Double Slice Layer Cake Quilt Tutorial

Double Slice Layer Cake Quilt Tutorial

Hi, it’s Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt
Company. I’ve got a really awesome tutorial for you today. This is made with a Layer Cake
and it’s called “Pick A Bunch” and it’s just fun flowers and I used it on this new block
I’m going to show you. How adorable is this? I mean it’s just beautiful. It’s scrappy,
and it’s quick, and I’m going to show you just how to do that. So, the first thing you
need to find is a Layer Cake that you love! That you want to use all the pieces in, and
this is that “Pick A Bunch” and I decided that since, you know how fast Christmas is
coming, that I’d go ahead and try it with this “Ready, Set, Snow!” It’s a new line by
Me and My Sister. Their first Christmas line, so that’s kind of fun! Now let me show you how to make this block.
First, what you’re going to do is your going to take your Layer Cake and you’re going to
cut it in a 3 1/2″ piece and a 6 1/2″ piece, and you’re going to cut the whole thing. I’ve
already started cutting this so, let me go ahead and finish some more, because it’s big
pieces you can cut them pretty easily on a, with four or five under there. So, you’re
going to cut 3 1/2″ and that’s what we have here. I kind of like to line up my edges so
that I know exactly where I’m cutting here. So, I’m going to go one, two, three, and a
half. Then we’re just going to cut those and I kind of like to try and keep them in order. So I will keep this stack with this. Let me
just lay these together, and then this one with this. I’m going to keep them underneath
because that’s the way they came out of the pile. Then I’ve got another row here, and
you saw I just kind of raked my fingers across it. When you lay it down sometimes you know
it’ll all lay at an angle like that and if you kind of rake your fingers across it, it’ll
go right back together. So again we’re going to cut it at 3 1/2″. So you have one side
3 1/2″, and one side 6 1/2″. There we go, and I’m going to stick this on the bottom
and this one on the bottom. So, now what we’re going to do is we’re going to sit down next
to the sewing machine, and what I’m going to do is, I’m going to take my big piece like
this, and I’m going to flop my little piece over like this. So that it’s, so that the bottoms first, and
then I’m just going to start sewing these together like this. So that I’m sewing two
different pieces to the same one, but it makes it easy cause I’ve just flipped it over and
I’m going to take that one. OK, so let me show you that one more time. We have our Layer
Cake right together. This is how it originally was. Just like this, and I’m going to use
this part to sew and what I’m going to do is I’m going to flip this over so that I’m
going to take now from the bottom of the pile so that you, so that these are all going to
be mixed up. We’re just going to mix them all up. Now if you get one and it’s two blues
together or something like that. Just mix them up. You want your colors to be different
you want to have a good mish-mash of contrast. So let’s go ahead and sew a few of these together
and I’ll show you what happens. How we do this amazing block. All right so we come over
here, and I’m going to sew at 1/4″ straight down. And you can, the other fun thing that’s,
or quick thing about this, the other thing that’s really quick about this is that you
can just chain piece them, so you just grab the next one, see, oh they stick together,
and then I grab my next dot and I’m going to put that on here. Line them up, you’ll
notice I’m not pinning, because I’m just lining and sticking it under there and then I reach
down here and just make sure they’re lined up because we’re sewing small enough areas
that we really don’t have to pin too much. Now just for the fun let’s sew one more. So,
now you can see I’m putting this red with this blue. I’m just going to sew straight
down 1/4″, and actually the 1/4″ isn’t crucial on this, and I’ll show you why. So, then we’re
going to go ahead and clip these apart, and then I’m going to bring them over here to
my ironing board, and I’m just going to press these open. So here’s my iron and I’m just
going to press like this. I’m just going to lift up that piece and press back and then
here is the fun part where it turns into a block. What we’re going to do now is we are
going to lay our piece on here. OK, it’s still a 10″ block so half of that
is going to be 5″, and so we’ll go ahead and put that on there, and cut it. Then we’re
going to do that with the other ones as well, and you’ll want to sew all of yours together
before you start cutting. Just because that’s the best way to do it so you get a good mish-mash
of colors, that’s a technical sewing term there, Mish-Mash. (Laughter) Alright, so now,
when you go to put this block together, I’m going to do the same thing, I’m going to stack
my two blocks together like this, and then I’m going to flip one of these over. So, I’m
taking one from the bottom to the top, and then I’m just going to sew these together.
I’m going to sew them together, so that I have one small part at the top, and one small
part at the bottom. That’s your block right there. So, again, what you’re going to want to do
is, you’re going to want to have a stack, have your two stacks, flip one over. Take
from the bottom to the top. If they don’t match well, just go ahead and sift through
them and find the one that you do, that you like, and then you’re going to put these together
like this. So, let’s go ahead and put a few of these together, and make sure that you’re
not putting them together like this, you’re putting them together this way. So, we have
a small piece at either end of the block, the small strip. And we can chain piece these
through again because, we’ve sewn them all, we’ve cut them all, and now we’re going to
chain piece them all, and here’s the next one. Make sure these are lined up really nice. There we go, then I’m going to clip these
apart, and I’m going to press them open. There we go, and I’m just going to set that seam,
and lift and press, and set that seam, and lift and press. Now what you’re going to do
with this is, you’re going to take these and one is going to be sideways like this, and
one is going to be up and down like this. But you want to use enough things so that,
maybe I can do it this way, where it won’t match together. There we go. So, this is your
whole quilt, is just one sideways like this, then up and down, then sideways like that,
and up and down. That’s how you put the whole thing together. Let me show you again on this quilt that we’ve
finished so you can see how the block lays out. Here’s your block right here. See, it’s
got one this way, tall, and then you put the next one long. It just makes a darling scrappy
look. Let me show you one more color combination right over here. We don’t have any of this
fabric left but it is beautiful. It’s called “Night and Day”, and it’s a black white and
red, and it’s the same pattern. Where you sew your little, you cut it in a 3 1/2″ and
a 6 1/2″ cut them in half put them together. Isn’t that adorable? That is just really,
really neat. Well I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on a new block to make, with
your Layer Cake from the Missouri Star Quilt Company

