FAN-REQUESTED Steampunk Cake | Man About Cake SEASON 6 PREMIERE with Joshua John Russell

FAN-REQUESTED Steampunk Cake | Man About Cake SEASON 6 PREMIERE with Joshua John Russell

What’s up guys welcome to the season premiere of man about cake! I’m your host Joshua John Russell and this week we’re gonna do a cake that you guys request every single video, and I love it. We’re doing steampunk I’m gonna build a two-tiered chocolate carrot cake filled with cream cheese frosting and finished with chocolate gears and clocks. Lets DO IT! *theme music* I’m gonna start by breaking down an 8-inch Chocolate carrot cake. By the way if you guys want this recipe, It’s in the description box below, or in the i. This is a slow bake cake So it bakes up kind of like a brownie, gets this nice little crust on top So instead of cutting off the dome I’m kind of cutting off these little edges that come up, just so it’s flat By the way the MAC fan challenge is coming to a close I have selected five cakes, and I will be recreating one on the show, so you guys can go down to the description box Right now and you can vote on your favorite one, and I’ll make it on the show, super exciting! *offscreen*dude frankly Tank made the cut? *laughs* Tank I don’t know you got to check the description box. Frank the tank might be in the top five. *offscreen* I’m voting on Frank the tank. Ye-Yeah, you don’t say *offscreen laughter* These little pieces are so good *crunch* like cake chips *crunch*Brandon you catch one? *offscreen* Yeah garbage chips! *offscreen* Ah oh! Oh he missed Like why is he throwing at the ceiling? Brandon is actually way up here on the ladder. That’s why *offscreen laughter* In case anyone was wondering, you just eat some when you get down Yeah, we’re gonna have a Man About Mouse in about two seconds if you don’t catch these things. All right I’m gonna clean up my crumbs, and we’ll fill it with cream cheese buttercream. *music* Oh, and I didn’t mention the person who wins also gets a mystery box from me and the guys full of good stuff We won’t let Brandon touch it *music* Alright. I’m gonna get this guy in the cooler, then we’ll trim it, crumb coat it,and final coat it. *music* All right now We’re gonna make a couple of molds, one is steam-punky, sort of giri mold really cool all connected together and the other one is a little clock I’m gonna do this out of modeling chocolate, but you can do it out of gum paste or fondant that has a little bit of tylose in it. Use a little cornstarch on my modeling chocolate Use corn starch on my corn starch is what I almost said. You know just the double cornstarch method. All right We’re gonna push the chocolate into the clock sometimes I like to roll over it, and then I’ll just slice the excess away And we’ll just pull it away from the sides to make sure we got all the definition I’ll do the same thing with these little baby keys. They’re not keys on the clock. What are these called? *offscreen* The hands The hands. *music* I’m cutting the excess chocolate away from the outside Now I’m just pushing in to make sure we get all that detail. By the way last season we asked you guys Why Brandon’s nickname was chips, and I’ll tell you why thanks for all your answers They were really funny but Brandon eats chips all the time and he hides them on set! *offscreen laughter* You didn’t think I saw you put those in there did you? *offscreen* Hey, at least they’re not in the shot. They kind of are! By the way my favorite one was that he was a chippendales dancer Not that you couldn’t be. They’re not hiring. Alright, I’m gonna get these guys in the cooler to set up and then we’ll pop them out *offscreen* You got hot cheetos on the chocolate. Oh, no! Alright now that our molds are cold We’re gonna pop them out. So the clock here, just pull it away from the edges. There he is, here’s our little clock pieces That’s so tiny! Tiniest things ever This is more my speed. Like, a fat fingers, I can’t deal with those tiny little things. Oh that’s so awesome. Look at that Now I’m going to show you how to cut a gear out by hand So there’s no rhyme or reason to this hand cut gear I just have a six inch cake circle and A little square to cut my little tick marks around the side and then a circle cutter set And then a tip so I’m just gonna kind of design my own gear here. Got modeling chocolate a little bit of powdered sugar We’re gonna roll it out. I’m gonna leave it fairly thick *music* I’m gonna cut out a six inch round disc *music* Okay, now I’m gonna take my little square and make my tick marks *music* All right, so now let’s design the inside, so I’m gonna cut out a circle *music* And then we’ll maybe emboss it Brandon’s favorite word Not cutting it, just embossing, so we get the impression of