draw

oh my god it’s stuck noooo welcome to fun friday every friday i’ll do something new fun or challenging hey everyone this is Mei Yu many of you asked me to do a pancake art challenge and I have to say I’ve never done this before this is going to be the first time I’m going to try to do pancake art for you guys since you suggested and basically I’m here for you and you have been asking for me to do this and I would try the best to do your suggestion when I can ok so a little nervous right now but let’s see how my pancakes art’s going to turn out and let me know which one you like the best I’ll do a few different pancake art my first attempt was really embarrassing so I’ll start with the second you okay I’m trying to draw straight lines right now and it is not easy like my previous video this week this is also free hand okay so i think my lines are pretty straight and now let’s see black ok I think so far so good let’s do bottom part ok now the light green okay if you want to see me draw a creeper in real life like this on my shirt you can check out this video I did okay let’s see our delicious creeper I got it ok there hey see when I tell you I’ve never done this before I really mean I’ve never done this before hmm this looks so good my third pancake art hopefully no accident ok so now i’m going to make pancake art of myself from my anime my life series in case you’re new to my channel you can see my Animate My Life animation for those who are waiting for episode 3 i’m working on it and I can’t wait to share with you when I’m done okay so I’m ready to flip this one I’m really excited to see how this turns out oh yeah that’s pretty cool i like it haha it’s animate my life Mei oh I like my little bow and little rosy cheeks and of course my shiny hair this is one of my best yet it looks so much like my animated self now for number 4 i’m making one of my favorite cartoon characters is to watch the show like a hold of time let me know if you know who it is you okay so i am done and let’s see how this is going to turn out ok so now i’m going to see if it is ready to be flipped and cooked i can pick it up I’m gonna flip you okay let’s flip this guy yeah yeah samurai jack on my favorite cartoons now so the moment is called to show you my very first attempt they’re making pancake guard ok so I’m going to try my first pancake art I think this is scary really tricky but uh wait it’s tight already okay let’s see out business gonna turn out alright come on haha oh my god technical difficulties please stand by oh come on don’t sweat it out okay well um they’re like a pointy thing okay I think they’re fixed it now so let’s see if it’s going to run my hands are I have to keep squeezing okay so I think it looks so far so good so I am going to make a cute little fun2draw unicorn but I have to do the mane still I’ll just give my hand a little break and then let’s go it’s a little tricky to draw without any previous sketch on the surface and with a squeeze bottle I try to control the flow but also the proportions at the same time okay so I am done with a black and now I’m going to add some nice colors to my pancake parts okay so i think i’m going to flip my first pancake art and let’s just hope it oh ok here let’s try this I think I might need help oh my god it’s stuck noooo oh look at the stuff that’s coming out Oh no ha oh yeah it got really so good oh my god ok it’s not bad for my first time ever making pancake art I have to see that I do like the color is so nice breakfast is served so what do you think of my pancake art let me know in the comments ok so this was a really really fun even though this was my first time to do this and I’m really glad I did this pancake art challenge they smell so good and they look really really tasty let me know which one do you want to eat the most and thank you for supporting art and my Fun2draw channel with your likes and subscribes I’ll see every week on fun friday and i’ll try to make more art videos and other types of videos for you when I can check back often to see I’ll see you next time

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