Decadent Chocolate Mousse Cake with Salted Caramel Drip | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Decadent Chocolate Mousse Cake with Salted Caramel Drip | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today we’re going to be making an incredibly decadent chocolate
mousse cake with salted caramel. I actually filmed two versions of this
video… this one which is a normal one with close-up shots of all the food and
all of the instructions on how to make everything and then a face to camera
version in Virtual Reality so you can look around and we had some extra
surprises in that video for you to look at too so you can check that one out
after. In a bowl put cornstarch salt flour sugar and cocoa powder and then
turn on your mixer and mix those together. Once they’re combined pour in
the melted butter and all these recipe quantities are on the
website for you and I’ll put a link to that below. Continue to mix until you get
a crumbly dough that looks like this. this cookie crumb recipe is actually
from Christina Tosi a pastry chef in New York. We are actually pulling together ideas
and bits and pieces from all over the place to make this cake today. Sprinkle
them onto a baking tray in chunks and then bake them in the oven for 20
minutes. When you first get them out of the oven they will be hot of course
but they’ll also be quite soft but if you just leave them they’ll get crisp as
they cool. Once they are firm tip half of them into a bowl of melted chocolate. it
doesn’t need to be tempered just melted is fine. just make sure you stir it
around until they’re really well coated and you can’t see any of the crumb
anymore and then spread that out onto a tray.
With the other half of the uncoated crumbs just place them in an airtight
container until we need them. Next you’re going to need to make two trays of my
rich chocolate cake recipe and again that recipe is on the
website. For the salted caramel you’ll need sugar glucose or corn syrup cream
milk and of course salt to taste. Add about a quarter of a cup of water to the
sugar and the glucose syrup and give it a good stir and heat that up over high
heat. Once it’s all mixed together wash down the sides of the pan with a wet
pastry brush to get off any of those sugar crystals that might be on the
sides of the pan. If you don’t get those off it can cause the caramel to
crystallize at the end so then it will turn into more of like a fudge which is
not what we’re after today. Then you can leave that to boil unstirred … at first
it will thicken and you’ll start to hear those bubbles slow down and then it will start
to go golden. Once it’s a nice caramel color add in the milk a bit at a time
just careful that you don’t get any steam on your hands there and then add
in the cream as well. Now at first the caramel will set because the liquid is
cold but just keep stirring and as the milk and cream heat up it will dissolve
back into the mixture. Now we need to transfer this into a larger pan so that
it doesn’t boil over I’m making a double quantity because I’m making this cake
twice of course once for this video and what’s for the VR one. And because VR 180
is so wide … it’s 180 degrees … I added a juggler to one side of me and Matthew
opening surprises on the other side of me it was a lot of fun to make that
video make sure you watch it I’ll link to that at the end. Add a candy
thermometer and let this caramel boil until it comes to about a hundred and
seven degrees centigrade and this takes quite a while. Once it gets there just
strain it through a sieve to get rid of any little bits that may have caught on
the bottom of the pan. Add in your salt and stir that through, now of course
you’ll need to resist the urge to taste this because it’s hotter than boiling
water so don’t dip your finger in don’t that leave it to cool 🔥 To make the mousse
that goes between the layers we need milk glucose syrup egg yolks chocolate
cream gelatin and water to put the gelatin in. So you just put these sheets
in one at a time and we’re just going to leave those to soak so they can soften.
Then you want to add the milk in with the glucose syrup and we’re going to put
that in the microwave until it is boiling. You need to see it bubbling.
Whisk the egg yolks and add in a little bit of the hot milk mixture, whisk it
through and then add that back into the rest of the hot milk and stir it around.
Now we’re going to put that back in the microwave for about fifteen more seconds.
That’s looking good now grab the gelatin sheets out of the water and give them a
squeeze to get rid of as much of the liquid as you can and then just dump
that into the hot mixture and stir it around until the gelatin is melted. Pour
that over the chocolate … I’m using half milk and half dark chocolate and you
want to leave that for a couple of minutes so the chocolate can melt and
then you just stir it around until you have a nice homogeneous mixture. Now you
want to leave that to cool to room temperature before we fold in the cream.
While that’s cooling level your cakes and use a cake ring to cut two circles from
each tray. I’m using an 8-inch cake ring for this cake. Then you’re going to need
a 10-inch board or a plate that you can put it on and then you’ll need your cake
ring and then you want to line that with some acetate that is taller than
the height that you want your cake to be. Start of course with a layer of cake
just drop that right down the bottom and check that it’s central on the board.
Then grab some milk on a bent spoon and put a little drizzle of milk on the cake
this just makes sure that it’s super moist when you’re eating it you don’t
need heaps about three spoons will be plenty. Once you’ve done that add some
chocolate crumb and sprinkle that over the top and the reason why I coated
crumbs in chocolate is so they don’t absorb the moisture from the mousse and
go soft and soggy. I want them to give a crunch when you’re eating this cake.
Then drizzle on some of that beautiful salted caramel and let that just ooze
over the cake … thinking is there some on everybody’s slice? You don’t want it all
on one slice so if it is just spread it out there a bit. Whip your cream and fold
it in with the chocolate mousse mixture that we just made that should be cooled
by now and keep folding it until it’s all mixed together. Then add two and a
half cups of that mousse mixture on to the cake.
This is my own mousse recipe that I developed for this cake to make sure it
was just the right consistency and just the right flavor nice and chocolatey and
not too sweet between the layers of the cake. Continue to layer it up all the way
to the top, drizzle on some more of that salted caramel and top with some more
mousse to stop the top layer of cake from drying out. This will need to go
into the fridge for a few hours at least to set or you could leave it overnight
before we decorate it. Chop a chocolate bar into triangular chunks … we’re going
to use that for decorating on the top at the end. Now you can just remove that
acetate and add some caramel around the top edge of your cake and let some of it
just drip down on the sides just be quite deliberate about where you want
those drips to be. Then pile up some of the cake off cuts into the center. This
style of cake is inspired by Andy Bowdy a pastry chef from Sydney.
I like the overindulgent look of his cakes. Add some of the crunchy cookie
crumb to each side and then spoon on some Italian meringue on top. If you
don’t know how to make it I’ll link you to a really old video of mine that shows
you how to make Italian meringue at the end. Take a blowtorch and gently
toast that meringue you don’t want to burn it you just want it to look a
little bit brown just define it a bit. And then add some chunks of whatever
chocolate bar you want into that meringue on top. A couple more and then
you can add edible flowers or some cut strawberries for that little pop of
color. With thanks to my patrons and especially my gold patrons whose names
are listed here if you’d like to support this channel too head on over to or check out the new merch that we have in this shop. Click here to
watch the VR video here for the Italian meringue and here to subscribe. Make it a
great week and I’ll see you on Friday 💕

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