Eat Clean #13 | Cách để ăn yến mạch cực ngon | Bánh pancake yến mạch ♡ Hana Giang Anh

Hello everyone Welcome back to Hana Giang Anh’s Youtube Channel! In today’s video, we’ll continue with my Eat-clean series This is a food that I posted on my Instagram story and there are many many people love it It’s Healthy Banana Oatmeal Pancakes This is a brilliant way to eat oatmeal in case you are bored Many people shared with me that After trying this recipe they find oatmeal so tasty for the first time of their life cause before that, it’s quite hard to eat More specifically, this recipe is really suitable for those who love eating banana just like me cause I really like the flavor of banana Oatmeal pancakes have flavor of oats and it’s like banana cake so soft
so yummy and no sugar added We’ll use honey and chia seeds This cake contains good carbs from oatmeal high fibre and omega from chia seeds and lots of fast carbs from bananas as well So this is a very healthy snack for those who have a hankering for snacks but don’t wanna be afraid of gaining weight Or those who wanna go for a pre-workout meal to get more energy Banana Oatmeal Pancakes Eat Clean With Hana Giang Anh Here we have 4 ingredients in total Oops I forget that we also need some cinnamon powder It’s better if you have this powder But if you don’t, it’s OK This is a bunch of banana This banana is damn so good I’ve bought it at Vinmart This is honey. I put it in a jug Look so pretty, right? Forest honey This is oatmeal. To make this pancakes, you should use rolled oats It’s the most pleasant to eat And also chia seeds. We can buy it at supermarkets Chia seeds is a super food which is high in fibre and fat OMG Generally, you should add chia seeds in any food if you can First, we put oats in I often put lots of oatmeal in so that the cakes have dense texture Cause this is oatmeal pancake
so the main ingredient is oats I’ll put in 7 cups Alright! Beat 3 eggs into the blender Next, we’ll add 2 bananas Put honey in It’ll add more flavor to the cakes and also sweetness Chia seeds 2 teaspoons of chia seeds Next is cinnamon powder It’ll make the cakes more tasty I think that most types of cakes have better flavor if there is cinnamon powder added This is full-cream milk that I really like Arborea It has lots of good fat, guys I use a 200ml and sugar-free carton and pour it in I’ve tried but I think it’s too dense so I’ll pour some more milk into it And now I’ll bring this mixture to the cooker pour it in the pan and make some pancakes

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