eBay Haul #4 | Kitchen & Bakeware eBay Haul

eBay Haul #4 | Kitchen & Bakeware eBay Haul

Welcome, to Bernadettes P0ST And today I’ll be sharing another eBay haul, and again it’s going to be kitchen and bake-ware stuff. So stay tuned! And first up… This is a silicone mold to create leaves. Gonna be so amazing to create realistic leaves, with chocolate. And… I imagine chocolate would be the easiest thing, you’d just paint it on and then put these two pieces together. I’ll put the prices, or I’ll put the price for this up here, aha… Ah… And this is a stencil, that you use to put icing onto a -(nother)- cake But i’ll put the prices for that Ya actually just wrap it around the cake. And put icing on the outside edge and then peel it off. And it leaves that design. Gonna be very pretty. I really can’t wait to use this one, it’s so pretty! It’s a silicone mold. And i’ll put the price up here. So cute! And, next up… ah, this is… two tehehe, two very, very thin piping tip nozzles. I will put the prices and the sha…uh… the ‘shape’, The size right here haha… I’m going to be using these for trying to attempt some Lambeth cake decorating. Soon… whoops… aha… Not sure if you can even see how small that was, but it’s very, very tiny! And, next up… It’s another silicone mold. Kinda for like corners, including a center, medallion type. Can’t wait to use this one. And, next up… These things really stick to the bag. I really can’t wait to use this one, It’s like a Pegasus. Silicone mold… And i’ll put the price up here. It’s so super cute! This is so cute, I can’t wait to put this on a cake. So adorable! And, next up… Oh this is so cute! This is like a… Mandala stencil design. That you can also use to put on cake icing. I’ll have to have a tutorial for like cake stencils coming up. So super cute! And, I’ll put the price up here. Ah… And there’s some more stencils, I’ll put the prices for all these up here. But like I said, I’ll do a stencil tutorial coming up. And, next up… And there’s a music note. I’ll put the price for this up here. It’s a music note cutter, sorry. Whoop… aha… K… Got a few different kinds of, um… cup cake wrappers. I will put the prices for both of these up here. And this one is like… very pretty. But it’s, pink and black design. And… the spiral, rainbow. Super cute! And, next up… This one is like, seashell. Seashell silicone mold. And i’ll put the price up here. Looks like good quality too. And, next up… I have been waiting for this tip, to come in for quite a while. It’s huge! This is for making pretty much buttercream roses, or icing roses. Gonna have a tutorial for that, but I’ll put the price right here. And it’s got like a curved edge, so… Can’t wait to use this. Ahaha… any way… this is what it looks like. And, I’ll put the price right up here. It’s for like mousse cakes, and stuff, and mirror glaze cakes. Thanks for watching! And I hope you enjoyed today’s video. If you’d like to see more of my videos, just make sure you click that subscribe button!

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  4. Excellent review of items for the kitchen!loved the silicone white heart shape for cake!A like from me!

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  8. Cool, enjoying finding all these new channels through IAMaCReator!!!  So thats how they make fancy chocolate leaves!! that easy! We are here to support your impressive list, but not shocking, well but together…learning a lot already, I always thought cake decorations were an artists touch, never thought you could use a stencil!  Keep up the great work!

  9. Hello, so beautiful things. love the pegasus mold, the musica note cutting cookie, the cone tu make the flower and the heart mold so cute. Have a wonderful weekend dear :)))

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  18. Hi, wonderful haul!! Perhaps my favourite is the first icing cake stencil thingy, but they were all nice. Like 79.

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