it. Cool, Then we’ll cut out some circle-y things *offscreen* Joshua, what does steampunk mean? Steampunk is… it’s like a Sci-Fi Industrial Revolution-y thing. *offscreen* Why is it steam? Because it’s the steam engineer and the punk is like the *moody face* So well leave this to set up, and I’m gonna make a bunch more *music* I’m gonna cover my cake now with this tan colored fondant We’re gonna brush over it with a little bit of bronze powder, but I just wanted to start with a light brown So I’m gonna Roll this to 1/8 inch thickness Snow! *music* I covered a 10-inch tear in the same color fondant And we’re gonna do some texture I kind of wanted to look like there are pieces of metal that are bolted on so what I’m doing Is just scoring the fondant, making an indentation, And then I’m coming back with a dresden tool and just deepening the lines *music* And then I take a tip and this will make our little screws. Just emboss it slightly *offscreen* Yesssss *music* Alright that looks pretty good this tier I’m actually gonna dust with bronze so it’ll look completely different Let’s put our cake together! Alright all my decorations are made, my cake is here. I’m gonna use some Metallic powders to dust over to give this a different look and then I’m just gonna try things out and see what looks best Let’s decorate! *music* First I’m dusting over my cake with bronze powder *music* On the top tier I’m bringing the bronze powder halfway up *music* I’m cutting out an 8 inch piece of white gum paste and putting it against the 10 inch tier, this is gonna be the face of the clock Next I put the numbers on *music* I’m adding the mold that I made earlier to the center of the clock Now I’m adding a black trim with a little piping gel *music* Then I’m just placing my gears in random places that I think look nice *music* I’m adding the little clock I molded earlier, and some other fun pipes. I’m dusting over the white chocolate gears with metallic powders Then I’m painting the copper pipes *music* Next I’m adding black detail on the clocks and some of the gears *music* Finish it off, I’m using a little black airbrush to add shadows and bring it to life *music* Our steampunk cake is all done. I think she turned out super rad. Guys don’t forget about the MAC fan challenge I’ve narrowed it down to five and now it’s your turn to vote. If you go down to the description box, you guys get to pick whose cake I’m gonna make on the show and that person gets a special prize from me and the guys. While you’re down there, tell us what you guys want to see this season. Next week we’re doing a statement flower cake, it’s gonna be super awesome Let’s eat! MMM that’s what time it is All right now we’re gonna make some uhhh *broken robot sounds* *offscreen* Back to the future clock. *laughs* right Our steampunk cake is complete. I think she turned out super rad *starts wheezing/laughing* The winner gets a package from us and I’m actually recreating the cake on the show *has a moment* I forgot what the rest of it was *laughs* Tell me what you guys want to see on this episo- what? ugh ahhhh Okay, *wheezes* last one I got it. Shore your turn to vrote if you go – vert *laughs* oh *blows raspberry while shaking hands* Ah, okay

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  2. I'm an engineer and i love this cake! It looks really awesome 😍 I hope someone make surprise for me on my birthday and i have a birthday cake like this.

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  5. Steampunk – a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology (according to Mr. Google) hehe

  6. You’re very detailed and own tons of stunning ideas! I do enjoy all your videos! Keep up! ❤️ maybe a cake of city landscape?

  7. Love Love Love this cake.. it's what made me hit subscribe – i couldn't hit it fast enough – lol.. I'm new to cake designing and i'm enjoying your show. Happy to be a new subscriber !! Cheers !!

  8. I'm sorry but I the cake would be way more cuter if your nasty finger nails weren't the ones making it and touching it, love the designs thoe 🙂

  9. Steam punk, is a type of science fiction were instead of continuing with electric and gas power, we continued using steam and took it to this day and age. It's also got a Victorian flare, and is often dystopian i.e. post apocalyptic in literature, movies and t.v. shows.

  10. I'd like to see a sewing machine cake with spools of multi-coloured threads, bobbins, scissors, tape measure and buttons!

  11. L⚙️VE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG you are a genius!!! I have that gear mold on order, and was deLIGHTed to see it in action before it arrives. THANK YOU for making this cake in my favorite theme!!!!!

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