ENG │수플레 팬케이크, Souffle Pancake, スフレパンケーキ

ENG │수플레 팬케이크, Souffle Pancake,  スフレパンケーキ

73 thoughts on “ENG │수플레 팬케이크, Souffle Pancake, スフレパンケーキ

  1. Ik this sounds stupid but this comment section makes me feel so happy bc even tho its little a little goes a long way and these comments are helping out the world but translating it into their language! Thank you guys for that really made my night

  2. 3:57 , she got lucky with the a little piece of the batter almost falling onto the pan, but instead went to the other pancake. I almost had a heart attack.

  3. Not trying to be rude or start controversy but it also helps if you turn on the captions in the video and every time you view a video that is in a different language it will pop up in English, it works sometimes.

  4. recept in het nederlands <3

    melk, 1 eetlepel

    zachte bloem, 1/2 theelepel

    bakpoeder, 1/2 theelepel

    eiwit, 1 eetlepel

    vanille-extract, 1 theelepel

    suiker, 1 2/3 eetlepel

  5. This is the peaceful side I have found on YouTube and absolutely adore it-! Ah- just seeing everyone come together and translate the recipe in every language warms my heartt

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