Fault Line Cake with Sprinkles and Gold Dust

Fault Line Cake with Sprinkles and Gold Dust

In this video you’ll see how to make a
fault line cake using sprinkles and goldust, and also how to get creative
with buttercream. Hi it’s Lorelie Welcome back to my channel and if it’s your
first time welcome to Wedding Cakes For You cake tutorials. If you want to build
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and ring the bell. This cake is a three layer cake and I
would like it to be four so I’m going to go ahead and add an extra layer. You want
your cake to be tall for this style of cake. First you want to start by crumb coating a
your cake to make sure you seal in the crumbs. This is my imbc or my Italian
meringue buttercream recipe. The link is below to get a free download of my Top 5
Butter Cream Recipes and that’s at my website Wedding Cakes For You. Mix and match your favorite colors and
textures of sprinkles, dragees and various other things. You can get really
creative with this. You can use other edible things besides sprinkles. Your cake will need to be refrigerated
for at least 10 minutes before moving on to this next step. You want to add a line
of frosting around the cake where you want to add your sprinkles. A cookie sheet definitely helps to keep
the sprinkles from going everywhere but you probably will end up with some on
the floor and on your counters. Depending on what you’re planning on
doing with the top of the cake you may want to leave it just the way it is If
you’re going to cover it with sprinkles, which I actually did in my last design
like this, so I will leave a link for you to that cake design at the end of this
video. So I decided with this cake I wanted to make it nice and smooth so I
smoothed the top. Fill a large pastry bag, this is a 16 inch, fitted with a 789
icing tip with buttercream. You can also use this spatula or a regular large tip
to apply the buttercream, but this does save time and it puts on a nice thick
even coat. This six inch four layer cake required a full batch of my buttercream
recipe, which is about four cups. You can try my wiggle method to even out
the buttercream and just keep smoothing until you’re satisfied. Make sure not to
press too hard because you could actually drag the buttercream off and
maybe even get some of those dragees and sprinkles in the buttercream. You may want to leave the edges rough. It
looks really cool that way as well and I will leave a link at the end of this
video to the previous fault line cake design for you,
that I actually left the rough edges and I put sprinkles on top. Refrigerate your
cake and then smooth it even more if you want with a bench scraper If you have
one. Also if you are looking for tools I have all my recommended tools in one
place at my Amazon shop and I will leave that link below for you too. So using a little bit of gold or silver
dust mixed in with a little bit of almond extract and a paintbrush just
start applying to the edges of the fault lines. To make the buttercream decorations on
the side of the cake simply create shapes with a spoon or spatula and then
add sprinkles. They need to be frozen for at least five to ten minutes and then
you paint the edges with the gold dust. I decided to leave the bottom edge raw
and paint it with gold. Be warned that the buttercream pieces
melt really quickly and they break easily as well, so just make a bunch and
go with whatever happens naturally. That’s what I did and it turned out
really cool. So have fun and I would love to see your
version of a fault line cake. Use hashtag cakeswithlorelie or head
over to Wedding Cakes For You Facebook and share it there.

39 thoughts on “Fault Line Cake with Sprinkles and Gold Dust

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  2. This cake is just great Lorelie! I am going to make one this week and I will post when its done. Quick question, when you put the gold on the outline of the fault line was it cold? And which gold did you use. Just beautiful as always!

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    This gold dust which you used for painting the edges…. is it edible..? Please advice..

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