Hey everybody this is Randy Santel “atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of! Very very excited tonight I’m going for overall win number 430 and my second in the country of Greece! I am still in Thessaloniki, Greece I am at Fat Momma’s Brunch and Lunch I’m taking on their Pancake challenge and I am not alone over here we’ve got my friend Damos so to introduce yourself! Hi I’m Damos! I’m a bit of a competitive eater we’re trying to promote this kind of thing, we have Food Smashers it’s our thing, so we’re trying to promote this kind of stuff here we are thankful for Randy to be here to do this challenge with us! So we’ve got Damos and like you said the group is Food Smashers they’ve got a whole bunch of social media all the links are in the description but like I said we’re at Fat Momma’s we’re taking on their pancake challenge! Now we’ve got five fully loaded stacks each stack has seven pancakes so 35 pancakes total! We’ve only got 30 minutes to finish this thing if we lose I think it’s about 35 euros but if we win within the 30 minutes we’ll get all of the pancakes free and we’ll be winners of the challenge are you ready? Yeah all right let’s get this challenge started! all right last night was super rough and there’s a whole lot of sugar in this challenge along with all the complex carbs in the pancakes but the big thing is is just getting the win, so we’ve got 30 minutes let’s just get them finished I think we’ve got two different strategies were using I’m going to use one, and then he’s going to be doing some other stuff but we’ll see what happens so you ready? All right! One, two, three . . .Boom! We’re 16 minutes and 10 seconds and I feel awful! all the syrup and whatever the hell it is, that spread is all getting to me really bad! 23 minutes and 20 seconds in I feel friggin awful I ain’t gonna finish and I’ve got to be ready for tomorrow and after, so let’s let’s see Damos finish, go Damos! Damos just finished in 27 minutes and 32 seconds, so he’s the first person to ever win the pancake challenge here at Fat Momma’s brunch and lunch be sure to check out all the other videos on his channel good job! Good win! He’s going to get the meal free and then he’s the only winner of the challenge so thank you to Damos, you did a very good job today! Thank you guys all for staying to watch and thank you guys for watching!


  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching!! This week of videos will be the roughest week that we will ever have on our channel haha thank goodness we started the 3 day trip with a win (published last week). Thanks to Damos for taking the challenge with me, be sure to check out his channel!!

  2. Why does this video seem 100% familiar?  Before they started I already thought I knew Randy got sick and didn't finish and sure enough it played out like I remembered.

  3. Those pancakes look gross! All that artificial coloring with tons of sugar. I feel you Randy for not eating them.

  4. Talk about a sugar coma! All I can say is those pancakes looked ridiculously over sweetened! Death by syrup is all.

  5. Hey Randy I know your in the land down under, but just wanted to say have a Happy B-Day on Saturday the 24th my friend!

  6. Randy, you don't seem to do well at sugary challenges… is that a personal thing or is there something that makes sugary challenges more difficult than others? Anyway, great vids!

  7. is it just me who thought that other guys was shady as fuck? i mean with the napkins, wiped his mouth after every mouthful kinda looked like he was palming food into it. hhhhmmmmm :/

  8. Randy.. if there is some competitive eater who is worthy of a fan base then it definitely gotta be you..!! GO CHAMP!!!

  9. Damos killed your ass randy lmao !! Damn what happened ? 😂 i like how you can post a lost , it shows you have alot of humility ! You had a great run buddy ! Good Job randy! #ATLAS 👍🏽

  10. yeah. I know how you eat, and when i saw the stacks of carbs. i shook my head. i would have been amazed if you had finished it. the fact that your friend did it is incredible! sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you!

  11. I watched a lot of these videos from Damos channel like 4 months ago. Atlas' didn't have a very stellar eating record in Greece from the clips I saw.

  12. you look like you had a hangover Randy. Surprise you quit. Maybe you don't do well with sweets. Props and congrats to Damos

  13. Good challenge can't understand why the guy with the camera SPAT when he turns the timer then covered it with a napkin 🤤

  14. Just watched your blood test video. Impressive how good you look in that after this(no offense). How did you slim down so much. Like obviously working out but what did your workout days look like. Also how long did it take you to lose the weight and how much did you lose?

  15. Ramos seems to get his hands covered in a great deal of food, then wipes them in the napkin.. isn't that cheating?

  16. what a fucking mess. 3 out of 3 challenges in greece are complete failures. why would they serve American pancakes. REAL pancakes are like crepes, thin and served next to each other, certainly not in a big fucking pile! disgusting

  17. hi randy. I want you come in turkey for challenge. I want your t-shirt and hat. thank you for youtube chanal. I love it.

  18. Randy. what's going on in your life? you're letting go. i've been watching you for years now. i've never seen you look this bad before. not trying to be rude just concerned hope all goes well

  19. Randy is a true Champion, even when he fails he wins. Encouraging another food challenger and getting ready for another day. Will he ever return to beat the 35 pancake Challenge ?

  20. lol I know a guy who's a skinny guy like Damos that can pack away a TON of food at a time too. Crazy. He'll eat literately 6 to 8x the amount of food any of the rest of us will, and he'll STILL order desert! lol…god how we hate him for never gaining weight! >.<;

  21. Randy i cant take in you losing this one ..Guys randy was so full and he knew he couldnt compete no more but still he was cheering him to win ..what a man you are Randy ..Love you bro are the best!

  22. When you had come to India.. You had lost "Dara Singh thali" …then too after eating deserts … Your body stopped taking anything extra.

  23. Challenges in Europe are way harder as the nutritional values are like 10x higher than in the US or even the UK. I think all europeans agree with that who live abroad in either countries.

  24. Mitch Hedberg had a joke once: In comedy, you have start strong and finish strong. You can be like pancakes: all exciting at first but by the end, you’re sick of ‘em.

    Good try! 👍

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