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Welcome to How To Cook That
I am Ann Reardon Today we are making a Dora the explorer cake
I gave this cake away on instagram well done to the people who guessed what it was from
the zoomed in photo of the colours. Vaminos, lets go Firstly we need a double quantity of the light
and fluffy sponge cake, the recipe video for this cake is on the website,
I’ll put a link to the Dora cake recipe in the description below this video And that
has the sponge cake and frosting recipe and details of how much fondant you’ll need and
all of those things. And when I say to double the recipe people
often ask me in the comments do you make two batches all at once or do you make two seperate
batches? If your mixing bowls are big enough and you’ve got enough room in the oven. Then
you can double the recipe and make it all at once like I am doing here. Otherwise you
can do two seperate ones it really doesn’t matter. Pour half the mixture into two baking tins
and the rest into a pyrex oven proof bowl. Bake them in a slow oven, expect the bowl
one to take longer than the tins because oviuosly it has more cake mixture in it. Let your cakes cool completely and make your
frosting of choice, I am using one quantity of buttercream and one of white chocolate
ganache and mixing them together, again those recipe videos are on the website. Once your cakes are completely cooled, your
frosting is prepared and you have chosen your dora doll then we can start decorating. Cut one of the round cakes into two layers
you can do that using a knife or a cake leveler. Take a cake board or flat plate and spread
a smear of frosting on the base, this will stop the cake from sliding. Then add your
first layer of cake and a thin layer of frosting. Followed by the other half of the cake on
top. Now if you are catering for a larger group you can repeat that with the other round
cake on top here and make the dress taller. I am just using the one round cake in mine.
Take the bowl cake and make two even cuts into it so you have three layers.
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your cake requests to. Stack them on top of your cake with frosting
in between each layer. Now if you are happy with that shape you can
cover the whole thing in frosting ready for your fondant. Personally I prefer it if the dress is not
so rounded and bowl shaped at the top so I like to trim down the top two layers to make
them flatter. Which looks more dress shaped. Take the clothes off the dora doll and cover
the legs, especially the hip area and all those joints in plastic wrap to protect them
from getting frosting into them. Now we want to cut a hole in the centre of
the cake, if you look at the Dora from the feet you can see that we need to cut a rectangle
shape. So take out some cake, and then hold the knife up to the doll so you can see how
deep the knife needs to go into the cake for her feet to fit. Push the knife down into the cake to that
depth and use a spoon to scoop out what you’ve cut. Check that the doll fits in nicely and
then take it out again. Colour you fondant, I’ve made 6 colours to
match the Dora logo with the exception of the yellow which I have just added in. Choose which one you want at the top for the
body part of the dress and the order of the frill colours. Take the colour that you have chosen to be
at the bottom and roll it into a long thick snake and then use your rolling pin to flatten
that out. Take your pizza cutter and cut both edges
to make them nice and straight. Now when we wrap it around the cake we want
it to sit out a bit like a frill so we need to make one side bigger, you can do that by
rolling something round on it, I am using the rolling pin handle here, you can press
along with your finger. Just have a look around the kitchen and see what you’ve got that is
nice and smooth that you can press on the fondant to make it frill up a bit. Then lift that up and wrap it around your
cake right lining it up with the bottom edge, the top edge doesn’t matter because we won’t
see that, it’s the bottom bit that we are going to see. Repeat that with the blue, and then green
and the yellow. If you want bigger frills then you can add some folds into the fondant
as you wrap it around the cake just like I am doing here. Once it is in place use something
smooth just to lift it up and arrange the fondant how you want it. Repeat that with
your orange as well. To make Doras dress part, roll out your pink
fondant. Cut three of the sides in a straight edge and lay that over the Dora doll. Trim a line straight down where her arms are
and then straight across at the level you’ve cut down too, Trim the rest of the fondant
to the same level and then just wrap it around the back of the doll and then join it up at
the back. Roll out some purple and use your pizza cutter
to cut a thin strip. Place that over her shoulder like a strap under her arm and across the
back of the dress. trim the excess off there. Then continue that long piece around under
her other arm and up over her shoulder. Trim off any excess at the back again. Cut another short strip of purple and place
it across the top front of the dress to finish it off. Add Dora into the middle of the cake making
sure she is nice and straight. Then roll out the remaining pink fondant. Use a large circle cutter to cut out a circle,
if you don’t have a circle cutter you can cut around a large cup or small bowl and cut
around that with a knife. Use your rolling pin to roll the edges thinner and then use
your fingers to stretch it out a little. Place it back down on the paper and cut a straight
line from the centre to the edge and then cut a small oval out of that middle section
for where her body is going to be. With the un-cut side at the front wrap this
around the body of the doll. If you don’t have enough to make it the whole
way around just roll and extra rectangle of fondant and place it on, folding it under
at each end at the join so it looks like a fold in the fabric. And you can do that anywhere
on the doll where you didn’t have enough to go all the way around the back. Now roll a thin snake of purple and place
it around Dora where the skirt meets the body. If you want to you can make a little bow and
add that at the back. And your Dora is ready for a party. Fantastico Click below to share the video and if you
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