Easy Cupcake Ideas: 4 Techniques | Buttercream Cake Decorating Tutorial

Easy Cupcake Ideas: 4 Techniques | Buttercream Cake Decorating Tutorial

The cupcake craze is here to stay! Discover
4 quick and easy tricks to dress up your cupcakes, before your next party.
Hi, I’m Joshua John Russell. I’m a cake designer and an instructor on Craftsy dot com. As my
first trick, I’m going to show you how to create the perfect cupcake swirl!
I use a piping bag filled with buttercream and a large star tip. Start piping from the
center. As you squeeze the icing out of the tip, move toward the edge of the cupcake.
Now pipe around the edge of the cupcake in a circle and finish with a smaller circle
on top. Here it is a little faster.
Tip two is for those of you that like a more homemade look. I use an ice cream scoop to
add my buttercream to the cupcake. This way they all have the same amount of
icing! Now use a small spatula to sread the buttercream to the edges….this will create
a seal so the cupcake stays fresh. Smooth the buttercream around the edge and then make
a well in the center going the opposite direction. You can also use fondant to decorate a cupcake….that’s
tip number 3. But we need to find the right size cutter before we begin.
Start by rolling out some fondant.  I like to use a roller with spacing bands to control
the thickness. Use the cutter to stamp out a disk and place
it on top of the cupcake. And don’t worry about gluing it down, the
moisture from the cupcake will keep the disk in place.
My last tip is the easiest way to add color to a cupcake. 
Try rolling a cupcake in sanding sugar, this will add color and a bit of crunch.
Four simple yet impressive cupcake designs to wow everyone at your next party!
Thanks for watching, and don’t forget you can click the “i” in the top-right corner
of this video to learn more Cake Decorating techniques or to find the supplies I’ve been
using in this video.

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