DIY Taco Cake, Corinne VS Cooking

DIY Taco Cake, Corinne VS Cooking

Ah! This pussy bites back. Ow! Jesus Does it look like the cat has hands? *funny voice*
Hellooo Mer mer mer mer me mer me
Cabbage patch Lawnmower
*exhales twice* Sprinkler
Here we go (fake spray noises) Well, hello there, again, Internet! It’s so good to see you! We missed you SO MUCH Totally while we were laying on the beach in Hawaii,
We just thought about you the whole time. Actually that’s a God damned lie. I didn’t want ANYTHING to do with the internet, while I was gone If you don’t count instagram, snapchat and facebook. It’s kind of hard
getting back into the swing of things
after you come back from a vacation
and to be honest
I’m like I dunno what am I supposed to do for this video? and then i remembered
it’s my f***ing BIRTHDAY
this week So I could do whatever the f*** I want
you may or may not have noticed my fabulous
birthday suit Wait for it,
Wait for it! BOOM!
Yeah, That’s right!
Bout to go to the clubby club Get my groove on actually, no.
I have no friends, And Rob HATES
the clubby club So I’m going to the grocery store
and I’m going to get some supplies
to make my own birthday cake for this year. Now you may remember from the last time
that I made a cake for myself
that I actually hate cake Team Pie!
All the way! I like me a good piece of pie Preferable pizza pie hence the pizza cake that I made for my birthday a couple years ago Well, this year I’m going to make a cake of my second favorite food group… Tacos.. THAT’S RIGHT! GIANT F*cking TACO CAKE Get Ready MotherF*ckers CUZ IT’S GOING DOWN>:) Now, I thought that this has never been done before BUT of course That B*tch Shane Dawson has to go and ruin everything Just kidding girl, loved your taco cake Not gonna lie, it made me hungry.. But it did look pretty f*cking terrible SO my goal is to make A pretty decent looking Taco cake Because it’s my f*cking birthday, It’s 2017 (Zero F*cks) Hence wearin’ a CAT eatin’ a taco and a slice of pizza jumpsuit, to the grocery store. I plan on wearing this thing all week… for my Birthday Week. Sooooo… Probably should put some deodorant on. *whispers* alright let’s go *classical music* Yeah, so you know those moments in life where you start questioning how you got to a certain place in your life? *Rob* Every single God-damn day. *Corinne* Wha- what are you doing here? This is gonna be fun! *happy music plays* *laughs* [zero f*cks] We got the meat (x3) We need some seasoning packets ERRR Chili mix is like taco mix Rob: Same thing *whispers* this looks good Yeah, after I saw Shane dump a whole jar of queso on top of his taco cake, I need some f*cking queso in a jar. Rob: Are we f*cking done yet? Corrine: K, so, no one invited you. Yeah, I’m sorry, but f*ck you whole wheat you suck. yeeeaaahh Burrito Grande, bitchess wooaah, what- what was that? Rob: What? Nothing …really? Hmm, I’ll buy myself a birthday card. oh, this is- (weird ass noises and music) aww, lookit what people get for their birthday when people care for them Rob: It’s a waste of f*cking helium Corrine: Will you pay for it too? Thanks Alright, here we are, back at the house it’s time to TACO about it Yes. Yes it is. uhhh The first thing I’m gonna do is prepare all of my hot food items So I’m gonna brown up my meat, I’m going to heat up my re-fried beans, and prepare our spanish rice. My meat is nice and browned, and now I’m supposed to drain it and add the seasoning packages, but this stuff says to also add cans of some other sh*t undrained, soo I think I’m just gonna leave that sh*t in there It’s my birthday, I can keep my meat grease in there, if I wanna. yeah. Alright, everything’s looking pretty good now, I just have to heat up all of my tortillas, and- (crashing noises) You’re wondering what that huge crash was, uh, I was moving one of these lights around, and it f*cking crashed down and almost got glass all in this We inspected it, I don’t think there’s any glass in it There was a piece of glass right here, but… hopefully all the glass stayed in there. oh yeah yeah, well you’re alright Yaaay back to it! Yeah, you have to heat up a bunch of these gonna take a while Startin’ to get a little warm in here I think imma have to take this off for a little bit ding dang dar (clears throat) and we can begin the f***ing cake layering process this is very exciding kids very exciding what were going to do is put down a few tortillas to act as a pretty strong base because you need a strong base you wanna be the ace of bases basically and then I’m just stacking all my meat just right on top of there yep I like a’the meats ok its already looking pretty good I’m actually pretty happy with how this is turning out now I’m putting another tortilla and then I’m putting all my rice on top of that for a rice layer yes that’s right ok yeah what is up looking