Decorating a Princess Doll Cake : Transferring Fondant onto Princess Cake

Decorating a Princess Doll Cake : Transferring Fondant onto Princess Cake

Now I’ll show you how to transfer the fondant
sheet on to the cake. If you use a rolling pin like this, a large rolling pin, and kind
of fold the fondant on to it, and then pick it up and just gently wrap the fondant around
the cake. And you want to use, do the front, will be this center and then in the back,
leave the back for the joint and that way you can, the front is the pretty part, and
if you make any mistakes that’ll be in the back. Okay? And then you just take a knife
and trim off the excess
and you can kind of stretch and then flatten and mold that any way that you like. And you
see we have our little flounces. Okay, in the back we have a lot of excess. So we want
to cut that and make a join. So just trim away carefully the excess here and around
the plate.
And then, try to do it as neatly as possible, trim that away and you can just kind of pinch
it closed. You can also use just a tiny amount of water as glue in any places that you want
to stick it a little better. And take a knife and trim it. You always want to put your seam
in the back. And you can trim that up. And then just smooth and wipe off any extra confectioners
sugar that you have. And you can smooth and mold the fondant. And in the end, you can
put a ribbon or something down the back so that you don’t see the seam. And then continue
to just smooth and trim all the way around. Here in the front I will just gently, without
pulling the fondant too much, trim away. And we’re going to put a little border on the
bottom of the skirt, so anything that doesn’t look neat won’t show. You can tuck it in a little bit. Brush off
any extra confectioners? sugar, being careful not to squash or make any hand prints in the

89 thoughts on “Decorating a Princess Doll Cake : Transferring Fondant onto Princess Cake

  1. LOL!
    at 1:40 some she sais… TRY TO DO IT AS NEATLY AS POSSIBLE….

    i was like oh no shedidn't… that shit is wack!… it would've been nicer if she knew how

  2. good grief… apart from the fon-dont (LOL) it just looks like a pudding, and why the seam at the back? thought u had to roll out a big circle to cover the thing? If she is an expert i must be a professional !

  3. Here is a tip: For a Round cake you make a ROUND fondant and you put it over the cake and work on tucking it in. This is the worst video I have seen. I am actually mad for 3:45 minutes I will never get back. The best thing you can do is remove this video and redeem yourself.

  4. Can you imagine picking up a cake from a baker that looked like this, with a seam?!? And then the baker's like "oh, don't worry, that's only the back!". Real professional lady.

  5. Umm it looks like someone ripped the back of the poor princess dress.
    Looks cheap.
    I wouldn't give that to my dog.

  6. Thanks for sharing.

    I made mine using a circle and there was no problem with seam.

    I measured it like I would any other fondant covered cake.

    adding extra pieces to create the folds were nice and I liked how you did the sleeves.

    Thanks for sharing. Sad to see so many negative comments. It must have been painful for you after taking so much of your time to share. We all try and learn from each other.

    I am looking forward to seeing the improved videos from the critics.

  7. I've made 2 barbie cakes and one on the way, I'd love to show you mine 😉 Her's turned out pretty bad, it's irritating me watching this

  8. what the lady should have done was put the whole fondant on top and just cut the edges off instead she screws up wraps the fondant around the cake ad it looks ugly and unproffesional

  9. I have noticed ehow uses actors to do their videos the people arent actually professionals. They have them do like practice runs and then they record. I looked up the cheerleaders they had for the videos before and they werent even cheerleaders they were, well, actors. So there you go. No experience

  10. @angel109579 I'm a native french speaker, and we would probably laugh at your pronounciation of it, don't be so harsh

  11. where is the EXPERT in this village? that looks horrible-not professionally done at all. I don't care if you're a beginner (as am I), learn it from someone who knows how to do it! Learn from a professional whose cake actually looks like a professional!

  12. you tryed very hard but you are a fail im sorry but i can do better! YOU FAIL! you do not know what you are doing! put a ribbon in the back so you dont see the seem? when you cut the bottom you FAILED!

  13. OMG!!!why cnt she make the fondant bigger n cut the ecces from the bottom…there is not supposed to be eccess on the CAAKE!!

  14. Oh please learn how to say the names of the ingrediants that you are using, and please learn how to ice a cake.

  15. Just an fyi: the FON-DONT should have been rolled out circular, not rectangular.and you should always lay the rolling pin horizontally across the width of the icing, not the length. it's more likely to rip that way.

  16. @juanjakeel I am the cake maker in the family, and I make cakes or cookies for everything like birthdays, anniversaries, mothers day, fathers day, xmas etc lol.

    Plus there are WAY more videos on youtube (which is how I learnt) that show how to do this properly. expertvilliage is never staffed by actual experts. She did a set of ballet slippers and as a cake it was bad, as a pair of ballet slippers it was bad. (I'm a ballet and tap dancer too, honest lol).

  17. NO NO NO WRONG THAT IS 100% WRONG! omg she sucks! please get better help at expertvillage. when you use fondant, you roll it so it is BIGGER than the cake, and there shouldnt be a fucking seam on it. you idiot, it should be smooth. she trimmed WAY too much, she pronounces fondant SO wrong, there shouldnt be a seam, and you can CLEARLY see the cake peeking through at the bottom near the plate. THIS VIDEO SUCKS, AND SHE HAS NO IDEA WHAT THE FUCK SHE IS DOING.

  18. wtf she got a seem for! fukn hel man! just make the fondant bigger soo its all smooth plus it would be soo much less time because you wont need all of that cutting ! nice try but your no good. thumbs up if you agree!

  19. She is not doing it right. When it's done right there isn't any mistake in the back. She should have laid the Fondant over the whole cake so there isn't a seam up the back. It's unfortunate that people are trying to learn from this kind of instruction. NO SEAM! That really bugs me. It's not Fondont people.

  20. Some comments are kind of rude but I think the idea most people are trying to convey is that this is not the correct way to cover a doll cake. This is wrong and people need to be aware there are better YouTube videos that give better instruction.

  21. @BecauseICanChug ikr! she cuts the fondant off in such a sloppy way and it pisses me off! -.- its like this woman never really learned how to make a cake and she is just doing this tutorial to be noticed.

  22. You r so dumb i know hot to do it ur spouses to smooth out the fondant with a rubber spatula so I think u need to take some tips to the bakery

  23. it is totaly a flop video. she does'nt know how to pronounce fondant he says it faon daaant. that is stupid!! She cant put the fondant correctly it is absoulutely wrong. she did not put it smoothly.

  24. Horrible people gosh!!! Bet some of you idiots don't know how to do a cake like this? Or even just a cake? Am I right? Please don't lie, make a video of your own damn cake then!!!!! She's probably still learning? Horrible , horrible people theses days :/

  25. totally agree ! 100% agree. They only can give meany comments bout whatever videos on youtube that ppl spent time and effort to made the cake, to make the video . Then they come, watching and give meany comments easily just to hurt others' feeling.

  26. Why the need for such bad language, it shows your lack of manners. If you don't like the video then just don't watch it!

  27. I agree. People have no life and nothing better to do than to tear others down. I guess they were born professionals. We should be blessed just to be in their presence, don't you know? :~)

  28. cool so you can go make your own cake following this idiot's directions and we will see how good it comes out. i on the other hand and the 27 other people who apparently agree with me, will do it the right way. s

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