Deckle Edge Cake Tutorial – How to Use Gold Dust on Cake

Deckle Edge Cake Tutorial – How to Use Gold Dust on Cake

In this video I’m sharing a deckle edge
fondant cake decorating technique. This is my carrot cake recipe with lemon
cream cheese filling. This is my chocolate ganache recipe and
I’m topping it off with a chocolate buttermilk cake. My top recipes can be
found in my book Wedding Cakes with Lorelie Step-by-Step on Amazon. The crumb
coat is my easy buttercream recipe, which is at the website. Use a cake icing tip
to coat your cakes easily and evenly. Would you like a copy of My Top 5
Buttercream Recipes and Your Buttercream Questions Answered? If so, go to my
website, and download it now. I’ll put a link below
for you and in the card on the video. Next, roll out a piece of fondant until
it’s fairly thin, then using a pizza cutter or knife cut out random wavy
shapes. Begin placing them onto your cake. The
buttercream will act as a glue. You can use a ball tool and some foam to
thin and ruffle the edges as well, like I’m doing here. You may need a little moisture to stick
the edges together. This brush is dipped in a small amount of water.
You only need a little. Continue adding pieces until the entire
cake is covered.For a six inch cake you’ll need about 3/4 of a pound of
fondant. For the edging use a little bit of clear
extract or vodka mixed with luster dust. Wedding Cakes For You website, books and
video, provide aspiring bakers with the recipes and steps for building skills
and confidence to create beautiful cakes and cherished memories. Thanks so much
for watching and stay tuned because every week I upload a new video recipe
or a cake decorating technique for you.

10 thoughts on “Deckle Edge Cake Tutorial – How to Use Gold Dust on Cake

  1. this looks so beautiful, i can just imagine a full wedding cake done like this with a flower topper and one or two flowers placed around other tiers. understated elegance i absolutely love it xx

  2. Hi Lorelie! I love this, and it doesn't look that hard. I decorated the kids' birthday cakes years ago, but haven't done any in years. I would like to venture into cakes like this! So pretty! I have a question or two that I'm sure is somewhere in the depths of your website. lol. What ball tool do you recommend? I don't see that in your Amazon store. Plastic or metal? Also, I saw a comment by someone that you have quoted on your website that said not to add milk to your buttercream that will be under fondant. Can you possibly link me to where that is discussed in more detail? Trying to find my courage to jump in! Thanks so much!

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