pretty f*cking good so far And if you don’t like it, you can go f*ck yourself Got to put another tortilla then I’m going to then I’m going to slap on some of this salsa Verde that’s right yeah that’s how u do it now I’m just going to put all the f*cking cheese on there like this and guess what we go big or go home here so f*cking jalapenos jalapenos yo business b*tch alright I cant take the credit for that joke because that is actually the name of a roller derby player that I saw on top chef so just so u know that’s where that joke came from but its really f*cking funny jalapeno business (laughs) (long laugh) yes (clears throat) ok slap another tortilla right on there and were just going to keep layering sh*t on there like this the refried beans are not only going to be a couple of layers of my cake here but it also going to act as the icing that’s right I’m using refried beans as f*cking cake icing and its working pretty dang good look at that look at that you guys this is a f*cking master piece Feel like ima have to take a master piece after eating it that’s for god damn sure okay yeah laughing more laughing alright so This is all the hot food items that I wanna include for now *grunting noise* This thing is heavy as f*ck What I’m going to do is stick this in the oven For about an hour, to get all the layers in there really melty and gooey I want that cheese to ooze out, you know what I’m f*cking saying? Yeah, you know what I’m saying, you know what i’m saying And while that’s happening, I’m going to heat up My enchilada sauce and my f*cking queso And yeah, that’s just going right on top Of the cake, when it’s ready lika this Look at this f*cking artistic magic! It’s like a f*cking Jackson Pollock painting Yeah we create art here on youtube This is youtube art kay, just so you know Okay, now that all this sh*t is on here I’m gonna take one of my tostada bowls and just fill that sh*t with guacamole, sour cream No black olives because Rob hates black olives So kinda missing out on that but that’s okay and here it is you guys! This is my f*cking cake! That’s right b*tches, yum! Are you ready? Are you ready to confetti I don’t think you are (x2) Yes! I’m pretty sure, this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever made F*ck yeah it is! That is f*cking awesome! Yeah, looks good huh? Hell yeah, oh that cheese in there? Yeah, it’s pretty f*cking amazing Alright, get me some of that! Corinne: oh no no no no Rob: can i use some of these, do I use some of these? You know what you have to do, we have already discussed this, you know what you have to do first, before you get any taco cake you know what you have to do but i want . . . ughh oh, oh I think I hear the pitter patter of tiny feet coming aw, that’s . . . that’s better g*d-damnit That’s way better *laughs* Don’t you like it? Just give me the g*ddamn taco cake You can have the “y” because I ask myself why a lot when I think of you whaaaattt Look at that! All the layers in there awhh Oh god, oh god Where are you going? I just came in this little f*cking pant suit oh, are you trying to get my video age restricted? That’s one of those pick up lines oh yeah G*ddamnit that’s sexual? It’s really good right? Happy f*cking birthday! Yes, happy f*cking birthday to me indeed I’m pretty proud of myself this is the best birthday cake I’ve ever had I can’t wait to have it in my refrigerator For the next week in a half I might even break it out for the superbowl Yeah, I think this was a f*cking success As always we wanna know what kind of videos you want to see us make here on the good ole’ threadbanger so leave your suggestions in the comments down below don’t forget to subscribe, like up this video and i’ll see you later happy birthday to me

100 thoughts on “DIY Taco Cake, Corinne VS Cooking

  1. hisses at the awful canned refried beans.

    hisses at the fact that she used flour tortillas instead of corn tortillas for the tacos

    wants to give her my homemade beans, Mexican rice, and salsa

  2. When she picked up the flour tortilla🤔, and im just disapointed😪😪😪😪 what about the corn…what about the corn

  3. Jesus, I know for sure that if I even finish a slice of that taco cake, I would be having the running shits for…At least a while…Still looks cool tho!~

  4. We just did this as a family and about to dig in! Thanks for the great family fun dinner project. The kids were looking forward to it

  5. The whitest "Mexican cake" 😂😂😂 i wanna recreate this with authentic Mexican food 😍. No hate toward corinne and rob i love them

  6. Hey free next birthday can you make grilled cheese cake so you can dip it in tomato soup like your tomato soup and grilled cheese donut thing where you put it on the banana hanger and it looks really cool can you try making that into a cake

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