Howdy folks how’s it going welcome to my virgin
kitchen it’s Barry here and with pancake day coming up why not crank it up to eleven this
Year by trying me Eton Mess Pancake Cake good times.
It looks amazing right and I can’t stop staring at it i’m like wow did I actually make that
a couple of Years ago I actually made a pancake for the first time so here’s a couple of old
pancake videos i’ve done through the Years you actually see me tossing and Phoebe tossing
for the first time that sounds so wrong but yeah get some inspiration from there and sort
of build up to this if you’re not ready for that yet and trust me it’s a lot easier than
it looks you may actually call pancake cakes something different where you live Jenny Gordon
put on my Facebook page she calls it a Poon Cake so I googled that and Urban dictionary
came up which gave me a whole new meaning to the word anyhow hope you give this a try
if you want to do it hit pause on the video now write all these ingredients down ings
write them down this is how you do it. We’ll start by making our batter this is Jamie
Oliver’s my pancake day recipe hence the hashtag we’re gonna crack an egg into a mixing bowl
then add in our salt, milk and flour then whisk away til fully combined and lump free.
Grab yourself a non-stick pan over a medium flame and tip in your oil work the oil all
around until it’s nice and hot and then grab a ladle of your batter plonk that in the pan
and again work that around you wanna cook it until it’s nice and browned underneath
it might start to bubble have a little check and once your ready you can either toss it
or simple flip it over until it’s browned again on the other side and then you just
want to leave it to rest on some greaseproof paper while you work through your other pancakes.
So yeah repeat those steps until you’ve got a nice stack of pancakes between greaseproof
paper i’m not gonna show you all these steps because it’ll be like that film groundhog
day – now make a pancake, now make a pancake, now make a pancake this is how we make our
pancake cake grab yourself a mixing bowl and commence whipping your cream until lightly
thickened then after bashing up the meringue nests you want to fold them into the cream
using a spatula until thoroughly combined now we build the cake by putting a pancake
on the bottom of a cake stand and getting a good 2 dollops of cream on top spreading
it all around so it’s nice and even then some strawberry slices on top and you simple just
repeat these steps all the way up basically go as high as you like really. Ok so two things
that are really important and perhaps i’m re-living a little bit of my construction
industry background here make sure your cream layers are nice and level you don’t need to
get a spirit level on it you don’t have to be that sophisticated but if you make them
uneven it’s gonna be like a leaning tower of pisa leaning tower of pisa pancake cake
that would be amazing but you don’t really want that because eventually it will go like
that and also with your strawberries make sure they are evenly sliced too because if
you have big fat slabs and then little discs again leaning tower of pisa pancake which
I really wish I made now but maybe i’ll do that again so that’s it make it and you’ll
love it your top layer is done by putting on a good old layer of cream get some extra
bashed up meringue nests some strawberry on top and then why not drizzle why not ruin
the whole thing by drizzling chocolate on top thats completely optional but I love chocolate
that my friends looks amazing. O to the M to the G guys I am loving this
I wanna stick my face in it and moterboat it if i’m allowed to do that i’m not really
gonna do that but if you have a go at making this or any of the other pancake recipes don’t
forget to tweet me or instagram me @myvirginkitchen or on the FaceBook page this video is part
of #mypancakeday with Jamie Oliver and the rest of the FoodTube family there’s an end
card right now with other links to other pancake recipes so check them out, see you next time.

88 thoughts on “ETON MESS PANCAKE CAKE RECIPE – #mypancakeday

  1. What a truly spectacular creation Barry complete with some Jackson Pollock chocolate dripping madness! love it just love it x

  2. You know what? I think you're my best youtuber. I just saw u today, i subscribed, and you are so darn funny! And i cant get enough! Im ur fan!!!!! I really like you!

  3. My mouth is watering soooooo much watching this, thanks for sharing this Barry, enjoying watching your videos

  4. That cake indeed needs to be motorboated XD , thanks for the great work Barry! Looking forward to the next vid!

  5. how do you eat that? do you just cut a slice through like a real cake? lol 
    i want to make this for pancake day!

  6. I swear you must shop at the same place my parents do. 🙂
    Also, is that Prod Co., Director, Cameraman sign new or did I just not notice it before?

  7. Oh my! That looks amazing!!!!!!!!
    Btw Barry, your videos are looking better and better and so is your food presentation! 😀

  8. Oh my! That looks amazing!!!!!!!!
    Btw Barry, your videos are looking better and better and so is your food presentation! 😀

  9. This looks absolutely amazing!
    Maybe you can make a banoffee pie in one of your next videos? you can't get banoffee pie in my Country and i haven't found a good recipe yet.. 🙁

  10. Nice! The cream and strawberries look really good, but i am pretty sure the pancakes you put in the cake were bought. 🙂 no shame! because the rest looks really amazing!!

  11. Oh Christ, I ate a big Appleroulade today, with lots of cream and stuff, and since then my belly keeps doing weird noises…. I regret watching that, all that cream stuff, it hurts!

  12. What is the chopped up white things that he puts in the whipped cream and sprinkles on top? Mereing-whatt?? Are they nuts?

  13. this is brilliant, I've watched like 20 videos of yours in the past 3 days! They're so good and funny! Good work man 

  14. omg this is fantastic when I make Eton mess I macerate the strawberries in sugar and a little orange juice it makes the nicest flavour syrup to drizzle though the Eton mess and then to add it to pancakes omg my kids will be thanking you for this recipe Barry 🙂

  15. Drooling over this all the way from the Phililpines! I am such a pancake lover and will surely do this one weekend.. indulge the cravings away hahhaa good times Barry!

  16. my families version of pancakes are thicker then that.. my friend in Georgia tho .. her family makes them thin like that.. either way that looks amazing.. i would go with the fluffier version of the pancake tho to better balance the flavors there.. as it looks a bit on the sweet side xD..

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