Encrusted Bead Projects : Beaded Frame Supplies

Today we’ll be making this lovely bead encrusted
picture frame. The bead encrusted technique lets you take advantage of the wonder array
of glass beads available with absolutely no need for sewing or stringing beads. This is
what we’ll need for our bead encrusted picture frame. You want to get a, a ready made picture
frame. You can use a old one if you want to refurbish. This one I picked up at a craft
supply store. An assortment of beads. I have, the seed beads work really well for encrusting
and then I have two different sizes of the bugle beads, a short bugle and a long bugle.
You’ll need a little sandpaper to prepare the, the frame for painting. A little paint
that will match or coordinate with the colors of your beads, and the, a thick craft glue
or a tacky glue, and a paintbrush.

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