Easy Orange / Mandarin Chocolate Cake With Coffee Syrup

Easy Orange / Mandarin Chocolate Cake With Coffee Syrup

Hi everyone merhaba this is Aysenur Altan. welcome to Turkish Food Recipes. In this episode, I have an easy and elegant
cake with simple ingredients. I will make a cocoa cake base, soaked with
coffee syrup. I will top it with vanilla cream and then
a mandarin jelly glaze. I will use corn starch to thicken it instead
of gelatin. The combination comes out very delicious so
lets get started First I am going to make the cake. For this I have 2/3 cup of sugar and to give
a flavor I am gonna use rind of two mandarins. It is up to you for this recipe you can also
use oranges. Recently I made it with orange too and it
is so delicious and even more powerful in the flavor. So before adding the eggs, I wanted to give
it a stir with the sugar so the flavor comes out from the mandarins and I add 3 eggs at
room temperature. I am going to whisk it about 3-4 minutes until
it is light and fluffy as you see. Now I am adding 1/4 cup vegetable oil
slowly and whisking at the same time Now I am lowering the speed a little bit.
and adding a half cup of milk. It is also at room temperature. Meanwhile I sifted 1+1/2 cups of flour, 3
tbsp cocoa powder and a half packet of baking powder and vanilla
I added too and then slowly mix it until it is corporated. Don’t oven mix it so the mix stays fluffy
and doesn’t deflate. Here I oiled my baking pan it is 32cm X 22cm
My oven is heated to 170. I am going to bake it until toothpick or knife
inserted comes out clean about 25 minutes. It is nicely cooked. I am poking all over with a knife so the cake
will soak the syrup evenly. To make the syrup I have 1 cup and 1/4 cup
water 3 tbsp sugar and 1+1/2 tbsp instant coffee
granules Just heat it a little until the sugar and
the granules are melted. If you like a stronger coffee flavor you can
add more. And just pour over the cake. My cake is already cooled down about 10-15
minutes. By the way as a second option, you can also
brew your coffee and use filtered coffee for this. Of course, it would make the taste better. I am just going to let it cool down and meanwhile
I can make the cream. For the cream I am gonna use 6 tbsp sugar,
2 heaped tbsp all-purpose flour and 1 heaped tbsp corn or wheat starch. IT is not cornflour but starch. Let me mention it. Because sometimes you ask me is it the flour
or what is it. Maybe I should make a clear video to show
you only the starch. I hope you can find it easily, the starch.
because I use a lot in the recipes. And along with the starch and flour, I added
two cups of 500ml milk and cook it until it thickens over low medium heat whisking continuously. Adding one tbsp butter and after mixing one
more minute my cream is done. I am gonna pour it over my cake while it is
still hot. Let me give you another option here. If you want the cream part, the layer thicker
you can use one more tbsp flour, little bit more sugar and 1 cup more milk and make it
thick layer. So while my cream is setting, I am gonna make
the last layer which is a mandarin jelly. For this, I am gonna squeeze the juice of
the mandarins about 4-6 of it to make it one cup. I didn’t get much juice so completed with
water. And to make it more flavorful I also used
some of the rinds from the mandarins. I am pouring some water over it to make it
about a little more than 1 cup. I have like 3-4 tbsp extra water there. And in a small pan, I am gonna whisk 2 tbsp
corn starch, 3 tbsp sugar and the juice of the mandarins. And here are the rinds. I am gonna cook it again whisking all the
time over low medium heat until it thickens. After it thickens just check the consistency. It should be pourable, somewhat runny. If it is too thick you can add little bit
more water. and we are done. Pour the mandarin jelly while it is still
hot or it will set and you are not gonna be able to pour it evenly. And here is our third layer with its beautiful
color and the smell is so delicious too. I like these kind of cake recipes because
it is simple to make and comes out perfectly, all the slices. IT is also easy to slice them and serve them
and you can make it with many layers of your choice. To top it I wanted to shave some chocolates
over it. But you can serve it with mandarin pieces
on each slice and maybe with pistachios to give some extra color. But I think the crunchiness from the chocolate
makes it completely perfect. Let’s have one slice for you and take a look
closer. IT is really a delicious combination as I
said in the beginning. The coffee sauce, the chocolate, the cocoa
and the layers, top layers. It is very delicious. Creamy, and syrupy. I hope you try and like it and there a re
many versions you can make with, you can use oranges, lemons, and maybe with other fruits
too I think. If you have any ideas please share in the
comments. And I thank you so much for watching. I hope to see you in another delicious Turkish
Food Recipes and Vlogs. Afiyet olsun (Enjoy It)

88 thoughts on “Easy Orange / Mandarin Chocolate Cake With Coffee Syrup

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  2. This looks great! I really appreciate your channel because as someone living in Canada I get a very limited understanding of turkish cuisine and from what I see here it is really introducing me to much more than just kebab and baklava

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  5. It looks delicious! I can't eat it, though. I'm very sensitive to caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate) and have never liked the taste of coffee in anything. With that, I'm coming up with all sorts of idea combinations using the original chocolate cake, original or different soak, and different juice jelly toppings or using another flavour cake, juice soak, and fruit topping altogether while keeping the cream layer in every concept. Some ideas for toppings to your original recipe would be to use pineapple, mango, etc juice or juiced fruit or any kind of berry jam/preserve heated and thinned to a pourable consistency instead of the original mandarin jelly. To get rid of chocolate cake and coffee, use a vanilla cake and a fruit juice of choice instead of coffee. For topping, using the Mandarin jelly or any other juiced fruit or jam/preserve heated and thinned to pourable consistency

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