100 thoughts on “Double Slice Layer Cake Quilt Tutorial

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  2. how do you keep from the different colors running into one another after the quilt is complete? should all the material be washed prior to make g the quilt to avoid running? thank you

  3. I have two friends who made this quilt–one with the "I Spy" fabric that was a Deal of the Day, and the other made it with a Halloween print fabric that was also a Deal of the Day–both quilts are adorable, and they were SO easy! I'm inspired to make my own! Thanks for continuing to feature easy tutorials!

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    Here is my question: Just how many finished blocks do I need for a queen size quilt?

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  11. I'm making this one… I have the pieces together – except the final cut, which I will do now after watching the video again!!! I'm using a Moda layer cake called Dogwood Trail II from Sentimental Studios…

  12. I attempted the double slice with only five yards of fabric and one fat quarter, for a total of six colors. I learned that the lack of diversity muddled up the quilt and made it look too choppy. I fixed this by making another slice. After I made the blocks, I cut them in half, and sewed these halves to a non-matching half. This made a little one inch layer between my square and rectangle. These one inch layers make a cool zig-zag in the row when the quilt was put together. I call it the Triple Slice Layer Cake, and may do this again with more yardage.

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    I love this pattern for a quilt. How many layer cakes was used for the Christmas quilt??? It looks pretty big. What size is the finished Christmas quilt???

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    Help!! I would like to make this quilt but, the layer cakes are out of stick forever(Ready Set , Snow by My Sister and Me) and I can't find the" Pick A Bunch" layer cake. Can you advise me where to purchase them please.My email is [email protected]

  24. I used this pattern to make a Christmas quilt for my niece's wedding in November. It was a hit, and this pattern is so easy and yet so dramatic-looking! Thank you for this tutorial!

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  27. Six and a half plus three and a half equals 10 so it together it's 9 and 3/4 correct? Therefore halfway would not be 5 inches. Or am I overthinking this

  28. If you cut the ten inch square in two, then sew two pieces back together using 1/4” seams on the two pieces, which equals 1/2” gone, why do you say the block is still 10”? Cutting it in half using 5” as the cutting guide would then give you one 5” and one 4 1/2’ wouldn’t it?

  29. I did this using a Christmas Cabin Layer cake. I used green and black checked yardage from the same collection on the reverse. And I loved laying out my blocks using my new quilt wall! Thanks so much for the wonderful tutorials and products. I find myself staying up late to find out what the new Daily Deal will be on your website.

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  31. I'm new to quilting and have been looking at lots of videos to learn the best way of doing everything. Your videos are amazing! I can't believe how easy you make it look. Today I viewed one of your videos one time, went into my sewing room and actually made a block without having to view the video again. Thanks for making it so easy to understand! This video really wow'd me!!!

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  33. Jenny I love this pattern. How many of the 10×10 squares do I need for a twin quilt? I am fairly new to quilts Thank you

  34. I am very new at quilting and I enjoyed using this pattern. I couldn’t use all the squares , as I cut some incorrectly. I had to sacrifice 2 rows .
    It still came out looking nice, and now I just have to figure out how to border it.

  35. Dear msqc, I used 5" squares to make this block. I cut the squares at 2" and 3". Used the same technique, utilizing a 30's-style children's prints.

    Quick and easy, i got all the blocks done in this evening, I just need to sew the rows and add a border and the top will be finished.

    So much fun. So cute.

    Thank you msqc!

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