Earl ruins cake with meringue (SIMPLE AND VERY DELICIOUS FAMILY RECIPE!!!)

400 g meringue,
basis: 3 eggs, 1 cup. flour, soda at the tip of the knife.
Cream: 1.5 cup of milk + another 0.5 milk cup, 0.5 cups of sugar, 1 tbsp. with top of starch, 300 g of butter, lemon juice, 2 dessert spoons of cocoa powder (for chocolate cream). Additionally: 100 g of dark chocolate, prunes, walnuts. Mix all the ingredients to make the cake basis – 3 eggs, 1 cup. flour, soda at the tip of the knife. Prepare the cream. Boil 1.5 tbsp. milk and 0.5 cups of sugar. When the milk with sugar boils, pour another 0.5 st. milk + 1 tbsp. starch (pre-spread it in milk). Sprinkle the form for baking with breadcrumbs Pour the dough into a mold and bake a thin biscuit in a split shape (diameter 26-28 cm) at 180 * C. Then get it out of the mold, cool it. Pour in the cocoa powder cream, mix and remove from heat until completely cooled. Then beat 300 g of softened butter, gradually adding a milky starch mixture. Add the lemon juice, mix. Collect the cake. Chocolate and nuts chop into pieces. Prune the duck in water, then chop it. Grease the cream and put meringue in 1 coat. From the top, lay out pieces of chocolate, prunes and nuts in between the meringues. Then again, apply cream and meringue. Repeat the layers. You need to rotate the layers until the ingredients run out. The last layer should be a cream. Top and sides also smear with cream, sprinkle with the remains of meringue (crumble not too finely) and grated chocolate. Let the cake soak. The next day the cake will settle a little. If you liked this video, click on the LIKE and subscribe to our channel. We cook meals on homemade recipes of a delicious family cushine

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