Decorator Preferred Decorating Caddy

Decorator Preferred Decorating Caddy

hello i’m Eric Erwin executive vice
president from Wilton and it’s my pleasure to talk about new products at our product
showcase for twenty years we’ve been selling a very
iconic product the original Wilton toolbox Kathy can you tell us a little
bit about how we created the original toolbox, I’d be happy too
when we originally developed the product we looked at features and benefits and there were some things that made a lot of sense like places to hold your tips and places to
hold your colors and it worked for us for a long time in
our consumers loved it but its a new time and a new time to bring new things to market right Traci right and like we enjoy doing here Wilton we watch what our decorators are doing we want to see how there experience is
with our product and one of the things we noticed specifically with our tool caddy is that
you start you know with this great space to
decorate your cake and as your decorating your cake your space get
smaller and smaller and smaller so every square inch of your decorating
space is really important one of the largest problems we’re having
with the tool caddy as it exists is that this lid is unusable space so it’s taking up all this room you
can’t really use that space when you’re trying to decorate your cake so we have a new solution for you
Kathy, right and it’s not your father’s tool kit
anymore like I said that lid is taking up valuable space so the first
thing we did was get rid of that lid taking up space
and then we made this top tray removable and very solid so
that everything moves with it it’s very easy to do in one spot nothing is moving around we’ve got these
great tip holders that will hold most of our
tips and then a coupler area and larger tip area we
have these gray areas here with non-slip pads on them to allow for your icing colored gels
and different odds and ends kind of smaller items so they don’t get all lost in
your larger compartment now these pads actually are removable
for cleaning so very easy to clean the bottom case
actually has movable storage walls so that you can divide your space however it’s appropriate for the tools that you have so that when you’re decorating it’s very easy to locate
everything you need you know you’re looking for
specific spatula and you don’t have to dig through an
enormous tub to try and find things that, Sarah I know you had some other
comments yeah Traci talked about the inside of this new Caddy but there’s also some
great features that we’ve created on the outside we
have these great purple latches and handle which indicate to our consumer where to pick the
item up Or where to latch it these latches have an audible
sound so that you here that clicking you know that it’s secure you know that
when you pick it up that lid is not going to fall off and all of your supplies are
going to fall to the ground and we also added
this TPE rim along the bottom of the caddy so that it stays in one
spot it’s not sliding slipping on your surface this is a really
great product in the way we sort of thought through it in terms of improving the overall decorating experience thinking about the work surface creating a
product that looks good looks up to date has a clarified top so you can see the tools
inside and these great audible latches really secure this is really going to be
an iconic toolbox tool caddy for many many years here at Wilton thank you very much for joining us at the
product showcase we look forward to talking to you about other new great innovative Wilton products

9 thoughts on “Decorator Preferred Decorating Caddy

  1. But at least it's pretty useful when it takes up that space, unlike the lid where its just empty space and you can't set anything on it because it's slanted.

  2. I got the decorating caddy for a good price. I can store my icing tips, couplers (both standard and large), tri-color coupler, batter fill tip, bag ties, disposable and featherweight bags, bag cutter and brush set, pearl and color dusts, and gel colors.

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