Decorating the Christmas Cake / Vlogmas Day 4

Decorating the Christmas Cake / Vlogmas Day 4

Hi everyone So yesterday we made our amazing grain free, sugar free, gluten free Free from everything type cake Today, I’m going to decorate it And to decorate it in such a lovely style, we’re going to be using sugar free marzipan Which I’m, you know in some kind of amazing Blue Peter fashion about to pull out of a cupboard No, I clearly just you know made it Four days ago. It’s fine, it’s fine This year I’ve decided I’m going to do something completely different I’ve made a cake I can eat. I’m going to make beautiful decorations that I can eat Out of marzipan
Sugar free marzipan. Yes, it’s happening It’s happening right now You will need three hundred grams of ground almonds You will then need three hundred grams equivalent to sugar in whatever sweetener form you choose Now, I am using Splenda because ruddy love Splenda And Splenda, you move the decimal place So five grams of sugar becomes 0.5 grams of Splenda So, I need three hundred grams of “sugar” so I should therefore only need thirty grams of Splenda There we go Thirty grams of Splenda Excellent Then, this is quite good, you get some warm water. Thirty grams of warm water I know, grams, water, it’s very confusing The point is, you need one tenth of the weight of water Of the ground almonds that you have got.
Yes So I actually weighed this with my scales, which obviously work Sugar substitute, into the water, mix that up Then mix together the rest of the sweetener with the ground almonds and a little capful A little capful of almond extract If you haven’t already dropped the cap into your baking Oh, it’s going well for me today Cor, it smells ruddy good though Ah.. I love the smell of almonds. Who doesn’t love almonds? Ok, we’re gonna add our sugar syrup in Give it a nice little mix around I’m sure anyone, any home bakers watching Or anyone who’s seen the Great British Bake Off Will be like ‘Jessica, what are you doing? That’s not how your make marzipan, get your hands in there’ I never take off my engagement ring, unless it’s to rub my wife’s feet Which I do So when I say ‘never take it off’ I actually take it off every single night I’m just a good wife And here we have A ball of marzipan! I should point out our marzipan is actually amazing and I’m a bit obsessed with decorating with it Because I once managed to get out of a book report by making every single character out of A Room With A View out of marzipan I have to wrap this in cling film and put it in the fridge for an hour

4 thoughts on “Decorating the Christmas Cake / Vlogmas Day 4

  1. I always thought marzipan was one of those things that are waaaaaaay too difficult to make yourself. Well. Here's you proving me wrong. And I'm glad you did! I will definitely try to make my own marzipan-decorations when I bake the Christmas cake. The decorations look lovely!

  2. Watching your 2016 vlogmas videos while I wait for your 2017 vlogmas day 8 to be posted. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know you really make my heart happy and thank you for all that you do and who you are!
    Greetings from Canada! And Merry a Christmas, Joyeux Noël 2017!

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