Easy Royal Icing for Cake Decorating | Gemma’s Bold Baking Basics

Easy Royal Icing for Cake Decorating | Gemma’s Bold Baking Basics

Hi and welcome to Bold Baking Basics! This is where we get stuck into the fundamentals
of baking. These videos are about getting you baking
with confidence, anytime anywhere. Right now I’m gonna show you how to make royal
icing, and it’s a really great recipe to have in your arsenal around the holidays,
because it is used to decorate cakes, cookies, and even to glue together gingerbread houses. Previously I have shown you how to make royal
icing to decorate cookies, right now I’m gonna show you how to make royal icing to decorate
cakes. As always the recipe can be found on BiggerBolderBaking.com. Okay, let’s get started. So the main ingredient in this royal icing
is egg whites. Now if you are worried about eating egg whites,
just note always buy good quality, use fresh, you can also heat treat them by putting them
over a Bain Marie and whisking them up until they’re nice and warm. Also you can make royal icing using a meringue
powder and I’m gonna put that information on my website. So I’m making my royal icing on my stand mixer,
and you can use an electric hand mixer, that will work really well too, however it’s
really hard to make this recipe by hand because you need a lot of elbow grease. So into my bowl I’m going to add in my egg
whites, then what we do is turn on the machine, just onto a medium low speed, and just let
the egg whites whip up a little bit before we start adding in the sugar. So as your egg whites are getting foamy, I
have a little secret here, I’m going to add in a little bit of fresh lemon juice, and
what this does, it kills any bacteria that’s left in your eggs. So it’s been around a minute or so, my eggs
are nice and foamy, so now I’m slowly gonna add in my powdered sugar. Now just make sure that your powdered sugar
is sifted because you don’t want any lumps, you want it to be nice and airy. So just one scoop at a time, gotta be patient
here, just hang out and slowly add in your sugar. Let one scoop mix in then go in again. And then keep on adding sugar until you get
the desired consistency that you want. So now come here to me I want to show you
something, I’ve added in around 3/4 of my sugar and I want to show you what my royal
icing looks like. Do you see that texture? And how drippy it is? This is perfect for decorating cookies, it’s
a nice consistency, it’s not too runny, it’s nice and thick, this is fantastic. However, we are not decorating cookies right
now, we are going to decorate a Christmas cake, we need it a lot thicker. So, back down you go, and we’re gonna continue
adding in more sugar. So at this point I’m going to stop adding
in my sugar, I do have a little bit left there, but I’m not gonna add that in because I can
see that I’ve got the consistency that I want. So I’m gonna turn off my machine, go in with
my spatula, look at that. That is what I was going for, this is perfect
to decorate a wedding cake, Christmas cake, whatever you like. It holds its shape, it’s a beautiful color,
it’s going to make amazing snow on top of our Christmas cakes. If you’re not using your royal icing straightaway,
then put it into a container or a bowl, lay cling-wrap directly on it, and keep it at
room temperature for around 2 weeks. So this video is a three part series, I showed
you how to make marzipan, I showed you how to make royal icing, and next I’m going to
show you how to beautifully decorate a Christmas cake. For this royal icing recipe and for my royal
icing to decorate cookies with, head over to my website. I’ll see you back here really soon, for
more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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  1. Hi Bold Bakers! You can create simple & impressive cakes with my Easy Royal Icing for Cake Decorating!
    Get the WRITTEN RECIPE: http://bit.ly/RoyalIcingCakeDecor and let me know what you make with it!

  2. Gemma I don’t know if you know about that ovens or OTG that has top heater, bottom heater and both heater function, cause I’ve that and those 3 functions always mess up my baking and I end up with burnt or undercooked food. If you know about them please help what function should I use for what ? :(((((((

    H E L P !!

  3. Hi Gemma you are really awesome. Keep doing this great work dear.
    In this video I'm a little confused that should I steam/ heat the egg white before beating? Can I use a hand mixture/ beater?

  4. OMG!!
    I was waiting for this recipe from you Gemma, thank you so much!
    Now I can decorate my cakes with this royal icing!!
    One question does this recipe work with all of the cakes??

  5. Hey Gemma, what about chocolate decorations for next Bold Baking Basics video, they are an excellent way to make your cake look fabulous! 😊

  6. So helpful and unique👌🏻 always wanted an easy recipe to use for daily biscuits and cakes…big love Gemma and merry Christmas❤

  7. OMG this recipe is so easy to make and it works about everything I make at home. Thank You Gemma for sharing this with me. 😉❤

  8. I just love the way you explain everything!
    By the way thinking of using this recipe on shortbread cookies!
    What's your advice?

  9. Hi Gemma! I have never made royal icing. I appreciate you explaining everything in such a way that we feel we can accomplish this! Such a gift you give to us every week. I am ever so grateful . What a wonderful thing Gemma! It is a part of you, a giving part. I also wanted to say I am very excited because as I have said before I have a standing date with my niece Sevda to bake Christmas cookies, and now I can use the royal icing to decorate these cookies! I love that you showed us step by step and explained the consistency needed for cookies and for cakes. By the way I never knew that you could ice a cake with royal icing! This was very exciting for me. Sorry I know I sound like such a dweeb. Also, I really appreciate your letting us know that it's okay not to use all of the powdered sugar. This might sound really stupid, but I've always felt that if the person giving the recipe says use this much sugar I had to use that much sugar. Thank you, just for everything. I know this sounds like a sappy weird comment to make. But I really wanted you to know how much we all appreciate you. As a teacher, I also wanted to let you know that you are a fabulous teacher. I can't wait for what's coming. XOXO❤❤😊🎄🎅⭐🍰

  10. I grew up eating whole, raw eggs mixed with a little bit of soy sauce and hot, short-grain 🍚 rice. Yum! I was born and raised in Hawaii, and this was a common dish served at dinner. We never worried about eating raw eggs. But that was back in the day…many years ago. 😊

  11. Hmmm looks so soft , fluffy , delicious and just perfect the consistency is so right . I will save this vid for later . (Perfect icing ).

  12. Have you done a recipe of the old school shortening icing with powdered sugar, I don't know the correct name. My Mom was a cake decorator for a University and retired but she always said it was the Wilton recipe that she altered. I always enjoyed that icing but I just don't see people make it anymore not that I don't enjoy the others, just love a childhood favorite 🙂

  13. really love all your stuff very helpful and you dont hold back you share your secrets very unselfish keep it up

  14. FYI you can buy pasturized egg whites. I use the egg beaters brand but the cheaper brands works the same. I must say I have never use royal icing to Frost a cake because it gets so hard, but I have used it on cakes in small amounts like lil flowers, borders etc.

  15. I want to know , that raw egg whites can keep few days? Sometimes it can coms bad smell can make virus . Is that icing can keep few days?

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  18. Hey Gemma, love your work as always❤️. But I have a question, is eating raw egg safe? I know you added lemon just to kill bacteria but still, is it safe?
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